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Brian Freeth sent these 3.


freeth2.jpg (56062 bytes) freeth3.jpg (47430 bytes) freeth1.jpg (52330 bytes)
The first AEC Ergomatic Matador issued to 2 MT Sqn
and first on the road in the RAF.

The photos were taken just North of Huntly on a task taking 5 Berth caravan trailers for Vulcan crews on 1hr stand by from Hemswell to Kinloss, my running mate was Mo Webb. 

Wide load at Kelsall on A56
before the M56 was built.
Ken Mosley in the turret on
his first wide load.

Terence Fineran sent the following from RAF Lyneham circa 1982/83.

The red vehicle in the background was a veteran Chicago Fire Dept truck that was flown over by the RAF, no idea what happened to it.

terence_fineran_7.jpg (56558 bytes)


A Unimog which was about to be flown out to Belize to replace one that had 'vanished'.

terence_fineran_9.jpg (57692 bytes)


These Condecs are the 25K model, the USAF at the time had the 50K model.

terence_fineran_6.jpg (44385 bytes)

terence_fineran_8.jpg (46587 bytes)

Red Arrows support vehicles at Scampton - Nov 2012

red_arrows_support.jpg (36586 bytes)

scampton_refuellers_f.jpg (49090 bytes) scampton_refuellers_e.jpg (44033 bytes) scampton_refuellers_c.jpg (52866 bytes)
scampton_refuellers_a.jpg (45259 bytes) scampton_refuellers_b.jpg (53684 bytes) scampton_refuellers_d.jpg (47215 bytes)

Avtur and diesel refuellers at Scampton - Nov 2012

1ACCe.jpg (48387 bytes) 1ACCd.jpg (44724 bytes) 1ACCc.jpg (37007 bytes)
1ACCb.jpg (41048 bytes) 1ACCa.jpg (57126 bytes) 1ACCf.jpg (43371 bytes)
Leyland DAF, trailers and a diesel refueller belonging to 1ACC at Scampton - Nov 2012

scampton1.jpg (47146 bytes) scampton2.jpg (47211 bytes) scampton3.jpg (38460 bytes)
'Q' for 'Queenie' leaves
Scampton for a final resting place
at the RAF Museum Hendon
- Nov 1970
The Lancaster aircraft which replaces 'Q' for 'Queenie'
arrives at Scampton - Aug 1973

Des Roberts sent in this collection of pictures taken at Brize Norton Tanker Pool just before he left in '98.


mtveh241.jpg (133847 bytes) mtveh242.jpg (119077 bytes) mtveh243.jpg (111479 bytes) mtveh244.jpg (86099 bytes)
Aircraft Tug Airfield /Terminal View from Tanker

Cranes De-Icers
mtveh251.jpg (134701 bytes) mtveh257.jpg (140730 bytes) mtveh249.jpg (138039 bytes) mtveh252.jpg (120400 bytes)
Trepel Loader


Twin-Rig Refueller
mtveh246.jpg (144207 bytes) mtveh247.jpg (129423 bytes) mtveh254.jpg (149834 bytes) mtveh255.jpg (155075 bytes)
Sicard Snow Blower


mtveh248.jpg (120149 bytes) mtveh250.jpg (152418 bytes) mtveh256.jpg (80421 bytes) mtveh245.jpg (132628 bytes) mtveh253.jpg (130726 bytes)
Hallam Aircraft Tug Toilet Trucks In-Flight truck Loader Hydrant Refueller

Whilst displaying the Green Goddess at a recent event I happened (By chance) to be parked next to a Scammell Crusader which was part of the fleet at Staxton Wold when I was there.



78an14_3.jpg (69826 bytes) 78an14_1.jpg (60714 bytes) 78an14_2.jpg (53710 bytes) 78an10_1.jpg (54926 bytes)
Posing next to 78 AN 14 In cab shot 'Back in the hot seat' Sister vehicle, 78 AN 10
outside MT at
Staxton Wold in 1989

Chic Hill sent these unusual pictures of a rocket launcher (Named Big Nellie) that he drove and operated in Benbecula, Scotland 1969/70 whilst he was based at RAF Kinloss.


File.jpg (69678 bytes) File3.jpg (80277 bytes) File2.jpg (47914 bytes) File1.jpg (118924 bytes)

John Briscoe sent in this collection of vehicle pictures from Church Fenton circa 84/85


mtveh228.jpg (476028 bytes)
Bedford Pantechnicon
mtveh227.jpg (373260 bytes)
Runway Sweeper


mtveh226.jpg (542518 bytes)
AEC 3,000 Gal
mtveh225.jpg (379168 bytes)
Bedford 1,000 Gal
Refueller & MK8
mtveh229.jpg (521865 bytes)
Sicard & MK
mtveh233.jpg (521650 bytes)
Pietsch Spreader
& MK
mtveh234.jpg (533013 bytes)
Pietsch Spreader
& MK
mtveh239.jpg (324437 bytes)


mtveh240.jpg (171156 bytes)


mtveh236.jpg (356693 bytes)
mtveh237.jpg (353907 bytes)
mtveh238.jpg (291623 bytes)
mtveh235.jpg (275171 bytes)
mtveh224.jpg (479647 bytes)
Arrester Barrier


mtveh222.jpg (498263 bytes)
Arrester Barrier


mtveh223.jpg (438211 bytes)
Arrester Barrier


mtveh230.jpg (318602 bytes)
Workshop's Landrover


mtveh232.jpg (641930 bytes)


mtveh231.jpg (240606 bytes)
Karrier Bantam
Runway Caravan