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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

At the foot of this page you will find a submission form where you can post your own Trace a Mate notice.

Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1682 18/01/2021 Trying to contact Hamish McKean Chris James
tam 1681 12/01/2021 Trying to find drivers from bishop's court 1960s Diana wright
tam 1676 02/10/2020 Looking for Richard Taff Jones John Collins
tam 1680 15/07/2020 john Morris Onerod White raf tengah 1960 1963 victor lucas
tam 1551 04/06/2020 The Happy Heany M.T. drivers 1941 Marjorie Forsyth
tam 1644 23/04/2020 Whereabouts of Richard Newstead David Storer
tam 1679 29/07/2019 WRAF from 1974 Delphine Norton
tam 1678 27/06/2019 MT motor pool Mary Flanagan
tam 1677 07/05/2019 Brian Jones hq afcent 1970s Richard Thoday-haynes
tam 1558 31/12/2018 Dave Burton Gary McPherson
tam 1675 27/11/2018 Looking for John johnston Bob mcbride
tam 1674 19/09/2018 Joyce (Joy) Johnson Victor Wood
tam 1673 28/06/2018 My Dad Ken Jackson Jen jackson
tam 1625 25/06/2018 330 SU Ingolstadt 1957-1960 Dave Fry
tam 1672 04/03/2018 Trying to contact Bob Moffat - SOLVED Jennifer Mitchell (was Long)
tam 1671 14/01/2018 W/O 2 who was CAS Driver. John Baker
tam 1670 26/12/2017 Does anyone remember Joe Main? Donna Sangster
tam 1041 07/09/2017 Anyone who remembers Bernie Hewlett Bernie Hewlett
tam 1669 12/03/2017 anybody from bzn mt 1970/76 dave scrubber walker
tam 1668 05/03/2017 MT 5003 (AC) Sqdn Nigel Edwards
tam 1251 05/03/2017 If you know me reply Ian Cummings
tam 1629 11/02/2017 Anyone remember Steve Hammond? Tony Magee
tam 1667 10/11/2016 398 MU Duren 1958/1960 Alex Mackie (Jock)
tam 1666 01/11/2016 Whereabouts of WO V Whitlam. Alan Townend
tam 1665 29/10/2016 Friends of Sydney Moore William Pillow
tam 1664 24/08/2016 My section raf high wycombe 1970s Andy Bellshaw
tam 1663 18/08/2016 MTDs 1967-1989 brian evans
tam 1662 18/08/2016 M T Section R A F Driffield Henry Millward
tam 1661 01/07/2016 operation corporate photo's Stephen cmullon
tam 1660 28/05/2016 RAF Ballykelly Iain Greig
tam 1659 26/04/2016 Looking for George Parsons, former Driving Instructor. Dave Paladin
tam 1658 26/03/2016 Looking for Colin Mulhern ex Rudloe Manor, Rheindahlen Peter Jackson
tam 1657 09/02/2016 RAF Waterbeach 1952/6 Mike Short
tam 1656 18/01/2016 Falklands 82 Stephen mcmullon
tam 1655 17/12/2015 Whereabouts of Ron Harvey? Dave Langan
tam 1654 16/12/2015 raf khormakser 1958 1960 MT scott Campbell
tam 1653 20/11/2015 mt section raf high wycombe 1970-1974 GEORGE SPENCER
tam 1652 24/10/2015 Searching for RAF Jever drivers Stuart Crick
tam 1651 01/10/2015 Machrihanish MT Section Paul Murphy
tam 1650 05/09/2015 Any MT Tech or MTD who knew me? Don Howat
tam 1649 10/07/2015 Faun and Trailor Photo,s Stuart Crick
tam 1648 01/05/2015 anybody remember my dad William Thomas Hunter Nicole Hunter
tam 1647 24/04/2015 Renew Friendship Alan Clarke
tam 1646 06/01/2015 Any former 317MT based at Eindhoven in the 50's Harris Morrison
tam 1645 31/12/2014 Henry 'Harry' Armitage Morrison Harris Morrison
tam 1513 23/11/2014 Looking for Graham Bull (Nth Luffenham) Michael Arnold
tam 1643 28/08/2014 Trying to find Jimmy Matthew Mac McDonald
tam 1642 12/05/2014 William Cousens Peter Heeley
tam 1425 18/04/2014 Looking for Jess Rahman & Hassan Omar Geordie Neal
tam 1641 02/04/2014 old service mates from raf kuala lumpur colin parkin

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