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Hi Ian,

Saw somebody with an Oshkosh on a photo on your site so thought I would send you some photo's, I am an ex MTD from 75-97 since I came out one job I let myself in for (lord knows why) was to join a company called Fastrax and get to drive one around England, and sometimes Germany and in this case sunny Iraq.
The Oshkosh is one hell of a beast capable of carrying a fully laden Challenger 2 Tank the photo's are of me in Iraq as a PTE in my wagon, The lineup of all the vehicles on the park in Basra, Another one waiting for a load somewhere in Germany.

Carl Davies

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Hi there

At last as promised sometime ago I have got a photo of the 'Hoscosh, (if it is spelt like this) I am the bloke on the left with my mate Mike Leonard an ex MT Warrant Officer at RIAT2004, we are looking forward to next year's show.

Regards Ray Davies


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Charles M Walbran sent us this pic of a Scammel Tanker and one of himself.
ow working for KLM Airlines Hfd Baggage trp coordinator in Holland

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Andy Arnold sent in the following.........

Picture's 1 & 2: A Vampire at RAF Bentley Priory brought in for a function in the mess one weekend - 1985. 

Picture 3: 21 year old tanker (We held a party for it) pictured on 28 Sqn pan at RAF Sek Kong, summer 1986.

Picture 4: A borrowed 'Gurkha Transport Regiment' tank transporter, the MT at Sek Kong used to move a fork lift truck from the New Territories to the RAF Airport Unit in Kowloon.  Not long after the picture was taken, the driver got it stuck in Osborne Barracks, Kowloon whilst going to refuel.  

We got it out again - after we demolished the RSM's ornamental wall!  "Cpl Arnold - report to me after class........"
(Summer 1986)

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As promised I have finally found a few photos for the gallery.

The first Major tank move in Germany for 1 Sqn RAF Reg from 431 MU circa 83/84,

No sliding bogie trailers those days, spoilt nowdays!!. We had to find an R&D ramp or a grass bank!


Ian Williams

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Stumbled across this Reliance Mercury, retired from service hauling boats about in Limassol boatyard on a recent visit to Cyprus.


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............and these relics just up the road at Kolossi

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Nige Ennis sent this line up from ASMT Falkland Islands 1994

mtveh82.jpg (56502 bytes)

Snow clearance 280 SU RAF Troodos Cyprus style.

mtveh81.jpg (15851 bytes)

This is from the Falklands in 1995, they got stuck in the peat, good old Army boys.

Barry Errington

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The following selection were sent in by Pete Spink

1000 Gal bowser parked in Williamson site next to Air movements  notice the red scales in background used for weight watches clubs when WRAF air hostess off  VC10 where transiting in/out of APC.

mtveh72.jpg (62072 bytes)

Battys Bus Service.

Anyone who had reason to go to Belize had the Blackpool equivalent of the death ride from APC to Belize City. Seen here parked at the faithful swingbridge in central Belize on a Sunday evening. This service was used regularly on a evening to go to Belize City after the NAAFI bar had closed. The location we all headed for the was a bar called the 102 which of course was the local brothel as the beer was chilled better there!!!! However we did have to go to the POOP Deck First to watch the odd shooting between rival black groups. Sat nights will never be the same.

mtveh73.jpg (67800 bytes)

Building 138 Belize MT CONTROL on right is a RAFP landrover and behind that the park for the odd duty fire crew.

The great thing about the location of this office is that you could sit in the office in the morning with the door open and watch the pongos parade past when they did morning parades something we  only ever did once in our careers and that was at St Athan on basic driving course.

mtveh74.jpg (55706 bytes)

Crash Amb.

The best thing you could drive in Belize, as when you had been down town you could sleep on the way back. I remember one MT outing with Sgt Tug Wilson as the SNCO I/C MT and he made Steve Patterson take the crash amb to JB Bar why the Crash Amb, Well anyone that has been to JB  bar all knows that you do feel a bit sleepy after a 4 hour session and the journey home was one of sheer bliss ZZZZZZZ

mtveh75.jpg (47307 bytes)

Bedford MK Hiab

Deep in jungle after a puma went down with engine problem so muggings here had to take an engine and  escort some poor squaddie armed with a SLR in to the jungle to located the downed chopper. We found it after 8 Hours and the ground crew flew in, fixed the chopper, and flew out leaving us to drive back the next day after an engine swop. I went back to this location a month later and the bridge was totally washed away.

mtveh77.jpg (74140 bytes)

Tanker Pool Belize 1985/86 Phil Taylor can been seen on his Knees to the Left of the 1000 gal refueller, we went out as a PMC decision. No tanker pool was established in the GEF compound so they sent Myself and Phil brown who was a Cpl at the time to set up and bring into line the Tankerpool. RAF Regiment did the 1000 Gal task up to that Period with APC MTD,s doing the Harrier refuelling on the 3000 gallon, however it came out that the SAC's being posted out were not all Q-MTD- Tanker qualified, some unforeseen mistake by trade desk at Innsworth.

mtveh78.jpg (55396 bytes)

Fire Section Belize

Note a Unimog next to Tanker This was taken at a lunch time as we used whatever transport we could get our hands on to get back across from Williamson site to the Army Mess, Which did live up to it's reputation as being crap at the best of times. Also notice water on floor monsoon  weather  in Nov 1985

mtveh76.jpg (62148 bytes)

RAF CIO Team Nottingham 1992 from Left to right Bruce (Now at Doris  Cranwell TG Admin) Pete Spink (Now a faithful TG MTD Civvy) Pete Brown (ARM ENG Last seen in Nottingham) WRAF Sgt Name not remembered TGStores (Last seen in the Pig's bar Sgt's mess RAF Newton)

A rather motley crew seen in front of the CIO display gazelle, Donnigton Park F1 bikes 1992 40ft supplied  by 2MT.

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