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Hello Bill & Ian.

I hope you two don't mind an ex cpl mt tech intruding into your club house. Anyway I have, and I  thought you might like some of the pics that I took on my travels. hope they are ok as they are nearly thirty years old. the next last pic was the RAF Masirah MT/MTSS Mayday bondu bash 1976, I'm the one at the front and right of the pic. 
Good luck for the future.
Tony Fiske


James Hamilton sent these 3 pictures from his time on 2MT circa '74, the Portakabins were Nimrod Simulators used on recruiting campaigns, he carried them all over the country.


mtveh221.jpg (117694 bytes)
Just about to depart
2MT Squadron
mtveh219.jpg (116838 bytes)
Myself driving through Stafford
mtveh220.jpg (127869 bytes)
Waiting for police escort
at Junction 14, M6

Andy Morrow sent these from his days at Bruggen.


mtveh216.jpg (33102 bytes)
Jaguar refuels at Bruggen
mtveh218.jpg (37103 bytes)
Doing 'Dips' at the BFI,
Bruggen 85
mtveh217.jpg (33282 bytes)
Nice line up of M.K's
MT yard Bruggen '83

Paul Banks sent this picture of a Seddon 401 and display trailer at the Sheerness town show in 1990. 

mtveh215.jpg (89227 bytes)

A collection of Bruggen images courtesy of Charlie Booker


booker5.jpg (57738 bytes)


booker1.jpg (62259 bytes)


booker7.jpg (59314 bytes)


booker8.jpg (51769 bytes)


booker18.jpg (87267 bytes)


booker10.jpg (53347 bytes)


booker13.jpg (46381 bytes)


booker6.jpg (43252 bytes)


booker24.jpg (58245 bytes)


booker19.jpg (66543 bytes)


booker11.jpg (51802 bytes)


booker14.jpg (83046 bytes)


booker9.jpg (45742 bytes)


booker3.jpg (48088 bytes)


booker21.jpg (91534 bytes)


booker12.jpg (49249 bytes)


booker2.jpg (63126 bytes)


booker15.jpg (114962 bytes)


booker22.jpg (93558 bytes)


booker23.jpg (88350 bytes)


booker16.jpg (42618 bytes) booker17.jpg (56581 bytes) booker25.jpg (81070 bytes) booker4.jpg (54838 bytes) booker20.jpg (62209 bytes)

Following on from the recent theme Noel Davey sent this picture of 85 Sqn's Bloodhound display outfit.

Noel believes the photo was taken in 1980/81 possibly at Clacton on Sea.

Display-BirdW.jpg (128499 bytes)

Nigel Westmancott sent this set of pictures detailing the move of Bloodhound missiles, launchers and radar equipment to Episkopi.

Most of the side loader driving was done by B class drivers, we would also drive the RL when the need arose as well. Lennie Capstick was our MT driver at the time I was there, he drove the 10 tonner and took us to work in the bus, a truckie through and through.

Cable_Drums_W.jpg (144458 bytes)
Loading cable drums


Packing_the_radars_W.jpg (143723 bytes)
Packing the radars


Moving_Launchers_to_Episkopi_W.jpg (151974 bytes)
Loading the RL


Missiles_Waiting_W.jpg (85478 bytes)
Missiles waiting to depart
Ready_for_the_off_W.jpg (122587 bytes)
Ready for the off, ....
On_Their_Way_W.jpg (113422 bytes)
.... on their way

Pete Harry
(Bloodhound MKII - SAGW website), added, the RAF Museum at Cosford have restored a Lancer Side Loader. The side loader was being left to deteriorate until they realised it can lift 7 tons! IWM Duxford also have a side loader in store which has not been restored. I also believe that The Lightning Preservation Group at Bruntingthorpe use an ex Bloodhound side loader to change engines on their Lightning.

sideloader.jpg (395178 bytes)
A fully restored
ex Bloodhound
Side Loader at the
RAF Museum Cosford

Does anyone have any information regarding the incident at RAF Wildenrath (or was it Bruggen) in the mid 70's when a crane toppled over whilst trying to place a Bloodhound radar on to its plinth?

Steve Colhoun sent in this picture of a 39 seater coach.

45ac44.jpg (108687 bytes)

Keith Moore sent in this picture of a T54 taken in 1975

mtveh214.jpg (44862 bytes)

Hughie Shafi Four Tonner and trailer Scampton MT section circa (1982).


mtveh213.jpg (41032 bytes)

Triantafyllos Metsovitis sent these Queen Mary pictures, taken at a scrap yard in Cyprus.

mtveh210.jpg (108588 bytes) mtveh211.jpg (90726 bytes) mtveh212.jpg (94278 bytes)

Hi Ian,

Here are some of the photos I have from my time at 2MT, I only spent about two and a half years with the Squadron before demob, best part of my time in the RAF.

Chris Burford


mtveh195.jpg (48050 bytes) mtveh193.jpg (43519 bytes) mtveh190.jpg (41105 bytes) mtveh191.jpg (36966 bytes)
Peter waiting for
escort to Otterburn


Wittering to Southhampton then shipped to the Falklands


Catterick to
Salthow, Germany


Radar for Falklands


mtveh188.jpg (40569 bytes) mtveh194.jpg (47669 bytes) mtveh209.jpg (44601 bytes) mtveh189.jpg (43732 bytes)
First load for
Manchester Air Museum


Second load for Manchester Air Museum


12 x 1000lb bombs
for Plymouth


Entry to Longtown
for overnight


mtveh186.jpg (38124 bytes) mtveh185.jpg (43322 bytes) mtveh192.jpg (37188 bytes) mtveh184.jpg (41995 bytes) mtveh187.jpg (39379 bytes)
Helping the Army My load for Otterburn Yours truly at 30
in my baby 75 AN 74
Part of the gang Ground Radar

Paul Lund sent this collection in....


Who remembers this yard? Yes, jolly Falklands MT Yard Feb to July 1992. How many vehicles can you name. who remembers the battle bus? 

mtveh175.jpg (42899 bytes)


The nice smooth road to Stanley (Not) 1992. mtveh176.jpg (63435 bytes)


My main job in the Falklands, and I enjoyed it. The Med Centre with the only bath on camp for two tinnies.

mtveh177.jpg (35359 bytes)


My first outing after passing my HGV at Leuchars, on Op Granby. mtveh178.jpg (63063 bytes)


My time being a VIP cabby at Stanmore great boss Air Com Horrocks made it fun.

mtveh179.jpg (60080 bytes)


At work, MT at Stanmore, on a day off painting wheels. Are the PSI mini buses still for hire?

mtveh181.jpg (44442 bytes)


Got to use my car as VIP back to visiting 3 star at Digby. mtveh180.jpg (38049 bytes)


Air Com Bodie in the background at Dundee VIP driving for the Royal Observer Corps with the replacement for the big bonnet Ford Granada, The Scorpio (Big mistake).

mtveh183.jpg (54011 bytes)


Upgrade to Montego from Cavalier (Not) hated it. mtveh182.jpg (50456 bytes)

Pictures of the Dennis Refueller at Kabul International Airport, taken during my visit in July/August 2009



mtveh173.jpg (63386 bytes) mtveh174.jpg (77864 bytes) mtveh172.jpg (70155 bytes)

Martin Owen sent in this picture of his Bowser in tanker pool at Brawdy.

mtveh171.jpg (61286 bytes)

Whilst having a bit of a clear out I came across this picture taken, I think, at a Waddington Airshow in the mid 90's.


mtveh170.jpg (42741 bytes)

Hi Ian,

Here are a couple of pictures of tractors. The first one is of a 1960 Ford Powermaster which I believe was used on Mildenhall Airforce base by our American friends during the 1960's and 70's I would really love to see some photographs of the tractor working. The other wee Grey Fergie I believe was used on an Aircraft Carrier or Airfield in the UK, The tractor is a 1958 and could have been around during the 1960's and 70's and I would love any info on it or pictures. Many Thanks again from Scotland, and what an Excellent Site.


Andrew Hamilton


mtveh168.jpg (70628 bytes) mtveh169.jpg (194037 bytes) mtveh167.jpg (87782 bytes)

During a recent visit to Elvington Air Museum to check-over the Green Goddess these two DAF's & King trailer's were delivering a Javelin for exhibit.

mtveh164.jpg (38929 bytes)

mtveh163.jpg (38045 bytes)

mtveh165.jpg (27807 bytes)

mtveh162.jpg (30878 bytes) mtveh166.jpg (38587 bytes) mtveh161.jpg (21612 bytes)

Here's some pictures from the archives of Les Freathy, although not an ex MTD he is a military transport historian.


freathy16.jpg (66736 bytes) freathy17.jpg (74516 bytes) freathy18.jpg (82336 bytes) freathy19.jpg (74665 bytes)
Bedford 2 ton 4x2 domestic water 1000 galls EDGOBZO
Bedford Mountain domestic tender 6x6 Range Rover TACR2 Scammell (later Unipower) MK12