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Hi there, 

Just found your site, it's great, here are some pics from my hols last year, went back to Cyprus after 25 years,  wrote to the CO of Akrotiri and got an invitation to visit.

All the best  

Roger Green Visit Rogers Website in Full Members

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Nigel Morgan sent in this collection.

ms50.jpg (67711 bytes)
Belize 76

ms51.jpg (60037 bytes)
Belize 76

ms52.jpg (75543 bytes)
Belize 76

ms53.jpg (53842 bytes)
Belize 76


ms54.jpg (50060 bytes)
Belize 76

ms55.jpg (66850 bytes)
Belize 76

ms56.jpg (53104 bytes)
Belize 76


ms57.jpg (56847 bytes)
Belize 76

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Belize 76

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Belize 76

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Belize 76

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Belize 76

ms44.jpg (57695 bytes)
Belize 76

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Belize 76

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1(F)Sqn BBQ Belize 76

ms41.jpg (160658 bytes)
1(F)Sqn BBQ Belize 76


ms60.jpg (56296 bytes)
Bill at Wroughton MT

ms61.jpg (43524 bytes)
Hughie, Laarbruch 78

ms62.jpg (51991 bytes)
Me in Wroughton NAAFI 74


ms63.jpg (53128 bytes)
Paddy Ball (Harman)
Wroughton MT

ms64.jpg (173430 bytes)
Swinderby 73
ms65.jpg (54528 bytes)
Taff Cadby Wroughton MT
ms66.jpg (52375 bytes)
Wroughton Hospital 74

ms67.jpg (51675 bytes)
Wroughton MT 74

ms68.jpg (53758 bytes)
Wroughton NAAFI 73

ms47.jpg (53686 bytes)
Me in Weeze

ms48.jpg (59222 bytes)
Neil Laarbruch 78

ms49.jpg (47398 bytes)
Yeovilton 04

Taken in 1989 at Well Lakes near Laarbruch. Long time ago many beers gone by.
Does anyone know the whareabouts of Jock Cussack, Ben Skerton, Roger Kenwood.

Nige Ennis 

ms39.jpg (46383 bytes)
Ben Skerton

ms40.jpg (43822 bytes)

Robert Richardson  wondered if any one remembers this ugly tribe.

ms38.jpg (159289 bytes)
Crane Course

Mike Glendinning sent in this set of clips

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ms29.jpg (209727 bytes)

RAF Wyton - Group Photo RAF Buchan - Group Photo RAF Aldergrove - Group Photo

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ms31.jpg (66163 bytes)

ms32.jpg (45302 bytes)

RAF Ascension - Top Left MT Yard RAF Ascension, My Office, MT Records and MT Control First BA 747 on its way to the Falklands. 

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ms34.jpg (78199 bytes)

ms35.jpg (146921 bytes)

RAF Episkopi MT Control John Merrin (left) Me (centre) and Les ? (right)  RAF Wyton - Sgt Geof Ashby receiving his AOC's commendation

mtv38.jpg (82330 bytes)

mtv39.jpg (66750 bytes)

mtv40.jpg (50826 bytes)

RAF Masirah MT Bondu Bash

RAF Masirah Boat Season Smiths 25 Ton unloading stores at Jetty

RAF Masirah Station Christmas Bondu Bash 1974

mtv41.jpg (48163 bytes)

mtv42.jpg (43823 bytes)

RAF Mountbatten and part of the MT Wash area as you see we didn't have to use Water.

ms36.jpg (63444 bytes)

ms37.jpg (55021 bytes)

RAF Stradishall MT Yard - It is now a Prison.

Hi Bill & Ian,

Here are a few more pics for the lads. This batch will complement those Chris Lacy sent in as we both were there at the same time, he will remember some of them I'm sure. For those that never managed to get there,  you don't know what you have missed.

The first one is some of the lads having a bit of light relief on our way to Chattamal in Mexico. We used to leave the minibus in the BDF barracks by the border, then get a taxi to town drink a few slammers  eat a few taco and do a bit of sightseeing & shopping.  

The second is a the famous butcher Radar Pool party. These were usually held on the Wed night after the Vicky 10 bought in the moonies. During the day most of the lads would stand on the mound at Butcher Radar to watch the Vicky 10 land,  as it passed the site score cards would be held up to mark the pilots performance. Not always good I hasten to add as was the response from the pilot as you can imagine, we would get the two fingers out the side window.

The third is one of Bobs bar on a wind down day. These always started on a Friday afternoon about  1630 hrs both myself (with the hat third from the left) and a GSE fitter named Rodger Clarkson (next to me with the can in my face), used to get a couple of slabs of beer and a bottle of Appleton's Rum then make our way to Bobs to help the lads unwind for the weekend. On this occasion they decided to hold a  toga party, problem was we had no togas. So a couple of the lads went in to a billet and removed them from someone bed while they were sleeping, hay presto costume and party. All the best lads.


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