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Deceased Name:  Anthony Mearns
Senders Name:  Mary Mearns
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Flt Sgt George Anthony Mearns was a VIP driver (Known as Micky) to ACM Sir Harry Broadhurst, ACM the Earl of Bandon and Sir Thomas Pike. I met Tony in 1956 one month after Sir Harry's crash at London airport in October, he was with Sir Harry at High Wycombe then AAFCE Fontainbleau on 1st June 1959. We married 21st March 1959 before going to France. The Earl took over from Sir Harry and asked Tony to stay with him until 1964.

Tony then came out of VIP to get his promotion to Sgt, he went to Weeton School of Driving just in time to pack up and move the Driving School to St Athan. Whilst there he was sent for and took up VIP again with Sir Pike, S.H.A.P.E, until 1967 when he was sent to Biggin Hill in October 1969 to Sharjah then Honington in 1970 and Cyprus 1976.

He was due to be posted to Scotland with his W.O. on 1st April 1976 but sadly passed away on 18th February 1976. At his request he was cremated (He didn't want me crying over a 'lump' in the ground).