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Bill Howie sent in this gallery of guys who were at
North Luffenham between 72 - 74.

mt badge luffenham.jpg (48050 bytes)


ginge lambert+ken jackson.jpg (23060 bytes) granville+bill+john+dave.jpg (31542 bytes) chris jackson+bill howie+amar pitman.jpg (28401 bytes) chris+bill+amar.jpg (40775 bytes)
Ginge Lambert & Ken Jackson


Granville, Bill, John & Dave Chris Jackson, Bill Howie
& Amar Pitman
Chris, Bill & Amar
nik hewitt.jpg (21683 bytes) cath sowerby.jpg (16373 bytes) ken+bill+paddy.jpg (48300 bytes) granville+john pitman+dave hepworth=bill howie.jpg (61341 bytes)
Nik Hewitt Cath Sowerby Ken, Bill
& Paddy
Granville, John Pitman, Dave Hepworth & Bill Howie

chris+tony callaghan.jpg (29446 bytes) dave barber.jpg (43667 bytes) dave hepworth 2.jpg (99718 bytes) frank cutler.jpg (29433 bytes)
Chris & Tony Callaghan

Dave Barber


Dave Hepworth


Frank Cutler


frank mcgee.jpg (28684 bytes) frank+yvonne.jpg (41791 bytes) garrys wedding.jpg (18517 bytes) bill howie 1.jpg (18551 bytes)
Frank McGee


Frank & Yvonne Garry's Wedding Ron Thomas, Tony Hirlam, John Pitman, Bill Howie & Bernard Doherty

gordon lewis+lorraine jewekes.jpg (58129 bytes) jc+friends.jpg (53813 bytes) maggie +dave barber.jpg (39950 bytes) jan+mick+ken.jpg (48951 bytes)
Gordon Lewis &
Lorraine Jewekes

JC & friends Maggie & Dave
Jan, Mick & Ken
ron+geof +brenda+carol.jpg (42041 bytes) jc+pete sowerby=rick.jpg (37860 bytes) jim lowe.jpg (77223 bytes) john +amar.jpg (39229 bytes)
Ron, Geoff, Brenda
& Carol

JC, Pete Sowerby & Mick Jim Lowe John & Amar
john+eileen sabey.jpg (31103 bytes) johncrumley2.jpg (38468 bytes) jp+ken.jpg (37838 bytes) keith+maggie bevan.jpg (32914 bytes)
John & Eileen Sabey John Crumley JP & Ken Keith & Maggie


ken +geof outside mt block.jpg (50469 bytes) norman+lynn roper.jpg (54683 bytes) mick tinkler.jpg (41756 bytes) mick cooper.jpg (58079 bytes)
Ken & Geof outside
MT block

Norman & Lynn Roper Mick Tinkler Mick Cooper
mtd7.jpg (62704 bytes) nl13.jpg (88834 bytes) mt1.jpg (92840 bytes) mt section.jpg (57003 bytes)
North Luffenham MT Drivers Reunion 2010


micks wedding.jpg (30343 bytes) ron+chris.jpg (34108 bytes) ron thomas.jpg (31305 bytes) pete+maggie.jpg (57011 bytes)
Micks Wedding


Ron & Chris Ron Thomas Pete & Maggie
nth luff12.jpg (6898 bytes) nth luff18.jpg (36726 bytes) nth luff bbq.jpg (37853 bytes) pam jackson+jackie clegg.jpg (32735 bytes)
Pete Sewerby & Joe Mcue in
The Wheatsheaf Pub, North Luffenham
North Luffenham BBQ Pam Jackson
& Jackie Clegg

pete sowerby.jpg (28494 bytes) pete+cath.jpg (88377 bytes) peter sowerby.jpg (40865 bytes)
Pete Sowerby


Pete & Cath Pete Sowerby

Hughie Shafi sent in these from his album.

ms294.jpg (51515 bytes) ms295.jpg (91334 bytes) ms296.jpg (52569 bytes)

Me prior to refuelling a visiting
BA 747 Ascension 1983

Me, Mick Badcock and can't
remember name Comfortless
Cove Ascension 1983
Nige Salmon, not known, Mick
Badcock and Me awaiting our
flight out of Ascension to Brize
June 24th 1983


ms290.jpg (21463 bytes) ms291.jpg (64572 bytes) ms292.jpg (53622 bytes) ms293.jpg (51500 bytes)
Me in the co pilot's seat
during a Falkland's
refuelling run (1983)
Me passing out
Swinderby 1981
Me relaxing in barracks
Ascension (1983)
Me watching the BBC
interview aircrew at
Ascension (1983)

Kevin Turner sent these three from his album
ms287.jpg (93851 bytes)
Night out when at RAF Lyneham 1980

ms288.jpg (32479 bytes)
Home from RAF Lyneham 1980

ms289.jpg (102926 bytes)
My wedding day 1982

Paul Everington sent in these...

Me at Finningley, just getting into Bedford tractor unit. This was not long after returning from Leconfield after my HGV1 test and passed. ms286.jpg (31896 bytes)


All the AFMT guys Akrotiri 1988.
ms285.jpg (58694 bytes)


Finningley MT


ms277.jpg (53434 bytes)


From left to right bottom row Tony Askew, then don't know, John Beatie and myself. ms278.jpg (50603 bytes)


9 flight Swinderby Febuaury 1981 some are MT some are not,
back row, Barker, Tudd, Chris, Lawler 
front row, Tess, mike, Me, Ste, Hope.
ms280.jpg (53402 bytes)


Full flight picture at Swinderby. ms279.jpg (39010 bytes)


Swinderby 1981. ms281.jpg (39285 bytes)


In the bar at Swinderby. ms283.jpg (50583 bytes) ms284.jpg (49728 bytes) ms282.jpg (50240 bytes)

Hi Ian,

Here are some mug shots from my trip to Port Stanley in '84...... ahh.... fun in the sand at tanker pool. Shame the piss-ups weren't as good as beer was literally "liquid gold" and you can't have a good old knees up on one small can per person unless you can bribe a SNCO to buy you a bottle of spirits.

The Uganda and Keren were dry ships, so that was four weeks of utter boredom, only broken up with gale force 13 hurricanes going through the "roaring forties".

ms268.jpg (64885 bytes) ms269.jpg (52885 bytes) ms270.jpg (46719 bytes) ms271.jpg (48887 bytes) ms272.jpg (56976 bytes)

Below: The first two were taken in N.Ireland, '92-'94, must be a good MT section if you get a car and a volunteer driver to take the boys out on the piss. In the photo, Geordie Flavell, Paddy McKinstry, Me, John Devine (duty driver) and Martin Gill. Second photo is John "Fu##nut" Thomas after our weekly, 100 mile dash around the Irish countryside on our Suzuki GSXR 1100's, how we never got pulled by the paddy cops I don't know... well I do... they can't catch you in an armoured car if your doing 170 mph

The third is of me and my elder brother Bob, at my younger brother's wedding in Devon. The "plastic" FS airloady is now a Sqn Ldr at Wycombe, in charge of sending all airloadies around the world, I bet he's made a lot of enemies in the aircrew World.

Finally, MT section RAF Benson, '91-'92, me front row, 3rd from left. I believe the MT yard is now a fancy flight sim building for the new RAF chopper ( Merlin ?)


ms273.jpg (49745 bytes) ms276.jpg (48998 bytes) ms275.jpg (65690 bytes) ms274.jpg (79270 bytes)


Jon Northway

Keith Moore sent this collection taken at Goose Bay circa 1987/8 while on detachment from bruggen.


ms264.jpg.jpg (41220 bytes) ms265.jpg.jpg (50347 bytes) ms266.jpg.jpg (61406 bytes) ms267.jpg.jpg (52950 bytes)

Paul Lund sent this picture of his wedding, "Getting married the cheap way, too skint to buy a suit"


ms263.jpg (52879 bytes)

Hi Ian,

Another photo for mugshots, I found this one at the weekend while sorting out some junk, I'm the one laying on everyone and the only one I remember was David Dundas, he is now W/O MT at Wittering. He is the one in the background with his hair parted in the middle. This photo was taken July 1975 at Swinderby. See the trousers ? Hairy Mary,s. By the way it was only Dave and I who were MTDs in that photo. Its ironic that I met Dave at the MT reunion at Wittering this year, its the first time I've seen him since training, 34 years ago and it was as if we had just walked back into the NAAFI the next day after the photo.

All the best

John Claxton

ms262.jpg (45034 bytes)

Hi Ian,

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you continue to put into this excellent site which brings back many happy (!) memories from my Service days.

Coincidentally, I now work with one of the Air Loaders who served at Gutersloh during the same period and we always enjoy talking about the 'good old days'.

Best wishes

Chris Lacey

I recently re-discovered this photograph of the Air Movements MT Section at RAF Gutersloh taken sometime during 1982.

From left to right:

Herr Johannes Wittop (known as 'Johnny'), Steve Magee, Pete Sielski, Dave Belton, Cpl. Wilson Rennie, Pete Binks, Chris Lacey and Neil Harley.

The 'Condec' in the background was one of two that we had along with two 'Karrier Bantam Gamecock' baggage loaders (for loading baggage into the tail hold of the VC10) and a 'Scissors' In-flight Catering Truck together with a couple of 'Noddy Tractors', one of which (19AP52) is shown with me outside the Gutersloh Air Terminal.

When the wide body 'Tristar' was introduced into RAF service we all had to attend a British Airways sponsored 'High Loader' course at Hannover Airport, this vehicle having a motorised platform that allowed us to load aluminium baggage bins without manual assistance as was normal when using the 'Condec'. The high loader, with SAC Rob Jepp at the controls, and the 'Noddy Tractor', are shown working alongside a British Airways 747 at Gutersloh during an exercise when BAOR was re-inforced from the UK.


ms259.jpg (145718 bytes)

ms257.jpg (38235 bytes)

ms258.jpg (47042 bytes)

This 747 photo has two airman in blue shirts standing next to the high loader. These are Cpls Ian Stockell and Dave Pasquell, both MTD's, who along with Cpls Alf Zammit and John Cockrem, were regularly deployed to the Air Movements MT Section from Station MT during the many exercises and deployments which took place at Gut.


ms256.jpg (40072 bytes)

A photograph of myself taken on 'Logs 8' during 1983 at a field site near Hovelhof, midway between Gutersloh and Paderborn. The MTSS AEC Militant (I think) Recovery Truck can be seen hiding in the trees on the right while one of the large fleet of AEC 4000 gallon TTF's that Gutersloh had is in the background.


ms255.jpg (55985 bytes)