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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

At the foot of this page you will find a submission form where you can post your own Trace a Mate notice.

Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1088 13/06/2003 Looking for Sue Deinko Dennis
tam 1087 07/06/2003 I'm looking for Eddie Malone Ewan Knight
tam 1086 03/06/2003 Mount Batten, Akrotiri, Brize Andy Fryer
tam 1085 01/06/2003 Anyone who remembers Dennis Cottington Dennis Cottington
tam 1083 24/05/2003 Where is Kenny Devoir? Bob Duke
tam 1082 22/05/2003 Whereabout's of Phillip (Taff) Roberts. Andy Pritchard
tam 1081 17/05/2003 Machrihanish MT Paul Murphy
tam 1080 16/05/2003 John Staveley Jacqui Hutchins
tam 1079 16/05/2003 Dads mates John Boggan
tam 1077 07/05/2003 Lost Friends Robbie McCabe
tam 1076 05/05/2003 Mick Kelly (F/Sgt) MTSS Dave Osgood
tam 1075 02/05/2003 Lost and found...wattisham 74 to 82 Dave Osgood
tam 1074 28/04/2003 Max Fulton Steve Barrow
tam 1073 23/04/2003 Trying to find Philip (Pip) Hayley Brian Draper
tam 1072 22/04/2003 Location of John Shucksmith Bill Cundall
tam 1071 22/04/2003 Martin Bull (ex 2 Sqn Stafford) Robbo Robinson
tam 1070 22/04/2003 Looking for Tony Brown Kirk Stalley
tam 1069 14/04/2003 Looking for Chris Royston Ex Balloons Colin Richardson
tam 1068 11/04/2003 Paul Cuisack Ian Ingamells
tam 1067 03/04/2003 Nick Hewitt Nick Hodges
tam 1066 01/04/2003 Robbie McCabe Dougie Hird
tam 1065 16/03/2003 Innsworth and Laarbruch MT Sections Dylan Howell
tam 1064 13/03/2003 Balloons Chunky
tam 1063 08/03/2003 Lost chums Michael Capon
tam 1062 08/03/2003 Where is Nick Hewitt? Nick Hodges
tam 1061 06/03/2003 Derek Andrews or Derick Airey Ray (Scouse) Maher
tam 1060 24/02/2003 Where is JT (John Thomas!!!) ? Kenny Hayton
tam 1059 18/02/2003 Mark Porri (Klaus) Craig Allen
tam 1058 14/02/2003 Finningley MT 1979 to 1986 Nigel Morton
tam 1056 10/02/2003 Whereabouts of Angie Beard Nick Gillott
tam 1055 10/02/2003 Whereabouts of Kenny & Sarah wood mark king
tam 1054 10/02/2003 431 MU 83 - 86 Steve Lawry Rob Chuter
tam 1053 03/02/2003 Balloonatics Roy Good
tam 1052 03/02/2003 Looking for Andy Crump (Plumber) Dod Frieslick
tam 1051 31/01/2003 Al Prevet or Keith Overton Rod Mckee
tam 1050 30/01/2003 Whereabouts of Ian Cundy and Chris Lenneti Gazza Townsley
tam 1049 29/01/2003 Where is Gaz Read? Craig Jenkins
tam 1048 27/01/2003 Anyone know where Brian Evans is? Pete Senior
tam 1047 26/01/2003 Paul Wilkinson Paul Wilkinson
tam 1044 22/01/2003 Whereabouts of Lynne Dunkley Tim Shenton
tam 1031 21/01/2003 Mark Roach Mark Parsons
tam 1046 20/01/2003 Where's Tony Flant? John (Jacko) Jackson
tam 1045 20/01/2003 Whereabouts of Glen Patrick (coloured gent) Phil Spearey
tam 1043 13/01/2003 Gethin Roberts Max Shankland
tam 1040 07/01/2003 Mark Burton Andy Campbell
tam 1038 05/01/2003 MT honington flt foto David Neale
tam 1042 04/01/2003 Hugh Williams Dave Berry
tam 1030 04/01/2003 Abbey Davis Bill Cundall
tam 1039 29/12/2002 550 Signals Unit Derek Long
tam 1036 24/12/2002 Tommy McCance David Wilson

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