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Hello Bill & Ian.

I hope you two don't mind an ex cpl mt tech intruding into your club house. Anyway I have, and I  thought you might like some of the pics that I took on my travels. hope they are ok as they are nearly thirty years old. the next last pic was the RAF Masirah MT/MTSS Mayday bondu bash 1976, I'm the one at the front and right of the pic. 
Good luck for the future.
Tony Fiske

33sqn.Norway1982.jpg (25123 bytes)


armoured RL0001.jpg (24389 bytes)


flight line0001.jpg (18357 bytes)


M1  Masirah0001.jpg (21786 bytes)


Masirah MT 1976.jpg (14666 bytes) Masirah SVP1976.jpg (19117 bytes) Moonie Wagon0001.jpg (17934 bytes) MT bondu bash 0002.jpg (203006 bytes)


The attached photo was taken in 1995 at RAF Brize Norton.  The original official photo was taken for the Wing Commander.

At the time this photo was taken, Dennis Butler (the one in the middle), was due to become a civvy.  Bob Cainey (the one on the Right) and myself (on the Left) thought it would be a good idea for Dennis to be given a photo as a part of his leaving present when he demobbed, and why shouldn't he be in it! 

By the way, the photographer was in the basket of a 75ft De-icer  taking the photo.

Hope the photo's of use.

Chris Neville

Although this pic has 'Mug shots' in, I thought it was best suited for this page - Ian

bzn1975.jpg (195960 bytes)

Richard Collins sent these, Linton On Ouse & Valley.

Linton01.jpg (24548 bytes)

Valley01.jpg (27207 bytes)

Hi Guys.

Awesome website! Talk about blasts from the past. I remember all the guys in the first few mug shots, from my first few tender year as an LAC at Marham.
I have enclosed a few pictures for you, and promise to send you plenty more.

The landrover was identical to the one I learnt to drive in at Saints (being too tall at 6' 4" for a metro).

The tanker was another of those famous white elephants the RAF are notorious for. They promised us the world, but ended up scrapping them because they couldn't do the job. The tank lining flaked off as soon as it came into contact with Avtur, and the pumping compartment only had civilian type couplings, not NATO or Avery Hardoll. It was lovely to drive though.

And finally that last picture is of a Driver (Me) at his happiest; with his hose out! 

Keep up the good work lads, and I'll pass the word around.

Symon Wilkins

AirdropableLandrover.jpg (16183 bytes)

VolvoTTF.jpg (35452 bytes)

Refuel.jpg (31860 bytes)

Just a few snaps from Marham 1986-7. The shot of the gate guardian the day before it was put into place. keep up the good work.

P.S. At several stations I served at they had a prick of the week award, well why don't you have a section where people send in funny stories and members vote say once a month to vote on who gets the award.


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r.jpeg (12242 bytes)

s.jpeg (17018 bytes)

A view of some of the MT fleet at Finningley in 1985. Steve Colhoun

53AJ08.jpeg (26930 bytes)
Amb2.jpeg (24082 bytes)
Finningley mini.jpeg (27674 bytes)

The little 3 tonner was used for many a cargo trip including once
to Wick in the North of Scotland,
3 days later!

The ambulance had a top speed of
about 35 mph (eventually) and had
a wonky siren!


The mini was one of the execs cars at the time, great for handbrake turns in the yard!


AEC Mammoth Major, they were a beast to get moving when full, the truck held 3,500 gallons and the trailer 4,000 gallons if memory serves me (correct me someone if I got that wrong, may have been 3,000+4,500), I recall using these at Lyneham, from the tanker pool we would pull until the peri. track dropped down the hill towards the end of the runway, you needed to keep the speed down to round that bend without rolling, then it was a hard slog back up the other side to the aircraft pans, exhaust giving a mighty roar...emco lids, streamline filters, Avery Hardol couplings come to mind too.

Steve Colhoun

53AD26 front.jpg (32119 bytes)

53AD26.jpg (22055 bytes)

mastiff1.jpeg (52203 bytes)

53AD26-Somewhere in the
Gulf! can anyone remember
driving this fine example
of a Mammoth Major? 

Did you manage to play any tunes
on the gearbox on these types? 

Mastiff-this one complete
with York 40 foot trailer
belonged to Finningley MT
and the picture was
taken back in 1985

Hi Bill & Ian,

Great site. I found these pics of some Classic vehicles from my first Vacation to the Falklands. (DEC 85 to Mar 86.) I'm sure loads of us remember them.


pic11.jpg (26487 bytes)

pic8.jpg (33591 bytes)

pic12.jpg (31645 bytes)

Some useful photos of MT vehicles from Derek Lambourne, two shots from different angles of an AEC Mercury and Carrimore 40 footer, took these on way back from Catterick to Lyneham c1977, I had delivered full drums of old aviation fuel to Catterick for fire training, and was returning with empty drums, check out all that roping and dollies, these days you'd be lucky to get ONE rope over the last drum!!. 

I never managed to rope any dollies Derek, tell us more! - Bill

As to dollies, been a while since the last one, but here goes, listen carefully I shall only say this once (as Sgt Gordon Hamilton used to say to me), take the rope in the right hand and make a loop, wind round the loop (with the rope in your left hand) twice (over the top of your right hand), twist the lower loop before passing the rope down through the lower loop, doubling it and forming a new loop as you go, put the new loop over the hook and pull on the free rope end..... now get up of the floor and do it again, this time make the loops tighter! Got that... good now untie the missus cus she's hungry.

Derek Lambourne