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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

At the foot of this page you will find a submission form where you can post your own Trace a Mate notice.

Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1297 26/06/2005 Chris Hodgson (Dodgey Hodgey) Alan Wardlaw
tam 1296 08/06/2005 Nick Hodges get in touch Owen (Geordie) Adamson
tam 1294 13/05/2005 Reunion Accommodation Geordie Neal
tam 1293 13/05/2005 Wildenrath 70-73 Phil Caisley
tam 1291 11/05/2005 John Sadler Joe Lambley-Steel
tam 1292 09/05/2005 Looking for old mates Phil Caisley
tam 1290 09/05/2005 2 MT Bicester 1950-52 Ray Davies
tam 1289 05/05/2005 SHAPE Motor Pool Bob Russell
tam 1288 03/05/2005 Jack (John) Smith 71 Mu Syd Yelland
tam 1287 03/05/2005 RAF Odiham, MT Sec; 1951/53 Gerald (Ginger) Stansfield
tam 1286 03/05/2005 1946/52 Ron Taylor
tam 1285 03/05/2005 Maddog Boldy Stewart (Chewy) Richard
tam 1263 28/04/2005 Looking for Kev Smart Keith Fraser
tam 1284 25/04/2005 Trying to trace mates Patrick O'Connor
tam 1283 25/04/2005 Honington MT 1979 to 1983 Geordie Neal
tam 1123 25/04/2005 Looking for M.T. V.O.G Eddie (Jock) Smith
tam 1282 19/04/2005 Tracing mates from the RAF days Paddy O'Connor
tam 1281 18/04/2005 Ron Beck & John Watson Ken (Dusty) Miller
tam 1279 08/04/2005 Looking for Mick Tolley Daz (Benny) Webster
tam 1278 08/04/2005 1951/1956 Les Nash
tam 1272 05/04/2005 Pension increase. How Much Gross ? Ron Tebb
tam 1265 05/04/2005 Chris Jay Steve Moore
tam 1277 04/04/2005 Gareth (Taff) Gulwell Mick Mmeese
tam 1276 04/04/2005 Dave Papalier Dawn Turner
tam 1270 24/03/2005 WO Ned Kelly Ret'd Joe Lambley-Steel
tam 1247 24/03/2005 Dave Foggarty, Pete Neilson, Donny Firth, Taff Stuart Martin Letham
tam 1275 07/03/2005 Trying to find Parkie Chris (Oobee) Cooper
tam 1274 03/03/2005 Trying to locate Terry Brown known as "Worrzell" Malcolm (Tonka) Taylor
tam 1273 03/03/2005 Wendy Tearle... Graham Willcock
tam 1023 03/03/2005 MT HON.F6675A00 David Neale
tam 1018 02/03/2005 Chris Walker from Wittering Rowly Rowland
tam 1271 23/02/2005 Looking for Taff Dove, Scooter, anyone else? John "Tatters" Tattersall
tam 1269 08/02/2005 RAF Suttoncoldfield 1957 Reg Wilkes
tam 1268 07/02/2005 Bill Heath, anyone know his whereabouts? Andy Fitches
tam 1267 05/02/2005 Nick Hewitt Nick Hodges
tam 1266 25/01/2005 Ex RAF North Luffenham MT Control Mickie Collins
tam 1262 17/01/2005 Deversoir/ Wellesbourne MT sections Roy Reynolds
tam 1261 09/01/2005 West Raynam 1957-58 John Walker
tam 1260 09/01/2005 Neil Warnes James Lindsay
tam 1259 07/01/2005 Nigle Cassatta Steve Welsh
tam 1258 07/01/2005 Contact with Dennis Henaughan Graham (Wally) Wallace
tam 1257 02/01/2005 Happy New Year Scott Dunbar
tam 1256 02/01/2005 Ron Endecott Paul Kirby
tam 1255 31/12/2004 RAF Abingdon early 80's Andy Thompson
tam 1254 22/12/2004 Meeting some old pals & merry xmas James Lindsay
tam 1253 20/12/2004 RAF Leeming Joe Lambley-Steel
tam 1252 19/12/2004 Where are you ? Ron Tebb
tam 1250 08/12/2004 Bob Merson Sue Mitchell
tam 1249 14/11/2004 John Sumner Tommy Wild
tam 1248 07/11/2004 Dave Copley Darryl Horner

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