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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

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Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1139 21/11/2003 Chris Linetti and Ian Cundy Tony Houseago
tam 1138 21/11/2003 Abingdon 84-89 David Smith
tam 1137 20/11/2003 Whereabouts of Sally Hill Maggie Bugler
tam 1136 18/11/2003 398 MU RAF Duraen Martin Tyrrell
tam 1135 14/11/2003 Claxo you nutter Colin Rippon
tam 1134 14/11/2003 Remember me? Paul Jones
tam 1124 14/11/2003 Terry Dewhurst Eddie (Jock) Smith
tam 1133 11/11/2003 3 JSC Tongeren 1963/67 Barney Wallace
tam 1132 09/11/2003 R.A.F. Northolt M.T. 1960 to 1963 Mike (Chopper) Johnson
tam 1131 06/11/2003 Roger Mill 1984-1992 Roger Mill
tam 1130 06/11/2003 Coltishall 1992 -1994 Daz 'Mitch' Mitchell
tam 1129 01/11/2003 RAF Honington M.T. Geordie Owen
tam 1128 31/10/2003 Trying to contact Ray Mayher Derek Airey
tam 1127 25/10/2003 Jim Padden, Mal Cousins, Ray Fielding ............. Bill Cundall
tam 1126 25/10/2003 Matt Lockyer Craig Jenkins
tam 1125 25/10/2003 Paul Ratcliffe Dick Walker
tam 1122 18/10/2003 Whereabouts of Jason Shepherd Alison Jones
tam 1121 16/10/2003 Nick Burrows from Colt Mat Armitage
tam 1120 04/10/2003 Looking for Dave Newman Chris Lowrey
tam 1119 04/10/2003 Simmonds in RAF MT 1946-1952 Arthur Simmonds
tam 1118 01/10/2003 Any old MT ops drivers from Laarbruch around Nigel Read
tam 1116 30/09/2003 Pete Lally Colin Hicks
tam 1117 29/09/2003 SACW Maurean Fenwick Paul Murphy
tam 1115 25/09/2003 Lyneham Drivers 1981 to 1986 Vickie Holden
tam 1114 23/09/2003 Graham (Dizzy) Gillespie & Kevin (Titch) Moore Paul (PJ) Ellis
tam 1113 17/09/2003 Vince Brown Steve Ogborne
tam 1112 17/09/2003 Colt & Bruggen Mat Armitage
tam 1111 11/09/2003 David John Andrew ''Taff'' Thomas Ian Derbyshire
tam 1110 05/09/2003 Phil Radford (Radstar) Simon (Beaker) Stockton
tam 1109 01/09/2003 Paul Barrett Eddie Nutter
tam 1108 26/08/2003 The 60's Keith Burston
tam 1107 23/08/2003 M.T. Section Manston 1949 Malcolm Turner
tam 1106 21/08/2003 Ian Derbyshire Gordon(Buffer) Bailey
tam 1105 21/08/2003 Andy Gould & Scott Maddox Allan Jempson
tam 1104 30/07/2003 Machrihanish 71/2 Paul Murphy
tam 1103 30/07/2003 MAUREAN PHENNIG(please excuse spelling) Paul Murphy
tam 1102 25/07/2003 MT Innsworth and Gatow Paula (Pugsy) Weston
tam 1100 20/07/2003 Nick Hewitt Nick Hodges
tam 1099 20/07/2003 Anybody who knows Bob Cainey Bob Cainey
tam 1098 17/07/2003 Old friends Len Slade
tam 1084 17/07/2003 Wildenrath Driving School 1972-5 Paul Murphy
tam 1097 15/07/2003 Tony Duff Eddie Nutter
tam 1096 10/07/2003 Daz Pardon Eddie Nutter
tam 1095 07/07/2003 Looking for old mates Pete Bryan
tam 1094 30/06/2003 Whereabouts of Bob Chamberlain Dennis Cottington
tam 1093 28/06/2003 Billy Walker & Taff Cox Mick Atkins
tam 1092 25/06/2003 Chris Mileham Tony Houseago
tam 1091 22/06/2003 Geoff McKay Dave Shorten
tam 1090 13/06/2003 51 Mt. Co. El Hamra Hugh O'Donnell
tam 1089 13/06/2003 RAF Northolt MT Section 1990/1998 Terry Jackson

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