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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

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Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1436 03/09/2013 GEP MT 1958/1960 George Newbrook
tam 1636 21/08/2013 I am trying to locate a Cpl Alan Seddan Brian Bursell
tam 1635 15/06/2013 Anyone remember Glenn Giles? Glenn Giles
tam 1634 09/06/2013 Anybody remember Carl Matthews? Carl Matthews
tam 1633 08/06/2013 Al Massie Jim Beynon
tam 1632 30/05/2013 RAF Marham MT Section Jack Geldart
tam 1631 14/05/2013 Flt sgt Bill Moss gareth moss
tam 1630 15/04/2013 Trying to trace Jock Hayden and "Titch" Day Gerry Hodgson
tam 1628 21/02/2013 wraf at waddington john spraggins
tam 1627 14/02/2013 Whereabouts of Steve Dawson Gareth Jordan
tam 1626 06/02/2013 Port Stanley 82 Kevin Spicer
tam 1624 21/01/2013 Any one RAF Kabrit MT 50/52 Les Delamare
tam 1467 31/12/2012 Finningley 83, Stanley 82 Mike Askew
tam 1623 12/12/2012 Vicky Powles/Spicer Ady Mackie
tam 1622 25/08/2012 looking for bob roby bob logue
tam 1621 18/08/2012 RAF Abingdon 1987-1990 ned abdool
tam 1487 08/08/2012 Innsworth M.T. 85-88 & 94-97 Gareth (Eddie) Edwards
tam 1620 03/08/2012 Raf Innsworth 86-90 Paula Weston
tam 1619 01/08/2012 derek ( Gus ) walker Cpl. MT.D ian (hank) walker
tam 1618 16/07/2012 Whereabouts of pat oliver & yorkie beck john spraggins
tam 1617 02/07/2012 Whereabouts of Ron Handley Mike Short
tam 1616 30/06/2012 Reunion at RAFA Club High Wycombe Jenny Henderson (nee Dundas)
tam 1493 17/06/2012 Trying to contact Percy Yapp Gordon Evans
tam 1615 11/06/2012 any contacts from raf borgantrich tony (BUD) abbott
tam 1614 29/05/2012 trying to find M W JONES and CAROLINE VALENTE reg dobson
tam 1613 29/05/2012 RAF Eindhoven 1954-55 dave welsh
tam 1612 27/05/2012 Looking for information on Jim Cuthbertson Carol Parker
tam 1611 25/05/2012 Whereabouts of Andy Ward Pete Lincoln
tam 1610 01/05/2012 Whereabouts of Terry McKeown Elaine McCrorie
tam 1609 24/04/2012 Locate Tony Freeman ex 431MU and MOD DTG Chris James
tam 1608 20/04/2012 John Hubbard ex wildentrath Colin Rooke
tam 1607 17/04/2012 52 54 st mawgan scampton gordon maltby
tam 1606 15/04/2012 Anybody know the whereabouts of Wez McGregor? Gaz Longley
tam 1605 08/04/2012 square bashing at cardington derek long
tam 1604 07/04/2012 Looking for Rod Eaton John Cone
tam 1603 12/03/2012 Coltishall 1980-1984 Dave Holmes
tam 1602 12/03/2012 R.A.F. Swanton Morley 1954/5 Ron (Sparky) Curant
tam 1439 25/02/2012 All MT that knew me Dave Baker
tam 1601 20/02/2012 RAF Sundern, Bad Eilsen, Luneberg and 16 MU Stafford John Cox
tam 1600 26/01/2012 mt drivers tengah 1959 1962 vic (taff) lucas
tam 1200 29/11/2011 Cpl MT Driver Harry Surch Mike Marsh
tam 1295 10/10/2011 Looking for Howard Pitt Nick Thomas
tam 1599 03/09/2011 sue banshaw Denis Hickman
tam 1598 17/08/2011 Coltishall 1980-1983 Simon Beckett-Allen (Morph)
tam 1597 15/08/2011 MT Drivers and Fire Crew, Old Sarum 1947-9 Frederick (Cherry) Cheriton
tam 1596 19/07/2011 Looking for Leslie (Married name) Owen John Paz
tam 1595 19/07/2011 Looking for Sue Banshaw John Paz
tam 1594 15/07/2011 Anyone 1MRSUMT or 420R&SSqdnMT Brian Lister
tam 1580 12/07/2011 Whereabouts of John W Taylor ex Thorney Island Ioan Rees
tam 1593 30/06/2011 Whereabouts of Ron Handley Mike Short

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