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Get an 'RAFMTD' email account


Do you currently have an email address that looks something like this...................

.............. a bit of a mouthful isn't it?

Do you change your email address every time you change your Internet Service Provider?

If so, help is now at hand, how cool would it be to have ?

O.K. So your name isn't Joe!! but you get the idea.

You can send and receive mail using the online mail Portal from anywhere in the World, alternatively (Or as well as) you can configure your email client i.e. Outlook Express to manage your account (Details on how to set up Outlook Express can be found below).

So how much is this address going to cost me ?

'RAFMTD' email addresses are only available to Full Members and cost an additional £2.95 per year. I regret I cannot make this facility available to Non Members as it is not cost effective, but for a total £7.90 per year you would have full access to all the content of the RAFMTD website and  your own 'RAFMTD' email address.

Please note: To maintain the email address you must renew your membership annually along with the email renewal.

They will be available on a first come first served basis, for instance once has gone, it's gone!!

If you are not currently a Full Member you can send both forms together.

Click here for details on how to access your mail account online and/or configure your email client.


Please complete the form then print out and send it together with your cheque for 2.95 made payable to 'RAFMTD' and mail it to :-

Please email for address

Or you can pay securely online with:-  

It's free to send money and you don't even have to register.
Simply send the following details when you make payment.

After receipt an account will be set up for you then we'll send you an EMail to your existing address to confirm the account is open.

If you want to use your new email address as your login details please let me know and I'll change them over for you.

Christian Name 



Your existing Email address  
Your preferred Email address

N.B. If this is a renewal please leave the following field blank, 
your existing password will remain the same.

Choose a password 

N.B. Password should be one word with no spaces between 8 & 16 characters.