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Deceased Name:  William Thomas Hunter
Senders Name:  Nicole Hunter
Email Address:

My Father William Thomas Hunter passed away in January 2000.

In the mid sixties he taught me to drive (in the military RAF way I suppose :-))

He never spoke much about the war, but as a child I remember things being mentioned as Salisbury, the landing at Arromanches, trainings in North Africa, convalescence in Capri, if I am not mistaken …

He was trained as a radio operator, but served in the war as a driver, something I never understood. While stationed in Mechelen (Belgium) he met my mum there. They got married there in Jan 1947. He was still with the army then for some months traveling up and down to northern Germany, Harburg I believe, or was it Bruggen?

He lived in Mechelen all his life. As an Irishman known at the time as ‘Paddy' of course, friends of his by the name of Jimmy Crooks and a Welshman Taffy (don’t know his real name) Pritchard were often mentioned.