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In 'Trace a Mate' you can, as the title suggests, find some of your old MT pals and they can find you.

Please check back for any replies.

At the foot of this page you will find a submission form where you can post your own Trace a Mate notice.

Please don't use the 'Trace a Mate' facility as a 'Chat Room', it was devised as a means to contact people, once contact has been made you can either use the Chat Room or, of course, EMail.

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Ref No Last Edit Subject Posted by

tam 1246 29/10/2004 Anybody out there? Geoff Sheild
tam 1244 17/10/2004 Contact old friends Adrian Wright
tam 1243 17/10/2004 Fairford 69-70, Gutersloh 72-75 Derek Lambourne
tam 1242 12/10/2004 Anyone out there !! Mal Sharpe
tam 1241 07/10/2004 Looking for old mates Don Madge
tam 1240 29/09/2004 Roger Ellon Noel (Snowy) Snowden
tam 1239 17/09/2004 RAF Dog Demo Teams James Lindsay
tam 1238 17/09/2004 Geoff Wall Geoff Wall
tam 1237 17/09/2004 Ivan Hardwick Steve Boniface
tam 1236 14/09/2004 Looking for Mark Loughborough Nigel Waugh
tam 1235 04/09/2004 Titch Moore Steve Boniface
tam 1234 31/08/2004 June Wilson Kevin Harry
tam 1233 31/08/2004 Looking for Doug and Diane Cole Bob Davison
tam 1232 27/08/2004 Binbrook 1972-1976 Joe Lambley-Steel
tam 1230 24/08/2004 'Dad' Mandie Barker
tam 1229 22/08/2004 Looking for Al Evans Ben Trueman
tam 1228 02/08/2004 Where's Darbo? Stew Thorpe
tam 1227 26/07/2004 Looking for Mates Brian Goodwin
tam 1226 25/07/2004 Jimmy Mathews Ron Tebb
tam 1225 22/07/2004 Ian Bellis Vince Kearney
tam 1224 19/07/2004 Ben Skerton Nigel Ennis
tam 1223 16/07/2004 I am looking for George Pryde Danny Downey
tam 1222 14/07/2004 Searching for Len Nye Jim Ross
tam 1220 02/07/2004 Rory Makinnon or McKinnon Dave Storer
tam 1219 30/06/2004 Henlow Rocky Wooldridge
tam 1218 27/06/2004 Paul and Donna Greenacre Paul Watts
tam 1217 22/06/2004 Looking for Dave Hickey & Colin Hagon Phil Ives
tam 1216 13/06/2004 Harry Champion Len Slade
tam 1215 12/06/2004 Alf (Big Indian bloke) Swede Roberts
tam 1214 12/06/2004 Pat & Celia Oliver John Spraggins
tam 1213 10/06/2004 Aden Khormaksar Brian Goodwin
tam 1212 08/06/2004 Scott Dunbar Alan Coleman
tam 1211 01/06/2004 Jim Northcott John Spraggins
tam 1210 31/05/2004 Looking for Joe Abbott Steve (Oggie) Ogborne
tam 1209 29/05/2004 Information on Bill Thomas Pete Allen
tam 1208 27/05/2004 All MT Mates Jim Ross
tam 1207 24/05/2004 MTD RAF Odiham Dave Magee
tam 1206 24/05/2004 Missing in action Andy Arnold
tam 1205 23/05/2004 Nick Hewitt Nick Hodges
tam 1204 23/05/2004 John Curtis Duncan Curtis
tam 1203 08/05/2004 2MT Sqn Paddy Pollock
tam 1202 02/05/2004 Rusty Barrett Paul Whelpton
tam 1201 23/04/2004 Best man Roger Crapps Gordon Soulsby
tam 1199 21/04/2004 Get in touch David "wooly" Martindale
tam 1198 15/04/2004 Finding friends Nigel Whelan
tam 1197 11/04/2004 Looking for Yorkie Beck John Spraggins
tam 1196 11/04/2004 Where is Dougie F Day? Gordon (Don) Harvey
tam 1195 30/03/2004 Contact anyone from 54-64 Bill Easton
tam 1194 30/03/2004 Anybody from 71mu bicester 55/56 ? Brian Goodwin
tam 1193 23/03/2004 Anyone remember me? Noel (Snowy) Snowden

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