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Graham Cooper sent in these faces taken during his travels.


Me and Mac McDermott TSW Swynnerton 1984. Pretty well mud proof these Airportables.

gcms26.jpg (51584 bytes)


Six site 1985. Top right is Kev Leech (MT fitter) next is Cpl MTD, I think that chap on left could be Bob Selvey. Notice that these trained killers are like coiled springs ready to fight off the Russian hordes.

gcms25.jpg (51535 bytes)


Maurice Mcauly, Reg Dobson, ?? Gray, Steve ??, Neil Redpath, John Reavy, Steve Jennings. Sorry for the omissions, it has been quite a while.

gcms1.jpg (47653 bytes)


WO Mover, Joe Girvan, Cpl Mover, Phil Spencer, ??, Sqn Ldr, Tommy Cooper, (me), Deadly Dewhirst, Jim Vickers & Steve Jennings.

gcms3.jpg (63615 bytes)


Jim Vickers and Billy Walker 2MT 1983.
Note the CB ariel, of course being law abiding citizens (pun intended) none of us had naughty sideband rigs.

gcms2.jpg (37579 bytes)


Jim Vickers, Terry Dewhurst, civvy crane op, Royce Longdon, ???. Moving THOSE cabins at Hereford.

gcms4.jpg (41909 bytes)


Brussels airport 1978, working for the army. gcms5.jpg (65983 bytes)


John Swallow, Wassenburg 1987. gcms6.jpg (46478 bytes)


Klaus Morgan and Russ Jones, Ggutersloh 1986.
Klaus and I were on a two truck job and foisted our selves on poor old Russ.
You know how it goes, "if you're ever passing don't hesitate to call in".....Bad mistake.

gcms7.jpg (57148 bytes)


Me and Russ Jones at Russ's MQ just up the road from Gutersloh. My shorts are like a cheap ballroom. Approx 1986.

gcms27.jpg (55254 bytes)


Neil Redpath in FDC bar,  Wildenrath. gcms10.jpg (55336 bytes)


Deadly Dewhirst & Scouse Wakelin in the 2MT hangar 1985. gcms11.jpg (53159 bytes)


Dave Pasquill making my motor look untidy at FDC Wildenrath.
(we were waiting for the NAAFI van. great pies)

gcms12.jpg (55710 bytes)


Me, Scouse Edwards, local Brewery owner and "Crazy" Peter Amende.
Benzwiller night stop on Erding run 1981.

gcms13.jpg (67344 bytes)


Billy, ex Army chap 431 1986? gcms8.jpg (36657 bytes)


Las Vegas comes to Vassenburg. Maurice Mcauley, Ray ???, Billy???, Neil Redpath. Pension Goertz 1986.


gcms9.jpg (51312 bytes)


More Benzwiller japes this time with Frank Slavin. gcms14.jpg (53364 bytes)


Trev (the Rev) Green en route to Lossie from Wittering. gcms15.jpg (30358 bytes)


Lenny Capstick, Frank Slavin, Bob Garriock, ????, ????, Pete Kelly, Southampton 1982.

gcms16.jpg (51254 bytes)


Roy McBrew and 401 kitchen. Cagliari docks 1984. gcms17.jpg (42426 bytes)


Jim Vickers at Hereford. gcms18.jpg (40891 bytes)


Bob Roby, Jack Groome, Klaus Morgan. night stop Gloucester 1983. gcms22.jpg (64477 bytes)


Terry Key on NAAFI break at Dons Cafe Beedon. Hard days on the road Op Corporate 1982.

gcms23.jpg (47286 bytes)


Yours truly waiting for ferry at Cagliari docks. gcms24.jpg (29206 bytes)


Bert Baker night stop Crawford. gcms19.jpg (53923 bytes)


Chris Burford, Mac McDermott 1981 six site. gcms20.jpg (50765 bytes)


Eddie Cooper very under whelmed watching Buccaneers giving it six-nowt on last day of Bucc flying at St Mawgan 1983 (I think)

gcms21.jpg (38026 bytes)

Pete Haley sent this collection of faces from High Wycombe.


ms307.jpg (35490 bytes)
2012 at the RAF High Wycombe MTD Reunion

Left to Right..... Brian Ingham, Me (Pete Haley),
Robbie Robertson.

ms324.jpg (35150 bytes)
1976 at Dawes Hill American base
High Wycombe.

Here is the rest of the crew I would like to meet up with, hopefully at the next RAF MTD Reunion.


ms306.jpg (61554 bytes) ms308.jpg (40527 bytes) ms309.jpg (42385 bytes) ms310.jpg (40822 bytes)
Dave Dundas Geordie Hutchinson & Billy Smallwood


John Ratinon George Spiby
ms318.jpg (35316 bytes) ms311.jpg (25243 bytes) ms316.jpg (27663 bytes) ms313.jpg (33479 bytes)
RAF High Wycombe
MTD football team 1976


Sue & Graham Gardner Marlene Duff Dave Marshall
ms314.jpg (40641 bytes) ms315.jpg (38301 bytes) ms312.jpg (42180 bytes) ms317.jpg (36050 bytes)
Chris Varrie Liz Austin Paul & Chris Bond Kev Jeavons


ms322.jpg (49446 bytes) ms319.jpg (33467 bytes) ms320.jpg (33770 bytes) ms121.jpg (34918 bytes) ms323.jpg (48353 bytes)

Terence Fineran sent this picture of the AOC's inspection at RAFCDA Thatcham in 1980, Terence is the Cpl on the far right.

Bedford Coach, Bedford Pantech with a tail lift, Bedford CF and a Ford Minibus, missing from the picture was a Ford Escort and a Ford Cortina L.

terence_fineran_1.jpg (42058 bytes)

Steve Steer sent in this collection of snaps taken at the '74-80 High Wycombe' reunion held at High Wycombe RAFA Club on 22nd September 2012

hwr12.jpg (141800 bytes)


hwr01.jpg (145799 bytes)


hwr10.jpg (175865 bytes)


hwr09.jpg (194138 bytes)


hwr08.jpg (151100 bytes)


hwr07.jpg (199734 bytes)


hwr06.jpg (189996 bytes)


hwr05.jpg (193336 bytes)


hwr04.jpg (134974 bytes) hwr03.jpg (141470 bytes) hwr02.jpg (208862 bytes) hwr11.jpg (150079 bytes)

David, Tug Wilson sent in these 2.

Belize MT 1979 - I was on Detachment from Bruggen, far left Geordy Airie (Cpl), ?, ?, Spike, Taff and far right is Scouse Brown.

Taff and Spike were on detachment from Germany.


tugwilson1.jpg (66379 bytes)

RAF Cottesmore Tankerpool 1986 - with Dave Rushton, Martin Earnshaw, Tim Elliss, Brian (unknown surname), Carol Greenlaeves (Wilson), Terry (unkown surname), Andy Hop, Michelle Platt, Ted Earl, Tom Dunlop, Dave Boston, Ian (unknown surname), Pete Hilton and Robbie Galloway.

tugwilson2.jpg (50874 bytes)

Hi Ian

This photo was taken in the RAF Rheindahlen MT Yard sometime between 1977 and 1979 (I would guess 1978)

Sorry, I can't recall all the names, but some folk may recognise themselves

Great site incidentally - thanks for keeping it going so long



Rheindahlen MT RoSPA awards 1977-79.jpg (609359 bytes)

James Hamilton sent this 2MT Sqn line up at RAF Stafford circa '74, taken in the hangar, not all were present because some were out on the road. James is on the back row just right of the number 21 on the windscreen with his shut.

ms305.jpg (118282 bytes)

Di Bellingham was the first WRAF driver at Honington MT, moving there from Innsworth to join her husband. The first photo shows Honington MT section sometime between March 1978 and Feb 1979. The second photo was taken after she left (Feb 1979). The photo's were loaned to her by Chris Goddard, second from right in photo 1.

ms304.jpg (65250 bytes)


ms303.jpg (94533 bytes)


Chic Hill sent the following 3 images which relate to the 1972 Munich Olympics, 3 RAF and 6 Army drivers were on the detachment.

ms302.jpg (139757 bytes) ms300.jpg (259033 bytes) ms301.jpg (145885 bytes)

Andy Morrow sent these two, the first is with the C.O's car at RAF Stanbridge in 1980, the second one was taken whilst doing morning D.I's at Bruggen Tanker Pool in 1984, left to right: Taff Griffiths, Bob Cainey, Wayne Triggs, Morley, Taff Robertson.

ms299.jpg (64846 bytes)

ms298.jpg (39104 bytes)

Ian Aitkenhead sent this section photo taken in the mid 90's at RAF Lyneham. It was one of the last MT's with a Sqn Ldr boss, it was Tony Brown I think!!

The WO was Tony Perterson, Flt Lt Eddie Cole (now Gp Capt) FS Derick Bunney & Dave Sutton, lots of top lads and lasses Joe Baines, Brian Fenton, Ron Williams to name a few.

ms297.jpg (141374 bytes)