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Hi Ian,

I took these whilst in Malta, September 2007. If anyone is going to Malta call in to see the Museum at the old RAF site at Ta Quali, it is known as the Craft Village and most buses from Valleta to Rabat go past there.

Cheers for now

George Parsons

mtveh156.jpg (70843 bytes) mtveh159.jpg (35654 bytes) mtveh160.jpg (70219 bytes) mtveh158.jpg (34334 bytes) mtveh157.jpg (39793 bytes)

Hi Ian

Here is a photo of our new Aircraft Tug, if you could post it on the site so everyone can see what nice kit you get for your tax payers money these days!!


Ally Galloway

mtveh154.jpg (67595 bytes)

mtveh155.jpg (74187 bytes)

mtveh153.jpg (67120 bytes)
Gazza Middleton sent in these impressive pictures prior
to TSW's presentation at the 2007 Reunion
mtveh148.jpg (60895 bytes)
mtveh149.jpg (161062 bytes)
mtveh150.jpg (142916 bytes)
mtveh151.jpg (189037 bytes)
mtveh152.jpg (208173 bytes)

Here's one of our White fleet RVT (Radio Van Truck) at the head of a
Vigilant Motor Glider Trailer. Done a nice run to Munich with this.

Wobble Wobble Wobble.

mtveh145.jpg (166697 bytes)

mtveh147.jpg (87638 bytes)

Drivers these days, Couldn't be bothered washing it so he tried to hide it in the bushes.

Daz Shaw

mtveh146.jpg (118333 bytes)

Sean Pollack sent in this Queen Mary trailer from 2MT along with a couple of the Station Band (In the Mugshots section)

mtveh144.jpg (58156 bytes)

Bill Blanchett sent this picture of a couple of MRD's taken at Bruggen.

mtveh143.jpg (92306 bytes)

Hello Ian,

I don't really qualify for your site as I'm an ex MT Fitter,  never the less have attached some images that could be of interest to ex MTD's of El Adem /Tobruk,  circa 1969/70 during our strategic withdrawal from those parts. 

Good work with your site and best wishes. 


Terry Baldwin

mtveh132.jpg (72549 bytes) mtveh133.jpg (84681 bytes) mtveh134.jpg (82017 bytes)
El Adem MTSS

mtveh135.jpg (84297 bytes)

mtveh136.jpg (75911 bytes)

mtveh137.jpg (73139 bytes)

mtveh138.jpg (91222 bytes)

mtveh139.jpg (77776 bytes)

Vehicles earmarked for Lybian A.F.

mtveh140.jpg (114632 bytes)

mtveh141.jpg (73207 bytes)

mtveh142.jpg (113332 bytes)

WW11 Trophy En-Route to Cyprus

Off duty School bus escort - Tobruk

Graham Bagnall sent in this picture of the RAF Cranwell Band Bus 1990

mtveh131.jpg (73907 bytes)

Stewart Rowe sent these pictures along with some in the 'Mug shots' section,

The first four are from Gutersloh between 1982 -85 I'm sure that some of those that worked with me in the Deployment compound can remember doing daily inspections every day on vehicles that never moved. 


mtveh126.jpg (101713 bytes) mtveh127.jpg (88634 bytes) mtveh128.jpg (54591 bytes) mtveh129.jpg (64057 bytes) mtveh130.jpg (76958 bytes)

Martin Bigbird Burrows sent a few pictures from his collection,

First picture is of a u/s A Frame trailer on the back of an EDT Seddon Atkinson combination 
Second picture is of a MFV (Major Foam Vehicle) at Fairford for RIAT 2004 
Third picture is an old 401 ready for transportation 
Fourth picture is of 2 MT Display at RAF Waddington 2004

mtveh122.jpg (35012 bytes)

mtveh123.jpg (27387 bytes)

mtveh124.jpg (37872 bytes)

mtveh125.jpg (42102 bytes)

mtveh121.jpg (121146 bytes)

Not one of my bumps (Honest !) but I suppose it might be similar to some that I might have been capable of. I expect all of us from LAC up to MTO will have stories, memories and pictures (If we are totally honest) of such burdens to the taxpayer, and it occurred to me that an FMT 3 section would make an interesting and amusing addition to the site. Obviously not if people have been actually hurt or injured, just those times where your pride took the biggest dent and no REAL harm was done. Let's face it, we have trashed a lot of wagons over the years, and put them in some strange places, and some funny shapes.


Ford Escortmtveh119.jpg(152884 bytes)
The first of the diesel cars for the military, before the  trend really took off to what it is today. A vast  improvement over those awful Chevettes some of us learnt to drive in.

55 Seatermtveh120.jpg(210014 bytes)
When RAF buses were painted to actually look like  RAF buses, instead of all those ghastly ''Humbrol''  colour schemes that started appearing in the  late ' 80's as a security measure.


A selection of Civvy spec military (White fleet) Landies, which have come to grief at the hands of the Army/ Air Force/ Navy.

Get those FMT 3's out Sarge..

Steve Pearson

mtveh115.jpg (58692 bytes)

mtveh116.jpg (59221 bytes)

mtveh117.jpg (60554 bytes)

mtveh118.jpg (67598 bytes)

Something a bit different. Saw this whilst on a family holiday to Spain and Gibraltar. It is so obviously an ex RAF version of the good old Transit, and was a common site on many an airfield, trundling here and there and from memory, usually as a stores wagon and things like GEF etc.

Got me thinking though, how many more old sheds on their second life in Civvy street, do we spot on our hols in places like Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta etc ?

mtveh114.jpg (194310 bytes)

Steve Pearson sent in these pictures from his archives.

Did a 2 week detachement to Machrahanish in 1987 and was on 'Crash' for most of it..

Here I grabbed a quick snap with the medic keeping watch while we were standing by for a 'STATE 2'.

mtveh111.jpg (65482 bytes)

I visited my mate at Odiham recently, he's the M.T Sgt. on one of the Chinook squadrons.. He took me for a look round and I spotted this Foden wrecker, same as the Army have, but apparently the only one in the RAF, due to Odiham probably having the biggest 'green' fleet in the Air Force..

You can just make out the RAF markings over the camo paint job.

mtveh112.jpg (82841 bytes)

mtveh113.jpg (89142 bytes)

............... and these from his ASU collection.

mtveh105.jpg (28095 bytes)

mtveh106.jpg (37562 bytes)

mtveh107.jpg (37148 bytes)

mtveh108.jpg (48297 bytes)

mtveh109.jpg (51807 bytes)

mtveh110.jpg (32054 bytes)

As promised some more photos from my time with RAF Abingdon MT.

Ian Pavely


Canberra fuselage on it's way to RAF Hendon museum. There was another truck with some other gear on it and was driven by Des McNichol.

mtveh101.JPG (32656 bytes)




A mothballed Buccaneer being taken to RAF Shawbury for storage. Good job we did, they were needed in the first Gulf War.

mtveh102.JPG (30919 bytes)



Same Buccaneer after coming off at junction 12 on the M6. This was taken on the A5 through Weston under Lizard. The police escort asked me how fast I could go, in them days we had no limiter on the truck so I said as fast as you like. He said just to keep up with him which we did. we even made the Terry Wogan show traffic news.


mtveh103.JPG (47077 bytes)




Phantom wings being transported to RAF Carlisle from the then RAF Catterick. Under the wing is Cpl Ian Williams. We all stayed at the Truck Inn Carlisle (Rate one's), what a night that was. The chief of the ASTF crew was leaving that week and we got him drunk, which was quite easy really as I remember cos' he was tea total, well until that night. He he

mtveh104.JPG (28589 bytes)