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Thanks to Bernie Hewlett for these two,
Far left Buchan 1988
and Lyneham 1986

Chris Gardner sent these pics of Gibraltar 1977-79

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ms1.jpg (49868 bytes)

me.jpg (27853 bytes)
Can anyone guess who this Cheeky Chap is ???

Email your answers here

As someone has put up a picture of compo the mt pleasant tanker pool cat up, i would like to see if he is still alive and well. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 96 .The pic was 98. so its possible he's still going strong. (He should have his own website) so of anyone has been there at a later date or even now email me. Why are you interested in that cat i here you say???
Well he was the only "pussy" I "stroked" in 4 months.         
Scouse lloyd

Daz Shaw sent these pictures taken in the Falklands in 1998:

Left to right top row, 
This is "B"shift at ASMT,  Daz Shaw, Mick Beswick, Willie Ramsey and Steve 
(The Tobacconist) Felvus.
Willie Ramsey and Chewy at Gypsy Cove.
'Compo' the ASMT cat, Probably died of AVTUR poisoning.
An assortment of drunk drivers.
Left to right bottom row, 
Willie and "BSF" (Big Sensible Fred),
(The day Flash kicked off about us pissing about with the back doors)
Willie, so pissed he can only open one eye.
And finally ME.

bshift.jpg (105814 bytes) gypsycove.jpg (55171 bytes) compo.jpg (64994 bytes) drunkdrivers.jpg (71279 bytes)
bsf.jpg (26923 bytes) willie.jpg (38836 bytes) dazshaw.jpg (87579 bytes)

And these taken at Akrotiri in 1995:

Left:    Caption please Daz?

Middle:    Mick starting to Giggle after too much Sun and Beer

Right:    And me (Still too hung-over to put a rank tab on properly) in a real tanker.

akrotiri1995.jpg (62204 bytes) giggle.jpg (62350 bytes)

ranktab.jpg (92492 bytes)

Terry Hizzett sent in this pic taken at St Athan in 1981

Plenty of faces in there to bring back memories - Ian

St Athan 81.jpg (169278 bytes)

Just a few shots of some famous faces from Coltishall, back when the Number One Club and Norwich on Fridays (after Motor Club), Saturdays and then the Mundsley Royal on Sunday Nights.

Left: There's only one Jimmy Lawler.
Centre: Jock McNasty & Me on 54 Sqn line.
Right: Shawn Bartlett

Jimmy.jpg (22845 bytes)

Jock.jpg (21410 bytes)

Shawn.jpg (23909 bytes)


Bottom left is the Bulldog Bartender at the Deci RAF Club 87.

Bottom right is of the then Cpl Mac Macarthy, Daz Crawford, Robbo Robinson and the Coltishall CO, Mac always liked a zobb to join us for a beer! further devoloping his chances of the big time with a room at the Sgt's Mess...!

Simon "Robbo" Robinson


Bulldog Bartender.JPG (25034 bytes)

Coltishall CO.JPG (15380 bytes)

Hi Bill & Ian,

My Doomed Wedding day in 89, produced a pretty good beer call in downtown Yarm, Cleveland the night before in 1989, this picture from Right to Left:
Martyn Bull, Phil (Nobby) Clarke, Myself and some Blanket Stacker from Bruggen who's name I can't remember!!...  

Simon "Robbo" Robinson

Another MT Wedding Day.JPG (27487 bytes)

Charlie Booker sent these two pic's of a couple of Bruggen Legends.

ronb.jpg (80805 bytes)

rudi.jpg (36206 bytes)

Ron Bretherton
Sadly Ron is no longer with us
Please click here for the RIP section

Rudi Campos

Richard Collins sent these of him at Linton On Ouse 71-73 

(Can anyone put names to those other faces ?,  Ian)

Linton04.jpg (20561 bytes)

Linton05.jpg (27441 bytes)

winLOO.jpg (31521 bytes)

Tbu2.jpg (35990 bytes)
Hi Guys,

Another couple from the archives.  The first was taken in the 1950s at RAF Cardington The Balloon Unit. I am on the left in front row.  
All M.T.drivers.

The second was taken in RAF Gan 1972, The M.T. Section relaxing.

..................reminds me, must book a holiday,  Ian.

Gan11.jpg (14198 bytes)

When I read the latest readings, it is making me feel old.  How about a special page for members that have been out of the RAF M.T. Trade for more than 25 years.  Just a thought.  A lot of our readers are in this age range.

keep up the good work

Maybe as the site grows - Ian

p.jpeg (25095 bytes)

Dave lloyd & Paul Baskerville, 
Marham 1986.

"Dave Lloyd now, a little older,
wiser and a little less hair"
ms41.jpeg (116100 bytes)
mick meese.jpg (37927 bytes)
SAC Mick Meese Marham 1986

SAC Adrian (Mr Universe) Green

adrian green.jpg (18491 bytes)
jim hodges.jpg (29278 bytes)
SAC Jim Hodges


SAC Wayne (wheelspin) Partner, a mad man

wayne partner.jpg (28578 bytes)
bed pack.jpg (52780 bytes)
............. and finally, remember this.

Hi Bill & Ian,
Wondered if anyone recognises these, taken on my first Vacation to the Falklands. 
(DEC 85 to Mar 86.).


pic14.jpg (34785 bytes)

pic15.jpg (35214 bytes)

pic13.jpg (32433 bytes)

davemulligan.jpg (6036 bytes)

Photo of Dave Mulligan taken at Lyneham c1978, maybe someone knows where he is these days. 
Dave contact Derek lambourne 

This badge was sent to us from a WRAF who has fond memories of  her days at St Athan. 

Graham Cousins, Geoff Lancaster and Sindi Gundara. Air movements MT Changi 1969 during exercise Brisatu Padu.

If you are out there lads send us your story.

changi.jpg (24006 bytes)

Hi Bill, we must have met someplace in the dim and distant. I enclose a few pix you may wish to laugh at - more to follow when I get it together. 
The first shows LAC Bill Goodwin, SAC Andy Arnold and Cpl Matt Peart (Sadly deceased) at Linton awaiting the arrival of the AOC in 1978. The second shows AVM Peter Bairsto ("The Bear") asking SAC Arnold if he's already had several cups of tea that morning. A stupid question really...............

Regards Andy Arnold (Sadly deceased)
(still MT - as a civvy at Digby!)