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Andy Thompson sent these in from his time at Abingdon in the early eighties.


39 Seater Bedford coach - the dog's **llocks - as we thought !!

mtveh258.jpg (142547 bytes)


Ian Pavely, civvy tanker pool driver, juicing up a Jag.

mtveh260.jpg (124806 bytes)


On a toolkit run from Abo to Valley in my regular MK for a while 34 AJ 15.

mtveh259.jpg (147952 bytes)


Washing one of the ex-BA VC10s - about 6 were parked near F shed and the fire section for several years before conversion to tankers for Brize. They were still there in May '85 when I left for Happy Hendon ...another story.

mtveh261.jpg (101356 bytes)

Graham Cooper sent in this large selection of pictures from his many travels.


Sick Mercury uplifted from nordhorn, Dennis Henaughan, Al Hird and Paul Elliot. gc36.jpg (39547 bytes)


MV Staffetta Livorno, Cagliari docks bound for Genoa ex deci 1984. gc35.jpg (60831 bytes)


Mac McDermott at Guyhirn A47 en route to Marham, then on to West Freugh 1981. gc34.jpg (45894 bytes)


Rubb buildings Gateshead 1982. Me and Chris Burford loaded here for Marchwood then returned for two more loads for Gutersloh. gc33.jpg (48470 bytes)


French at Gutersloh 1981. Ooh I was jealous, made me want to set fire to my Mastiff. gc28.jpg (62232 bytes)


American equivalent of 2MT Garmisch 1988. gc27.jpg (64761 bytes)


Rotors turning refuel, Carpiquet Air Base France 1984. I am on this end with my Foden tanker. Notice the other hoses laid out, we could do three at once off 1 Hamworthy pump. I was on loan to TSW for 6 Months, I had a belting time. gc32.jpg (43592 bytes)


M5 southbound 1985. Terry Dewhirst giving it plenty under instruction of motorway police. gc31.jpg (52282 bytes)


Do you really need a sign? gc30.jpg (56236 bytes)


Gerrout the f$$&*!g way you !!*"$** gc29.jpg (53915 bytes)


Canberra mainplanes, heading for the M6 out of Salmesbury. Sgt Alec Grant in the pilot car 1985. gc26.jpg (72021 bytes)


My 401 & 431S Dyson trailer at FDC Wildenrath. This trailer was a one off for the Air Force. I believe that it was built to transport a flight simulator but if anyone knows if this is correct please put me right. gc1.jpg (56680 bytes)


Seddy 400 + Southfield tilt. 2MT hits the big league!! 1982. gc2.jpg (55804 bytes)


Mastiff & Dropframe outbound to Auenhausen from, I think, North Luffenham. I had driven nearly 2 miles so I had to stop for a pie ! gc3.jpg (53101 bytes)


Chris Burford supervising unloading at Marchwood 82. Rock Ape gear of some kind. gc4.jpg (37118 bytes)


Typical mixed load. Martels up front and a Pig on the back. The sliding bogies were a very useful trailer once you had got the hang of them. gc5.jpg (48237 bytes)


Mainplanes from Sealand to Farnborough. gc6.jpg (54846 bytes)


Geoff Davies unloading at Sealand 1983. gc10.jpg (31546 bytes)


Break time Dijon outbound to Deci 1984. John Reavy, Tommy Cooper, photo taken by Roy Munro. gc11.jpg (66880 bytes)


Felixstowe docks outbound 1982. gc12.jpg (59245 bytes)


Recruiting at Morecambe 1983. gc13.jpg (40033 bytes)


76AN03 after 3 Months under water. Sunk on European Gateway Ferry 19th Dec 1982. Jack Kennedy was rescued. gc14.jpg (41678 bytes)


Chris Burford's en-route to Spadeadam 1982. gc15.jpg (53333 bytes)


Bordeaux on the Frucon run 1983, taken by Graham Gardener. gc16.jpg (49003 bytes)


Ian Clarke, Eddie Hutchins night stop at Blackpool. 75an65 was my motor.


gc17.jpg (47076 bytes)


Hamburg docks outbound to Erding with out of Guage load hence the long way. gc18.jpg (53312 bytes)


Decisions Decisions?, Liege 1986, on the Mechernich run. gc19.jpg (42937 bytes)


"Le plaine, sil vous plait", fill up at Auxerre en route to Deci 1984. gc20.jpg (59736 bytes)


Bob Roby loading at Wittering 1982. gc21.jpg (47632 bytes)


Andy Doig at Earls Court. Yes, he did dye his hair for a bet! gc22.jpg (44694 bytes)


2MT crew rigging cabins at Hereford. Health and Safety?? gc23.jpg (45905 bytes)


Eddie Cooper, tank move from Catterick to Bruggen. Unloading at 431MU. gc24.jpg (38535 bytes)


Leaving Morpeth after night stop en-route to Lossie Nov 1980. gc25.jpg (59065 bytes)


Irun Tir Park in Spain, first run as a civvy, the start of ten happy years of long haul. gc8.jpg (63803 bytes)


Just tipped 22 tons of Baby Powder in Athens. gc9.jpg (64479 bytes)


E33 ROG, I did 780,000 miles in this truck and it never once broke on me.  This DAF stayed on the chambers and cook fleet and went on to do 2 million miles before it was sold for export in a still working condition. To quote a phrase, "they do not make trucks like this any more". gc7.jpg (52572 bytes)