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Seasonal Greetings from John Berry

As we are now well in to the Black Top season (I'm sure most MTD's will know what I'm talking about) I thought you would all like to share in a few memories. Here is RAF Wittering's Black Top Fleet in 1985. I'm sure quite a few of us have spent many hours running up & down a runway feeling cold & forgotten, until the jockeys cant go flying then your not so forgotten. Hope this winter will not be too bad for those of you who still have to be on standby. 

"Yuk John Don't ring me unless you have a nice warm MRD or a T54 and a flask of Gluewein, don't forget the bag of Shear pins." (Bills comment) 

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Hi Lads

A few pics enclosed which may bring back some memories. Some of the tanker pool lads (first in last out as usual) taking a break on route to Padderbourne ranges from Wildenrath in 1972. From left to right, can't recall, myself John Berry, Bob McCloy, McDuff, and can't recall the last one.

The next three are of when I went on a re-force detachment to Masirah & Salala from Lyneham in 1975. The first shows a half armoured Bedford we had as a recce run vehicle in Salala, had a lot of fun in that but I sometimes wondered why we had it at all. Then when on route to the docks in Raysut you would get the, I believe, Dhofar rebels trying to mortar the main road. Not that they stood a chance. The second is the old Smith's 25 ton crane which had a free fall block on it. The operator at the time was a guy call Mickey Joe, a Cpl detached in from of all places Ghan. What an operator, he used to lift an 8 ton shakon slew it and threw it up against the NAAFI back wall the crane would lift off the blocks on one side, he would then hit the free fall brake and it would sit back down (Couldn't see anything like that happening today). The 40 foot artic in the picture was one of two, both had their back's broken due to the weight of the steel sheeting being carried on them for the contractors building the fuel storage tanks.

Good site hope to contribute more soon.

John (Taggart to some) Berry

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Who doesn't remember the SST's? Any ex-Looney will have fond memories of these Bedford's, always a good excuse for a skive on the other side of the airfield as we couldn't be seen due to the fact the airfield wasn't flat!! Rarely driven on public roads after a wheel coming off one of them in Manton village if my memory is right. You just don't get that calibre of skive in civvy street!!

Andy Mcleod (Luffenham Loony)

Hi Lads.

In the recent weeks 2 MT have had no publicity of what we do. It all Army this and Army that 7th Reg are the logistics of the Armed forces.

So I thought that this picky would sort them out, Its a drops vehicle on Ex in Oman. As you can see the Army need the assistance of the good old RAF!!!!!!


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Hi Ian

Getting a bit teasy about the photo of the drops vehicle on the 2MT Goose neck ha ha, contacted Bigbird to set the record straight but to no avail so here goes.....

The drops vehicle belonged to "8 reg" it was in a collision with a High Dreamer on exercise "Bright Star" which took place in Egypt not Oman as stated, The driver of the 2MT vehicle was me myself and I, you can not see me because I'm under the Drops, the bum and legs you see belong to Donald "Mac" McDonald who was co driver, we were recovering the vehicle to Alexandria port for shipping back to UK. Hope this sets the record straight, best about it was that Bigbird was on this exercise DOH.


Hi Guy's

Thought you might like these pictures of the some of the vehicle used at RAF (U) Goose Bay , Canada circa 1993/94.

The de-icer is a US built Ford and required manipulation akin to foreplay to get the burners to fire up on a cold morning!!! It was obviously an important piece of kit over there

The tugs were brought over from the UK , i believe the Mercury tug was brought over in 1973 and wasn't new then.

There was an earlier RAF tug abandoned on the far side of the airfield which had an enormous petrol Rolls Royce engine in it!!

As an aside RAF (U) Goose bay was one of the few units that SAC's were allowed to tow the aircraft


MTD 1986-1996

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Nice site, thought you might like to use this picture. It was taken at Severn Valley Railway, don't know anything about the QL itself.



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Here are a few pictures taken in sunny Belize. Hope that some the visitors to the Website will recognise the vehicles and locations and hope they rekindle a few memories of happier times (?).


1) The AEC was permanently unserviceable, at least from 1987 to 1990.
2) This Bison was in use on a daily basis to 'bulk' the pillow tanks located at the Harrier sites of 'CharlieDelta' and 'FoxyGolf' as well as the numerous defuels which are a regular feature of Tanker Pool life.
3) The two 1000g tactical refuellers occasionally supported the Pumas of 1563 Flt in the field.
4) The Eager Beaver fork lift.
5) JCB forks eventually replaced the Beaver.
6) The Belize Condec with the 748 Store behind. (Bills Favourite fun machine!)

Wish I had taken more photos when in Germany. Now look forward to seeing more contributions from old friends.

Chris Lacey

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