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Hi Bill & Ian,

Smashing site well done, I'm sending some pix I took during an outing to the Falklands in 1982, with 1Sqn Deployment Flight Wittering, depicting some of the weather down there then. The GozomeBird one is the last of what was MT RAF Stanley in Aug 82, finally we could come home, Chris Ditcham, The late Jason Woods, Me(Mark Bonney), Kev 'Pepe le Peugh' Pearson, and Sam Weller. MUddy and .. shows the local conditions, ASMT Stanley was the 2 TAC bowsers, one RAF and one stolen, well miss directed from the port :-)

Hope these are of interest.

Mark Bonney 

falklands6.jpg (68124 bytes) falklands3.jpg (42120 bytes) falklands7.jpg (42813 bytes)
falklands2.jpg (48405 bytes) falklands4.jpg (26776 bytes) falklands1.jpg (50713 bytes) falklands5.jpg (26932 bytes)

Great site lads, Thanks.

Thought I'd send in a few pictures of one of the newest members of the MT Family. It's an American built platform and search vehicle which is capable of going 125ft. There is only one and it's stationed at BZN. We also have a new Canadian De-Icer (SDI), Pictures to follow hopefully.

Paul Edwards

Condor 125S.JPG (75710 bytes) Condor Setup.JPG (76015 bytes) Condor.C-17.JPG (72574 bytes)


Simon Marlow sent this collection of Airfield Support Vehicles.


Truck fork lift, side loading Coventry Climax 13500lb

MTVeh1.jpg (31041 bytes) Truck aircraft de-icing, low access MTVeh8.jpg (39402 bytes) Team sprayer MTVeh15.jpg (53774 bytes)
Truck fuel servicing aircraft 10 ton, 3000 Gallon

MTVeh2.jpg (43392 bytes) Sicard MK5 MTVeh9.jpg (41958 bytes) De-icer with cherry picker MTVeh16.jpg (27803 bytes)
Tractor, aircraft towing, Massey Ferguson MF40

MTVeh3.jpg (30146 bytes) Hallum tractor MTVeh10.jpg (32072 bytes) 4000 Gallon refueller MTVeh17.jpg (30249 bytes)
Fork lift Henley 10,500lb

MTVeh4.jpg (35334 bytes) Baggage loader MTVeh11.jpg (38465 bytes) Combi refueller MTVeh18.jpg (38134 bytes)
Coles hydra speed 7 ton crane

MTVeh5.jpg (38005 bytes) Trepel cargo loader MTVeh12.jpg (30625 bytes) 4 ton cargo with Hi-ab MTVeh19.jpg (32133 bytes)
Snow removal unit, truck mounted

MTVeh6.jpg (37162 bytes) Tractor wheeled fork lift MTVeh13.jpg (50554 bytes) Condec MTVeh20.jpg (37506 bytes)
Rolba R400

MTVeh7.jpg (35610 bytes) Twinrig MTVeh14.jpg (29026 bytes) Mercury aircraft tug MTVeh21.jpg (26685 bytes)

RAF Wagons.JPG (69824 bytes)

Daz Shaw sent this pic of the 'Old Sheds' from Coningsby 1994

Well done on a totally brilliant site.
I logged on for the first time last night and saw so many names that I recognised from years ago even after my comparatively short time in the RAF MT.
I only joined in '92 and it was great seeing the pictures of old trucks and cars that I've only heard of in the crewroom or at beer calls.
scamtank.jpg (22695 bytes)

I've attached a photo of my old Bowser from Conningsby in 95-97, well actually it was old Queen Liz's truck but I looked after it for her for 3 years. It was one of the first Scammells delivered to the RAF (after looking through the paper work). It was delivered to the RAF in late '85 and allotted to either Lossie or Kinloss. On arrival to Conningsby in '95 It was resprayed (the wrong shade of green) so I took the opportunity to slap some yellow stickers on but got a bit carried away. After seeing a techie painting the wheels of a Spitfire, I found another way to fill my frustrated time whilst at Thunderstorm Level 1, and painted her wheels silver. After a few weeks L06 became known as the ICE-CREAM VAN. It looked superb but unfortunately it spent more time in MTSS than at Tanker pool.
More Photos (once I've dug them out) and Stories to follow soon.
Daz Shaw     


Top right is me delivering the bottled water to the accomodation in Deci in 87, gotta love those afternoons at the Fortes Beach Club and Nights at the RAF Club.

Bottom right is a shot from RAF Hereford in 85 of Two TM's, they were from the Smash 'n' Grab unit RAF Abingdon, on detachment to recover a German Tornado that crashed in the Black Mountains that week.

Simon "Robbo" Robinson USA

Forks Duty in Deci.JPG (19746 bytes)

Smash n Grab TM Abingdon 85.JPG (19133 bytes)