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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

At the foot of this page you will find a submission form where you can post your own Trace a Mate notice.

Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1452 28/04/2007 Tony Collins Frank Rooney
tam 1451 28/04/2007 Looking for Tony Doyle Frank Rooney
tam 1450 28/04/2007 Ted Melling Lez Wainwright
tam 1449 27/04/2007 Gerry Jock Conner Gerry, Paddy Symington
tam 1448 26/04/2007 Alan Roy Rowly Rowland
tam 1447 26/04/2007 Contacting Rick Morgan Rowly Rowland
tam 1438 19/04/2007 Laarbruch 81 till 84 John Claxton
tam 1446 07/04/2007 Anyone remember me? Dave Smith
tam 1442 29/03/2007 Block 42 Gutersloh Craig Jenkins
tam 1445 25/03/2007 Don Janion Joy Johnson
tam 1444 24/03/2007 John Mason & Brian Hart Geordie Neal
tam 1443 21/03/2007 John Griffiths Dicky Bird
tam 1441 20/03/2007 Looking for Geordie Addle & Geordie Carter Geordie Neal
tam 1440 17/03/2007 Scott Beckett Ian Brommage
tam 1432 03/03/2007 Pete Simmons Bob Bugler
tam 1437 02/03/2007 Looking for Radar Norman Derek Freeman
tam 1435 01/03/2007 Ron Craven George Newbrook
tam 1434 28/02/2007 Whereabouts of Dave Newman & Keith Wittle Geordie Neal
tam 1433 27/02/2007 Looking for Louise Wilson (Povey) Margo Baker
tam 1430 27/02/2007 Looking for Davey Oliphant Martin Earnshaw
tam 1392 26/02/2007 RAF Kinloss Jim Meldrum
tam 1319 21/02/2007 Paul Buckland, Geoff Ashby ,Pete Neal Ron Tebb
tam 1431 20/02/2007 Jan Wallet Shelley Rowland
tam 1429 14/02/2007 Looking for Yorkie Beck & Pat Oliver John Spraggins
tam 1427 02/02/2007 Kevin Reed, Stu Scouse Roberts, Alan Burrows Geordie Neal
tam 1426 01/02/2007 Andy McLean Archie Shipley
tam 1419 26/01/2007 Johnny Hallett John Baker
tam 1424 23/01/2007 Looking for Chris Downs & Steve Leech Geordie Neal
tam 1423 20/01/2007 Looking for Pete "Stretch" MTSS Fitter Geordie Neal
tam 1420 20/01/2007 Anyone Seen...Taff Jenkins & Russ Fenton Brummy Dunn
tam 1422 19/01/2007 John McKay Geordie Neal
tam 1421 17/01/2007 Mick Yaxley Geordie Neal
tam 1418 11/01/2007 Luffenham MT Andy Rowntree
tam 1417 11/01/2007 Pete Campbell Geordie Neal
tam 1416 06/01/2007 Chris Marner and John Marshall Geordie Neal
tam 1415 04/01/2007 SHAPE - RAF MT Drivers Bob Russell
tam 1414 01/01/2007 Paddy Gibson - MT Fitter Chris Wheatley
tam 1298 27/12/2006 Di (David) Miller Alan Wardlaw
tam 1413 23/12/2006 Chris Linetti Tony Houseago
tam 1412 23/12/2006 RAF Binbrook 72 - 76 Joe Lambley-Steel
tam 1411 13/12/2006 SAC Timmings from Luffenham Andy Rowntree
tam 1410 02/12/2006 Looking for Tony Sheenhan Andy Rowntree
tam 1409 29/11/2006 USAF Little Rock AFB Arkansas Mike Roedenbeck
tam 1408 25/11/2006 Brian Gayton Tom Forrester
tam 1407 24/11/2006 Looking for old pals Alan Barksby
tam 1406 18/11/2006 Reunion Geordie Neal
tam 1405 17/11/2006 Anyone remember me... Andy (Griff) Griffiths
tam 1404 16/11/2006 Whereabouts of Mick Cassidy Danny Maiden
tam 1371 06/11/2006 Dave Cawood Chris "Chunky" Selby
tam 1403 04/11/2006 Nick Hewitt Nick Hodges

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