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Vernon Gabriel sent in this collection

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Crab and Sprocket PLAY !!!

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2 laid back cookies, days to do are getting few !!


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Falklands work

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Mount Kent rest!!

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Party at my house

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Clever drivers me and Tony Glasser (Sadly passed on) the day Regan spoke

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Berlin fleet

Checkpoint Charlie

Me and 2 ruskies

Gareth Constable sent this picture of himself at Bishops Court about to drive the "General Officer Commanding" Northern Ireland.

"They were going to publish it in the RAF News with the title "GOC Drives GOC" (my full name is, Gareth Owen Constable) but thought better of it, the year was 1971"

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Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mac Macdonald served at Gutersloh Tanker Pool from 79-83, this is him getting drunk (again). 

Carl Davies

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Hi Ian, 

What a great site, lots of names that got the old brain going. I've been out of the RAF since 1993. Lost touch with so many friends that I made while serving in the RAF. Glad I was told about RAFMTD I hope now that I can find some old mates from the past. 
Here are a few photos of me & some of my friends from back in the 80's

Keep up the hard work it is much appreciated

Steve O'Bray

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Mark Regan a good mate
from Abingdon
Ben Skirton at Xmas do
about 19 85
Akrotiri kart club members and their families A little snow at
Troodos camp 1989

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My bike after I used a
Mazda 323 as a brake
Akrotiri 1989
Me & the bike as you can see I was O.K. Abingdon MT 1984 Me working hard in Cyprus 1989


Thought I'd send you a picture of WO Mick Dempsey on his last day in the Air force with his father.


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As promised I have finally found a few photos for the gallery.

Left: A right motley crew on a crane course at Saints in 86

Right:. Keith Bevan and myself trying to make out we can use the computer for the Station Mag at Abingdon in 88, It's OK we were only pretending to work honest!!.


Ian Williams

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