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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

At the foot of this page you will find a submission form where you can post your own Trace a Mate notice.

Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1593 30/06/2011 Whereabouts of Ron Handley Mike Short
tam 1592 28/06/2011 MT Section RAF Waterbeach 1951/6 Mike Short
tam 1591 08/06/2011 Looking for Malcolm (Yorky) Yorke Robert (Robbie) Woods
tam 1554 01/06/2011 Trying to contact Dave mulligan Michael Cox
tam 1590 23/05/2011 looking for May Ballantyne Tony & Carole Warne
tam 1589 14/05/2011 justine steele ossie osgood
tam 1588 14/05/2011 mickey walker ossie osgood
tam 1587 18/04/2011 looking for any odiham mt martin smith
tam 1586 16/02/2011 Barrie John Nutbeen Martin Gorner
tam 1585 12/02/2011 Paul Wardman Karen Harland
tam 1584 06/02/2011 North Luffenham 72-74 bill howie
tam 1583 28/01/2011 Changi late 1967/70 Peter Kelly
tam 1582 12/01/2011 Anybody that knows me Gary Hetherington
tam 1581 12/01/2011 MT MARHAM 1956-1960 J0HN "TAFF" HORTON
tam 1579 09/12/2010 looking for tom kennedy terry andrews
tam 1578 15/11/2010 Anyone serve with my father (Andrew Coltart? Andrew Coltart
tam 1577 29/10/2010 Looking for a guy named Peter Ellis Graham (Taff) Hopkins
tam 1576 21/10/2010 Trying to find mates at Deversoir 1950-1953 John (Jock) Burns
tam 1575 14/10/2010 Whereabouts of Tony Ogorman mark wahwerit
tam 1574 12/10/2010 Taff Hughes Shaun Watty Watkinson
tam 1573 26/09/2010 Whereabouts of Bob Plumb dave gorman
tam 1561 26/09/2010 mt finningley reunion 21 may 2011 Paul Everington
tam 1572 20/09/2010 Looking for Al Davidson Ron Bretherton
tam 1571 13/09/2010 Scampton MT 1981-1984 Hughie Shafi
tam 1570 10/09/2010 George Henry Smith Gerry Taylor
tam 1569 28/08/2010 Trying to find Dave Shorten James Chris
tam 1568 27/07/2010 Finding Mitch Green Jack Taylor
tam 1567 09/06/2010 RAF Lyneham MT 1980-83 Kevin (smurf) Turner
tam 1566 09/06/2010 looking for old mates jock cusick
tam 1565 09/06/2010 Whereabouts of Steve Patterson Ginge Pottle
tam 1564 24/05/2010 Looking for old mates Mike Short
tam 1563 29/03/2010 Supplier from North Luffenham, Bruggen & Gutersloh Chris (Freddie) Trueman
tam 1428 14/03/2010 I'm looking for................ Danny Maiden
tam 1562 12/03/2010 BRUCE AND HAZEL GAY Pete Bleakley
tam 1501 12/03/2010 mick thorpe Bob Bugler
tam 1560 26/02/2010 Billy Beaumont Colin Hicks
tam 1559 05/01/2010 Does anyone know James Moorhouse Lucy Moorhouse
tam 1515 06/12/2009 5003 Sqn Lichfield 1954-57 Nigel Edwards
tam 1557 08/11/2009 Bruggan Tanker Pool, late 70's DEREK PATTINSON
tam 1556 06/11/2009 Luffenham Loony's Reunion 2010 Ian Ingamells
tam 1555 02/11/2009 Trying to find Mike Edwards Michael Cox
tam 1553 29/09/2009 brampton/cosford ian walker
tam 1552 11/09/2009 RAF Honington 1981-88 Dave Russell-Smith (Rusty)
tam 1550 15/08/2009 old mates 91-97 ian walker
tam 1549 05/08/2009 looking for scampton & Finningley mt staff Paul (ELVIS) Everington
tam 1548 29/07/2009 G.E.P. BRUGGEN .1955/9. Bill (mac) mcfadden
tam 1186 24/07/2009 Looking for my old mate DAVE DAVIES (BIG TAFF) Taff Williams
tam 1514 03/07/2009 Bryan Peacock George Pryde
tam 1547 02/07/2009 Mitch Covey RAF Tangmere MTSS Lloyd Tooze
tam 1546 01/07/2009 RAF Truleigh Hill Roy Taylor

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