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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

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Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1508 21/04/2008 Anyone know William (Bill) Neilson? Desiré Neilson
tam 1495 20/04/2008 Looking for Ken and Sue Hall Ioan Buckley-Rees
tam 1507 10/04/2008 Looking for Mick Ibbotson Dave Bishoprick
tam 1506 06/04/2008 Anyone remember John (Laurie) Lawrence? John (Laurie) Lawrence
tam 1505 05/04/2008 Kinloss 82 - 85, Rhein 85 - 89, Kin 89 - 97 Jim Wallace
tam 1504 04/04/2008 ROY THEOBOLD TERRY WEDLAKE
tam 1503 29/03/2008 Paddy Simmons & Paddy Doyle TERRY WEDLAKE
tam 1502 20/02/2008 Dave and Val Brown ex Honington 1970`s Cliff East
tam 1304 19/02/2008 Mick Crossfield Nigel Watkins
tam 1494 09/02/2008 Kevin Fowler Rob McKinney
tam 1499 21/12/2007 Whereabouts of Lee Jamieson Andy Pickstone
tam 1498 10/12/2007 Keith or Blair Fraser Ed Hunter
tam 1497 07/12/2007 Lofty Simpson George Newbrook
tam 1496 03/12/2007 Abingdon 1984-1992 Lenny Capstick
tam 1492 22/11/2007 Binbrook / Akrotiri Keith Burston
tam 1491 16/11/2007 Tracing friends from Hq Afcent 89/93 Martin Owen
tam 1490 30/10/2007 Trace old friends from RAF Colerne Vince Kearney
tam 1489 23/10/2007 Chris Abbott, Where are you? Robert Brown
tam 1488 11/10/2007 JR Fenn Honington Early 80's Andy Watson
tam 1486 30/09/2007 Anyone, who knows me. Hoss Huggins
tam 1485 22/09/2007 Whereabouts of Marion Rule Andy Wright
tam 1484 22/09/2007 Info on Bob O'Bray WWII Steve O'Bray
tam 1483 21/09/2007 Bill Parker Joe Snook
tam 1482 14/09/2007 Tony O' Gorman Ian Derry
tam 1481 06/09/2007 John Tattersall Nick Platt
tam 1480 03/09/2007 Looking for Dave (Wooley) Martindale Eddie Malone
tam 1479 03/09/2007 Luffenham Loonys Chris Wheatley
tam 1478 28/08/2007 What's up Taff Hayes John Claxton
tam 1477 27/08/2007 Coltishall 90-95 Mat Armitage
tam 1476 20/08/2007 Did you know Alfred (Bill) Boyd? Jamie Boyd
tam 1475 16/08/2007 RAF Deversoir Canal Zone 53/54 Johnny Jebb
tam 1473 15/08/2007 Looking for old buddies Jason French
tam 1472 15/08/2007 Looking for Johnny Littlewood Keith Donaldson
tam 1470 07/08/2007 WO Percy Parker MTO Retd Joe Lambley-Steel
tam 1469 07/08/2007 Mark Ferguson Stewart Richard
tam 1468 07/08/2007 Terri May Wilson Matthews
tam 1466 24/05/2007 Looking for Dave Oliphant Vic Rose
tam 1465 19/05/2007 Looking for (Luffenham Loons) Andy Rowntree
tam 1464 19/05/2007 Dave Williams (Joe 90) Kevin Raybould
tam 1463 16/05/2007 Group Photograph 31Flt D Sqd Bridgenorth George (Taff) Parsons
tam 1462 15/05/2007 Looking for Dougie Bader & Ralph Fairclough Billy Kennedy
tam 1461 13/05/2007 Mick Sheedy Chris Gadsden
tam 1460 09/05/2007 Old friends Darren Knott
tam 1459 08/05/2007 Looking for Beccie Strickleton (Garland) Gail Bell
tam 1458 07/05/2007 Andy Bowler Pete (Billy) Burton
tam 1457 04/05/2007 Jean & Pauline Scamp, Joy Young & Sister Ken Critchley
tam 1456 04/05/2007 RAF Idris 1952/3 Ken Critchley
tam 1455 03/05/2007 Looking for Dave Gooding Keith Donaldson
tam 1454 03/05/2007 Where is Reg Blakey? Ken Critchley
tam 1453 02/05/2007 Anyone remember me ? Ken Critchley

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