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Send us details of the vehicles you used to drive and we'll post them in here.


Don't forget the sample jar !!

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Ian Howells sent in these 2 pictures of a MAN unit with a Container Handler on a Heavy Lift Trailer, taken at the Peterborough Truck Fest 30/04/17.


HLT1.jpg (65193 bytes)

HLT2.jpg (68129 bytes)

Happy Days with the 85 Sqn Display Missile.

Tim Cunningham


85 Sqn Display Missile_1.jpg (49966 bytes)


85 Sqn Display Missile_2.jpg (28296 bytes)


85 Sqn Display Missile_3.jpg (42004 bytes)


85 Sqn Display Missile_4.jpg (35624 bytes) 85 Sqn Display Missile_5.jpg (24589 bytes) 85 Sqn Display Missile_6.jpg (27778 bytes)

Carl Davies - Sent in a nice picture of the 2 Crusaders that formed part of Staxton Wolds' Mobile Rader fleet in the late 80's.

78AN14_78AN12.jpg (63001 bytes)

Ian Spencer - My very last driving job in the RAF. Delivering a Spitfire from Abingdon to RAF Bentley Priory.

Delivering a Spitfire from Abingdon to RAF Bentley Priory.jpg (91849 bytes)