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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

At the foot of this page you will find a submission form where you can post your own Trace a Mate notice.

Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1192 18/03/2004 Looking for Nigel Rutherford Nigel Watkins
tam 1191 18/03/2004 Whereabouts of Dave Richards Ian Twelvetrees
tam 1190 17/03/2004 Looking for old friends Mike Pitcher
tam 1189 16/03/2004 Founding the feet (Pete Lomas) Mark Ward
tam 1188 08/03/2004 Kelvin Oldham Robbie Cozens
tam 1187 01/03/2004 Billy Kennedy Gaz Hunter
tam 1185 28/02/2004 Kev Courtney Jay Shelton
tam 1184 26/02/2004 Pete Taylor Ian Twelvetrees
tam 1183 25/02/2004 Anyone know Wendy Hedges ? Al Dickinson
tam 1182 25/02/2004 Where is everybody? Paul aka Zippy Botting
tam 1181 25/02/2004 Love to hear from any of you. Les De la mare
tam 1180 23/02/2004 Old Friends Alan Whatman
tam 1179 20/02/2004 Picures of MT St. Athan West Camp Iain Williams
tam 1178 10/02/2004 John Jenkins Chedder Richardson
tam 1177 10/02/2004 Medmenham old pals Nick Hodges
tam 1176 06/02/2004 Looking for June Wilson Kevin Harry
tam 1175 06/02/2004 WRAF at Waddington John Spraggins
tam 1174 05/02/2004 Colin Hagon & Dave Hickey Phil Ives
tam 1173 03/02/2004 Bob Bailey, Jeff Shields, Bunny Hall, Ivan Bull John Claxton
tam 1171 02/02/2004 10th anniversary Ian Twelvetrees
tam 1170 02/02/2004 Bernard (Barny) Acklam Stephen Acklam
tam 1169 29/01/2004 Looking for old mates Jock Cusick
tam 1168 29/01/2004 Looking for Yorkie Beck & Celia Oliver John Spraggy Spraggins
tam 1167 24/01/2004 Freddie from Fulham Les De la mare
tam 1166 23/01/2004 All M.T. 1952 - 74 Len Slade
tam 1165 22/01/2004 Jock Cussack, Ben Skerton, Roger Kenwood. Nigel Ennis
tam 1164 18/01/2004 Andy Bowler/Karen Pretious Pete Burton
tam 1163 18/01/2004 Looking for Jase Tella (MT Fitter) Nick Platt
tam 1162 16/01/2004 Henlow 1968--1970 Ron Tebb
tam 1161 15/01/2004 Remember the beer calls? Ron Tebb
tam 1160 12/01/2004 Harry Surch Mike Marsh
tam 1159 16/12/2003 Trying to trace Jimmy Matthew Pat Macdonald
tam 1158 02/12/2003 Still looking for Lynne Dunkley Tim Shenton
tam 1157 01/12/2003 Trying to trace Randolf Scott-Butler Gordon Forshaw
tam 1156 01/12/2003 Can you find Trevor Butcher? Bryan (Dennis ) Glendinning
tam 1155 29/11/2003 Anyone know John Cogdell John Cogdell
tam 1154 27/11/2003 Looking for Ian Price/Lenny Capstick Ian Williams
tam 1153 27/11/2003 Cpl John Davies Tony Toynton
tam 1151 26/11/2003 Anyone know of the whereabouts of Pete Barlow Ian Williams
tam 1150 23/11/2003 Saying hello to old friends Tony Toynton
tam 1149 23/11/2003 Looking for old pals Tevor Backhouse
tam 1148 22/11/2003 ISU MT Tongeren Dave Fergusson
tam 1147 22/11/2003 431 ED1949 and 317STC 1950 Jack Edwards
tam 1146 22/11/2003 MT RAF Manby. 60-63. / Gaydon 65-68. Bill KIllick
tam 1145 22/11/2003 398 MU MT Section, 1958-61 Ron Whiting
tam 1144 22/11/2003 Ex RAF Driver Cpl Donovan Ken Borrett
tam 1143 22/11/2003 Any ex 280 SU Troodos Drivers around 1988 - 1991 Chris Wheatley
tam 1142 21/11/2003 Mick Lorrimer Ian Williams
tam 1141 21/11/2003 RAF Manby Bill Paterson
tam 1140 21/11/2003 317 MT Sqdn Bill Paterson

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