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A couple of pictures from a while ago, the first was during my first tour in Germany at 431MU I am pretty sure the year is correct but it could be one either side, I arrived in 1980 and left in 1983, some great stories to tell on that tour. The second is during my ill fated tour of Guttersloh (those who were there will know what I mean) again the year can only be one out either side. Please notice how many faces are in both, the likes of Roger Grimes, Bob Moffat should have been in both but I could not find you in the MU one, probably away that day or may not have arrived from Berlin!. I can put names to a lot of them, Ash Dwight is hiding behind the light bloom on the top left of the Gutersloh one. 

If you are on either or know anyone that is, let me know and I will start to put names to faces.

Cheers Ian

Mick Birnie

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Found a photo of MT, MTSS and supporting staff from 1982. Its dated on the back as 2 Oct 1982, with the serial number REU0815/82.

I'm the good looking LAC in the middle row on the far left (had to rush to get into the picture, after I nearly ran over the photographer entering the hanger getting back from a railhead run in our old black FX4 taxi). 


Ian Beedles

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Daz Knott sent these in taken down the Falklands Feb - Jul 95

ms165.jpg (197416 bytes)

ms163.jpg (234283 bytes)

Pete Bratt worse for wear Kev Mc Claughlan, Daz Knott & Ian Mallinson

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Sherpa in a snow drift Good night coming up Al Brookes chum ASMT crew room ASMT 'B' shift

Leslie Wainwright sent these two pictures along with some in the Gulf section

First one is of some Coningsby lads left to right.... Col (Sprout) Mcleod, Mark (Numty) Hill, Gary (Badger) Crossland, me 'n the Boss, Steve (Terry f***wit) Mulley, Chris (Diver) Muff, Ally (Stropyjock) Ramsay................. 'bout time these fellas got to a reunion.

Second is Si Linklater and myself doing the coast to coast for Charideeeeee

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Hi Ian

I served as an MTD from Jan 1977 to Oct 1999. I really enjoy looking through this site from time to time it brings back many good memories. I noticed that there are not many photographs from the 70/80's so hopefully you can make use of some I found.

Taff Hayes

ms146.jpg (254641 bytes) ms147.jpg (268884 bytes) ms148.jpg (244448 bytes) ms149.jpg (252120 bytes)
 Cosford '77'

Aldergrove '81' ish

BZN '81'/'82' ish

ms150.jpg (254998 bytes) ms151.jpg (159381 bytes)
Laarbruch '83'/'84'

ms152.jpg (214971 bytes) ms153.jpg (260019 bytes) ms154.jpg (256736 bytes)
Police Driving School,

DTS St Athan '97'

DTS St Athan
(The last three out) '97'

ms155.jpg (236587 bytes) ms156.jpg (197743 bytes) ms157.jpg (247319 bytes)
Real Harrier Deployment not indoors '78'
Can you spot Andy Arnold without a staff car?

Attached is a picture of SAC Jack Lyon taken yesterday outside his flat in Akrotiri village, he should not be wearing socks with flip flops, especially as he is not German or over 50. Also he gives the more mature members of his flight *hit for their dress sense as he thinks he is some sort of icon. 

Paul Stennett

ms145.jpg (51825 bytes)

Royal Air Force Syerston, Mechanical Transport Section March 2004

Pete, Dave, Trev, Gaz, Daz, Graham, Adam, Barney, Craig, Geordie.

Daz Shaw

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Hi Ian,

Managed to find a pic from my Dad's photo album from RAF Kiatak - Hong Kong in the 1970's can you please post the picture to see if any of the lads recognise the past. It is possibly the last ever photo of MT/MTSS together.

Keep up the good work,

Chris Wheatley

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John Smith sent in this picture of RAF Aberporth MT Section in 1974. 
Left to right, W.O. ?, Mr Evans, John Smith, Brian Keane, C.O. McCann, John Adams, CPL ?, Sgt Bill Evans 

ms142.jpg (76742 bytes)

I have attached two pictures that may be of interest to anyone that is EX 71 MU, I would like to know from anyone, who is getting towed out of the Station? I can name two of towers, F/Sgt Brian Lambert and Sgt Ken Copestake. 

Reg Mitchell

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Steve Colhoun sent these pictures taken at the Royal International Air Tattoo, Fairford 2006

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ms139.jpg (71999 bytes)

Sean Pollack sent in these two pictures of the Station Band, Stafford, Also one of a queen Mary trailer from 2MT (In the 1629 section)

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John Smith sent in this collection from Masirah 1972.

ms131.jpg (43862 bytes)

Bondu Bash Tom Stone, Brian Easterby, Jock Hamilton, ?, ?.

ms132.jpg (41645 bytes)

Smiths Crane

ms133.jpg (30489 bytes)

Myself near the
Twyneham billets.

ms134.jpg (42376 bytes)

The old guardroom
dated 1936.

ms135.jpg (40538 bytes)

Myself outside 
Tanker Pool office.


Please find attached a horrid pic of Cpl Chris Abbott & SAC Kev Berry, both MTDs attached to the TSW Det at Divulge Bks, Trogir, FRY.
They turned my Op Palantine tour in '99 into a booze fuelled frenzy of which I still have nightmares to this day. Feel free to post it on your site as a warning to young drivers in the RAF today. Thank you.

Scotty J

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The MT Flight at Wittering supported the Harriers on many field deployments and detachments to various parts of Europe. In 1985 we had a three-week stay at Tromso in Norway. In addition to the everyday tasks normally associated with MT, vast amounts of the local beer, Mackol, brewed at the worlds most Northernmost brewery, was consumed.

Photo 1 shows two Harriers at Tromso.

Photo 2 L-R Back Row. Bob Warren, Phil Sykes, Martin from MTSS, Dave Liddell, Unsure - worked at 1 (F) Sqn. L- R Front Row. Chris Lacey, Unsure - worked at GEF, Dave Northey.

Photo 3 L - R. Dave Northey, Phil Sykes, Nick Hewitt, Dave Liddell, Bob Warren. 

Chris Lacey

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Darren Shaw sent these two, first shows, clockwise from back right: Branchy, Turkish, Big Pete, Me, Mozzy, Taff and STEEVOHH!!!. Second one, same faces but with our Aussie mate at the front in a black T-shirt. At the crappy Plaza!

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ms126.jpg (37569 bytes)

Graham Bagnall sent in this picture of the Falklands Tanker Pool February 1989

ms124.jpg (124500 bytes)

Mark Regan sent in these Mugshots along with some other pictures in the 'Odds 'n' Sods section' section.

ms119.jpg (100145 bytes)

Myself and some other Drivers
Scampton 84

ms120.jpg (84648 bytes)

Pete & Paul (Rocky) Silvester
Abingdon 85/87

ms122.jpg (90964 bytes)

Dave Newton and Pete
Abingdon 85/87

ms123.jpg (85329 bytes)

Dave Newton's Funeral
Abingdon 85/87

Stewart Rowe sent these pictures along with some in the '1629' section.

Picture 2 was taken at Akrotiri just before the first Gulf war.
Picture 3 were the members of 2 group Driving school at Laarbruch in 1995.
ms115.jpg (54756 bytes) ms116.jpg (210091 bytes) ms117.jpg (159771 bytes) ms118.jpg (107532 bytes)

Mr Mick King (Middle row 4th from left) retires on the 21st December 2005 after 34 Years in Honington's MT. This picture was taken in 1981 or 1982.  Anyone wishing to contact him can keep in touch through me.

Bill Laidlaw

ms114.jpg (145875 bytes)

Chris Wheatley sent in this group shot taken at RAF Wyton

Top row left to right:
Ian Watters, Al Simpson, Keith Howes, Paul Day, Glen Brown

Bottom Row left to right:
Chris Seedhouse, Chris Wheatley, Steve Burton.

ms113.jpg (39479 bytes)

Myself on the left, with Carl Mitchell and two Granada ' Grade A' saloons at Stanmore Park. The one on military plates was the AOC' s (Driven by Cpl Mick Roberts, a Lancastrian bodybuilder type ) and the civvy plated one is actually a Navy one, garaged at Stanmore. From memory, we had probably been collecting / delivering / refuelling / washing / polishing these, as that's what we did at ' Stanmore Cabs'.
Those of you who know me now will be quite startled at the mullet I am sporting and Carl was both ginger and cockney. We were 1st year SAC's, who thought we knew it all and were ready for anything. (Much to the disdain of the grown up SAC's, messrs. Tutty, Vinty, Kelly, not to mention a certain small F/Sgt who hated us all, but despite him appearing to have no neck, rumours that he used to be a test pilot for ejector seats, were perhaps a little harsh...) 

Steve Pearson

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Ray Davies sent in an up to date picture of himself with a very nicely restored bike.

ms111.jpg (99017 bytes)


An old photo (1988) of the MT Henlow crowd. A fine bunch of creatures if I ever saw any? No wonder there was no Third World War?? I am second row from the back, third from left to right. 

Many Thanks, 

Mally Roberts

ms110.jpg (148126 bytes)

Martin Rooney sent in these pictures of himself Bungee jumping in New Zealand. 

The one with the funny looking jump suit is me doing a 630ft Skyjump the first of 3 such jumps I did. The others are me doing a bungy off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Did I ever tell anyone I have a fear of heights and of deep water?! Well I do! But when in Rome etc, etc!!

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