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Deceased Name:  Charlie Booker
Senders Name:  Mikaela Gannon
Email Address: 

Itís my sad duty to inform you that Charlie passed away peacefully at home on Monday evening (03/04/17).

He was surrounded by friends and family and if you know Charlie, you know that that was his favorite thing in the world. His house full of people who love him. Charlie spent his last months with a constant stream of all the most important people in his life, coming through the doors to talk to him, bring gifts, share stories and hang out with the big fella himself. That was Charlie's idea of a perfect day and I'll always be grateful to anyone who shared a laugh with our Charlie or sent their love from far away. I know he was too.

Charlie never got too wrapped up in emotions and sentiment so I won't either. Just know that for however much of an impact he had on your lives, however you met him or interacted with him, the impact you had on him was just as great.
His life was one of laughter and happiness, positivity and compassion and that's exactly how we should all remember him.



Deceased Name:  Charlie Booker
Senders Name:  Ian Scales
Email Address:

I didn't know Charlie very well but we spoke on a few occasions, a very popular character, he will surely be missed by all who knew him.

R.I.P Charlie