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Hi Guy's,

Just come across the site today, some well ace pics on there, have managed to find some old ones from the Falkland Islands in 1985.

The first ever British Airways jumbo jet arriving at MPA with me stood in front of it

ms18.jpg (60061 bytes)

The long windy road from Port Stanley to MPA I was driving the 4 tonner

ms19.jpg (66914 bytes)

Our shift motto at Tanker Pool at Stanley

ms20.jpg (40818 bytes)

B shift trying to prepare for the oncoming exercise at Stanley Tanker Pool  SAC's Tony Mulligan, Di Phipps and Graham Hughes

ms21.jpg (45782 bytes)

Cpl Pete (Exocet Evans) taking the Mickey out of me because I was peed off, tired and cold

ms22.jpg (41448 bytes)

The B shift lads wondering what's wrong with the Sicard


Chris Wheatley

ms23.jpg (52890 bytes)

Hi Lads

What a brilliant site. I have attached some pics for the mugshots which I am sure all the great people I met in the RAF would appreciate. 

Keep up the good work, all the best ........Mat Armitage

Think the first one was meant for 'that other site' you were surfing before coming here ;-) Ian

ms15.JPG (26001 bytes)

ms16.JPG (18692 bytes)

ms17.JPG (25467 bytes)

Iain Fowler sent these pics:
Hi Bill and Ian as promised some photo's for your site
ms12.jpg (22919 bytes)

ms13.jpg (23841 bytes)

ms14.jpg (35936 bytes)

Me with my truck

L-R Sgt axel foeley.George "shep" Sheperd. Paul Naylor.
Kev Hancocks. John "chewy" Richards. Tosh Parks.
ME. Jimmy. Kev Berry.

Hard at war!    Tosh, Kev, Kev, Jimmy, Me

ms11.jpg (27385 bytes)
Mike Kenward
BFBS DJ/Presenter, just for everyone's amusement !!!  

These below from Paul Watts
An unusual photo this MTD's grafting!

ms8.jpeg (66857 bytes)


Scotty Maddock and "Errol" Price proving that "stacking" is still an offence.

ms7.jpeg (57143 bytes)


That's more like it!. From L to R Roger Bradley, John Monks and "Ticker" Whittaker.

ms10.jpeg (74316 bytes)


Last but not least. Some of the boys at my wedding.
L to R Leslie Foster ( a rigger's daughter and later a WRAF) Paul "Meat" Greenacre, (don't ask!) "Billy" Banford, Mark "Bargain" Jones, Mark "Slice" Almond and Chris Jones (Marks brother and cook)

ms9.jpeg (63906 bytes)

ms6.jpg (61487 bytes)

ms5.jpg (55350 bytes)

Hi there,

A couple of photos for your website. The ex-Looney's will be familiar with them, good OLD "Sapper" Harrison, in typical pre-bop night pose! A neighbour in block 59 (MT block) he was a role model to us all with his open neck shirts..and proud owner of every pirates dream......a sunken chest! 

Left to right Dave Silkstone, Shuggy Warke, Bob "shandy" Percy, Cuthbert Wheatley, Mark Jones & Kev "Hilda" Courtney in NAAFI Horse Shoe Club, N. Luffenham 1987 before the MT burnt it out!!

Regards, Andy Mcleod

pic68.jpg (31698 bytes)

Hi Guys,

Good site - thought I'd let your visitor's study this piccy of 2MT from Sept 2001 out in Oman. A few familiar faces to many people I bet.


I better end the guessing, here is a full list of all the bronzed Adonis kings of the road who 
were keeping it real out in Oman. Many of them getting another suntan now on more serious duties in the desert.

All the best to them all - keep it real !


Standing left to right

Dickie Quance, Graham Waddle, Daz Webster, Wayne Merrix, Geordie Thain, Jiffy Howatson, 
Andy Gardner, Garrin Blake, Phil Bright, Stu Newman, Mick Adey, Fred Usher, Jimmy Ingham, 
DonBerry, Rob Hutchinson, Scot James

Kneeling left to right

Dickie Bardon, Leigh Watkins, Natasha Garnett-Smith, Andy Lewis, Jimmy Brookes 

Hi lads,
Top site, found this pic a while ago, presentation of a cheque to Peterborough hospital after charity truck pull from Stamford to Peterborough, the lads and lasses that were available from the North Luffenham MT section here in the pic.
Enjoy trying to name them all.

Ian Ingamells


PIC67.jpg (38435 bytes)

pic64.jpg (39692 bytes)
Here are a couple of photo's from the last North Luffenham MT reunion. As you can see some have weathered better than others!
Paul Watts

pic65.jpg (31658 bytes)
Here's another one

pic66.jpg (35545 bytes)
Dave(Fred Gee) Richards after he fell asleep drunk on the beach on Asi whilst on RnR. MPA 1992 

Pic61.jpg (71207 bytes)

Here's a piccie for your album! Mount Pleasant Dec 1992, Sorry about the Squaddies they came with the building!

Pic62.jpg (69523 bytes)

This one is Cranwell MT at the time of it going over to civvy contract in 1990. Andy Arnold is on the extreme right!
Paul Watts

Hi Bill and Ian

Sending some snaps from Muharraq, I've Scanned them from sisters machine and e mailed into mine as my scanner is crap. Hopefully they will work.


John Martin
MTD 1968 - 1996

Pic42.jpg (16763 bytes)
RAF Muharraq Eng Wg Off's South of the island trip 1971.
2nd from left "the " George Eatock 3rd from left Gary Revell
Pic58.jpg (31344 bytes)

John Martin, Tam Scott, Mick Philip, Steve hulland, Gary Holden,
Moon Plaza night Club



Pete Lawrence
MT Fitter


Pic44.jpg (8446 bytes)

RAF Muharraq sailing club
Bob Gibson


RAF Muharraq
"Timber" Wood


RAF Muharraq
John Turner


Raf Muharraq
Mac McDonald in a lighter moment


Cliffe Roughley


Fred Robinson


Geoff Whittaker


George Eatock


Pic47.jpg (8646 bytes)
Graham Tomlinson and 
Scouse "Marty" Wild
RAF Muharraq
John Crumley

Congratulations on a brilliant web site, I am not an MTD myself, I am an MT Tech but have a lot of good driver mates out there.

Here's a few pictures of MTD's you might want to use on your web site. 
1. Daz Shaw driving the Noddy Train at Bruggen (could be Charlie Brookers Photo!)
2. Mick Doggett at Kenny Devoir's leaving do, Bruggen 2001
3. "Sheena" Easton and Mark McEneany loading a twin rig at Seeb, Oman in april 2002
4. Chevettes at Henlow in 1987
5. Green Goddesses at cottesmore prior to deployment in 2002.
6. North Luffenham detatchment 2002, My Goddess is "Danii" SYH121, Ian Boldy (MTD) drives "Kylie" NYV811


Mark Burrell


mtveh40.jpg (13693 bytes) Pic40.jpg (19233 bytes) mtveh41.jpg (14775 bytes) mtveh42.jpg (12354 bytes) gg11.jpg (18253 bytes) gg12.jpg (16555 bytes)

Hi ya chaps

Great site thought id send in a photo of the tankerpool down the falklands at the turn of the millenium and one of the boys at aldergrove in 99


Andy Stephenson

Pic39.jpg (20366 bytes)

Pic38.jpg (20722 bytes)

Not just a "flash in the pan" Mick Simon entertaining a ladies coffee morning in Akrotiri. Taff Morgan and Mick trained hard every night and day to stop dehydration setting in.

pic37.jpeg (48410 bytes)

pic35.jpeg (37008 bytes)

pic36.jpg (27671 bytes)

Pic34.jpg (33983 bytes)

My names Dave Penney and I am already included in this excellent site and one of the growing band of MTD's. I was sent this photo of another MT Driver by the name of Paul Clarke and as you can see he is in dire need of a good meal!! he now works at RAF Cottesmore and would dearly love to see his photo on your site. Can you please help the poor sod out?


Here is a photo I found of the MT football team taking part in the RAFG footy competition at RAF WILDENRATH , I think it was taken in 1988,If anyone could tell me the whereabouts of any of these young athletes I would really appreciate it.

Keith Donaldson

Pic33.jpg (74658 bytes)

mtveh22.jpg (40367 bytes) pic16.jpg (40697 bytes) pic17.jpg (33312 bytes) pic18.jpg (26413 bytes) pic19.jpg (28018 bytes)
Above Pics from Dave Berry

pic28.jpeg (46535 bytes)

Steve Tulip sent this  pic of the MT Flight at Ali Al Salem Aug-Dec 2000, Don't want to name name's but you know who you are. We should have done a calendar!
That sounds like a good idea for a future project.

Just a couple of mug shots for your album.

The first is of SAC'S Greggory (in the Elf outfit) and Stokes (Tea bar mechanic for the day) on the day of the International Air Day at RAF St.Mawgan in Sept 1987.The second is of 3 Crew Mobile Balloon Team  charity barge pull lads, Brian "Dennis" Glendennings, Jimmy McGill, Telf Corbett,PJ Ellis, Steve "Lofty" Graham and myself (somewhat slimmer) Mickey Rooney still sober before attempting to drink the barge lighter before our turn to pull. The third is of MT and Supply Det Oman '91,with Nick Herring (second from left in front row), Mark Smith(top middle) and my self (top right) with our twin rig (which originated from BZN) during our lovely holiday in Oman thanks to good old Saddam. Finaly the last photo is of the luxury living quarters for MT Drivers on a Harrier Logs Site somewhere in the field in Germany (this one being Tannenburg Logs 7 on Bergen/Hohne) with Johnny Littlewood checking his waist band, Roger Milne with his back to the camera (shortly before joining the Scots Highland Police less than a year later) and the long figure Roger Green from driving school (with out his dogs for once) laying on his bed in the back ground, the bed with the beer under it is mine and we have standards to up keep even in the field! I can't unfortunately remember the name of the other three Drivers in the photo, but no doubt someone will.

Keep up the good work with the site, it's brilliant and trust 'Marlow to find advertising for free on the net! You can't trust these ex-St.Mawgan/431 Bruggen drivers (ginger wingers they are!).

Yours Sincerly
pic25.jpg (30677 bytes)
pic26.jpg (33796 bytes)
pic27.jpg (28323 bytes)