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Jim Clark sent these from his days at RAF Buchan.


jc5.jpg (39905 bytes)


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Reg Dobson added some more pictures from his archives.


reg48.jpg (90609 bytes)
At Sheerness Docks with
re-supply for the Falklands


reg49.jpg (91992 bytes)
Another photo from the archives can't
remember what task we were doing


reg50.jpg (79725 bytes)
More re-supply for the Falklands this time
loaded outside 2MT Sqn 6 site Stafford
reg51.jpg (126911 bytes)
Loaded at Church Fenton with MRD equipment
bound for 16MU

Neil Redpath sent these from his archives.


Mastiffs at Zeebrugge docks taking new drop tanks
out to Bruggen

Seddons at Hullavington
also en route to Germany

2 MT lads taken 86/87 at the
FDC bar in Wildenrath
we where on a tank move
redpath04.jpg (544485 bytes)
L to R Back Row John Reavy, Neil Redpath,
Andy Sim, Stevie Hewlett, Steve Woods,
Terry Dewhurst Maurice McCauley, ?, Steve ?,
Kneeling L to R Gordon Bunting, John Swallow,
Ray Shackleton, Bert Baker

Roger Bowen sent these two modern day images of a Sentinel still working well.

Go to for more pictures.


sent_01.jpg (81052 bytes)

sent_02.jpg (92687 bytes)

Phil Beddard sent in this picture of a brand new Seddon Atkinson with sleeper cab which he drove as an SAC.

pb.jpg (39599 bytes)

Reg Dobson added some more vehicle images...


reg47.jpg (66545 bytes)
ransporting a Sideloader, another in the background.

reg43.jpg (71610 bytes)
Fred Hughes, Terry Key  & Russ Jones
panic tanning in Cagliari


reg44.jpg (71988 bytes)
Fred Hughes left and Terry Key
taking a break en route to Decci


reg46.jpg (65405 bytes)

2MT's first run to Decci,
one of the vehicles & us at the
French military base in Auxerre


reg45.jpg (81578 bytes)
Russ, Fred & Terry, we had to spend the weekend
in Genoa as we missed the Friday ferry
due to the breakdown en route


reg41.jpg (23845 bytes) reg40.jpg (25153 bytes) reg42.jpg (20898 bytes)
Awaiting Ferry at Stranraer
en route to RAF Bishops Court
N Ireland with radar equipment
John Reavy at Stranraer, Colin
McCracken and myself are
driving the other vehicles
At Zeebrugge awaiting ferry
after recovery of 5 Sqn Lighting
ground Equipment ex Munich
bound for Binbrook


reg39.jpg (44920 bytes) reg36.jpg (78493 bytes)
Tommy the Truck FDC Wildenrath,
Tommy the Truck Cooper loading


reg38.jpg (73814 bytes) reg37.jpg (69669 bytes)
Terry Wildenrath


Myself at FDC Wildenrath


reg31.jpg (58927 bytes) reg34.jpg (73777 bytes)
Bert Baker at 11 MU Sealand awaiting a move to
RAE Farnborough with a Canberra mainplane
27ft wide




reg32.jpg (66831 bytes) reg33.jpg (56637 bytes)
Mick Grey left, Joe Girvan right, awaiting
customs clearance at Felixstowe


Myself at Felixstowe in my younger days
ex Torcon run to Mechernich Germany


reg28.jpg (55885 bytes) reg29.jpg (65642 bytes)
Eddy Cooper in overalls waiting to be loaded at
14 MU Carlisle the modern traction of 2MT at the time. Dont know the name of the other lad on the trailer with him
One Man operated Drop Frame Trailer lots of
grunt needed when using the bottle jacks and removing the rear axle then get the load on and
put everything back to running order.
At the rear of 2MT Sqn 6 Site RAF Stafford


reg27.jpg (60880 bytes) reg30.jpg (82031 bytes)
A more modern trailer this time no bottle jacks or taking the axle off, transporting a MK7 for refurbishment to Batley Ex RAF Brawdy


These 2MT Trucks where spotted in the MT at Shawbury by my Nephew earlier this week
reg04.jpg (46027 bytes) reg02.jpg (37512 bytes)
Waiting at Hamburg Docks
for the ferry to Harwich


Homeward bound, Roermond Border
reg03.jpg (36875 bytes) reg07.jpg (52848 bytes)
Ian Clarke in RAF Bruggen MT Section yard after offloading
the RAF Regiments Scorpion Tanks and APCs Ex RAF Catterick


reg24.jpg (103023 bytes) reg26.jpg (120170 bytes)
The Army to the rescue on Lunenburg Heath,
note the ropes holding the APC's on the trailer
Loaded at RAF Catterick this time modern traction
and sliding Bogie trailer also a modern tie down
scheme with load bearing straps



reg25.jpg (332237 bytes) reg22.jpg (382520 bytes)
At Cleethorpes with Exhibition Trailers


reg09.jpg (78442 bytes) reg08.jpg (80287 bytes)
Aden 1966


Aden 1966


reg01.jpg (50763 bytes) reg06.jpg (45114 bytes) reg05.jpg (38187 bytes)
Aden 1966


Aden 1966


Aden 1966


Seddon Atkinson outside 2 MT Sqn HQ building at RAF Wittering........

Seddon Atkinson 401 4x2 65 KD 12
Entered Service April 1985, Retired from Service April 2002

During it's Service life this vehicle was utilised by the following Units

RAF Bruggen - 431 MU
RAF Gutersloh - Station MT
RAF Laarbruch - Station MT
RAF Stafford - 2 MT Sqn

After 1084B action, Station and 2 MT personnel restored the vehicle at RAF Stafford. It was later moved into position outside the 2 MT Sqn HQ building at RAF Wittering when the Sqn was relocated from Stafford in March 2006.


65kd12.jpg (72108 bytes) 65kd12-plaque.jpg (55824 bytes)

Reg Dobson sent these 2 loads.


Loading yatch at lymington.jpg (75685 bytes) roping and sheeting lorry.jpg (71671 bytes)
Loading a yacht at Lymington Roping & Sheeting lorry