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Chris Lacey dug out these 'patches' from his time at Gutersloh. "I cannot remember how I got hold of the 431 badge.  You had to go on a number of field deployments from Gutersloh to get the Harrier Force badge".

Have you got any 'patches' to share on the site?

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Response: 09/08/09

Hi Ian, 

I am an ex MTD vintage 1972 to 1981 plus 3 years in the reserves. I would like to throw some light on the badges shown by Chris Lacey.

I was at RAF Gutersloh 1975 to near the later end of 1977.I was sent home from Germany because of the fire strike going on at home and there was a need for experienced HGV drivers to drive the fire trucks .A number of light vehicle drivers had been killed because of accidents going to the fires.

The Harrier Force came to Gutersloh in 1976,before this there was 19 and 92 Sqdn. Lightings. The Harrier force badge was designed then by competition and was only to be worn on the gray coveralls when working near aircraft. Most people did not wear them this way. To qualify an air person had to do the weeks basic training living in tents etc with the RAF/REG for a week in the forest somewhere. MTD's drove the convoys of trucks to the site and stayed the week cooking your own meals, cleaning your SLR ( MTD's had sub-machine guns ) and various doing other jobs in the site. The RAF/REG loved their stand too's in the mornings and running up and down playing games. There was also a night war game also.Everybody just " loved "it. The after this air persons had to do one stint in the field which for most people was 4 weeks. I was attached to tech supply and we were in the field 6 weeks at that time refuelling the aircraft .We had a week before to set up and a week after to take everything down. A few days afterwards upon return there would be a large parade etc and the badges were presented like medals. We would also be presented with a Tech Supply Badge ( not shown here ) should you be with Tech Supply for war duties.

Both the MTD's and Tanker pool badge was in the pipeline but I was not there long enough for them to be designed and made. Years later when I was working for The M.O.D. in Whitehall ( early 90s ) an R.A.F. A.V.M. told me that the Harrier Force was lucky to be out for 2 weeks at a time. We went out about 3 or 4 times a year then.

The 431 badge, what the hell its only a collectors item to collect dust.

I hope this has been an interest to your readers.


Cyril Butler

I would like to wish everyone connected with the running of the MTD site, and all who visit it,  a very Merry Christmas and a very healthy, happy, accident free New Year.

Can I also appeal to all those ex 431 bods around to come and join the 317 M. T. Squadron Association.  

We need you urgently. 'Old Father Time' has been very active this year and we are now down to 128.

Call me on 01788 337887 or email


Bob Knight
Founder & Secretary.

Can you help?

Hi Ian,
I have been contacted by a friend who is doing a painting and he needs to know when M.T. Vehicles using Airfields were first required to be painted with Yellow tops ? - Do you have any info on this ??
Mickie Collins
33rd/34th Entry
RAF (Ex M.T. Admin)

Hi Ian,

I completed a computer course with a Company in South Africa mainly because I wanted some sunshine and to use my course to achieve this. They now do Golf, Sub Aqua and other various courses. Any MTD wishing to use this Company are more than welcome to contact me for details on how to get the best deal from them. I have spoken to the owner in Cape Town and he is willing to make a deal for anyone recommended by myself.  

So if anyone just wants a Holiday in the sun playing golf or learning Computer skills they can contact me.

James Forsyth

Hi Ian

I have just found a badge from my time at RAF Gutersloh MT Ops, I was there between Jan 1981 and Dec 1985.

I had many happy times there, so I hope some people might remember it.

All the best

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RAF MT and RAF Fire vehicle photos in order to fill some gaps in my photographic collection. I am looking for pictures of the following: AEC MAMMOTH MAJOR TCHD MK1 of the former ARMAMENT SUPPORT UNIT (ASU). Blue TACR 2 RANGE ROVER and BEDFORD HELICOPTER SUPPORT VEHICLE (HSV) of the QUEENS FLIGHT.  TACR 2 in desert sand colour (Gulf War 1) and in NATO camouflage on deployed Harrier Operations (RAF WITTERING and RAF GERMANY) Any footage of any vehicle type at WITTERING in the 70's and 80's.

Contact Steve Pearson. via or 07770 304028.

Hi Ian

Attached photo is, I'm advised, a qualification badge for an RAF MT Driver. It was found among the effects of an air gunner KIA in 1943. His unit prior to air gunnery training was 992 Squadron, a mobile barrage balloon 'outfit'.

Although I served for over 25 years I do not recall seeing this type sleeve badge being worn by MT drivers. Any ideas on when it was withdrawn?

Best wishes

Ian M. Green

ex-Ch/Tech Gen Fitt


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Richard McLoughlin sent in this little bit of history about RAF Weeton, although not a driver Richard was on the permanent clerical staff there from 1953 to 1956 as one of the first people that you met when you arrived and one of the last that you saw when you left. In the last year, he was also probably the one that sent you back to get a hair cut before leaving. Richard is interested in collecting information about RAF Weeton and would be grateful if you could contact him should you have any.

RAF Weeton

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Royal Air Force Weeton was opened as the home of No.8 School of Technical Training on 21st May, 1940 and the Fabric Worker, Parachute Packer, Metal Worker, Mechanical Transport Mechanic and Motor Cyclist Courses were transferred there. Between 1st July and 3rd July, 1940, 31 Officers and 754 Men of the Polish Air Force arrived at RAF Weeton, after evacuation from France , followed by a further 358 Polish personnel two days later. In July, 1940, the Fire Fighting School was transferred to RAF Weeton from Cranwell. This may have been a very handy move as on 29th August, 1940 bombs were dropped in the vicinity of the Station, although no damage was reported to have been incurred.  (As the area was mainly open countryside, it meant that the Germans must have been well informed).

In September, 1940, courses for Fitter Armourer and Aero Carpenter began and the trainees at Weeton assisted in the manufacture of Hurricane and Spitfire parts for the Ministry of Aircraft Production. In December, 1940, the Mechanical Transport School , which had previously been located at No.3 Technical Training School, Blackpool , moved to RAF Weeton and in December, 1941, the M.T. Instructor Course commenced.

Between August, 1940 and August, 1942, a total of 41,863 personnel successfully passed out  from RAF Weeton, including MT Mechanics, Blacksmiths, Motor-cyclists, Drivers, Crane Operators and Cooks, to name only a few of the diverse trades in which courses were available there. Between September, 1941 and March, 1942, the average personnel strength of the Station was approximately 9,000.

In August, 1943, the Fire Fighting School left RAF Weeton for RAF Sutton-on-Hull and September, 1943, saw the arrival of the R.A.F. Police School , which remained there until moving to RAF Great Sampford in January, 1946. In August, 1950, No. 9 School of Recruit Training was formed as a lodger unit at RAF Weeton and subsequently left RAF Weeton in July, 1952. In September, 1950, the Hospital, on a separate site, which had been there since the opening of RAF Weeton, became separately established as a lodger unit and came under the Control of H.Q. No. 63 Group.

In November, 1954, No. 2 Police District H.Q. moved to RAF Weeton and in November, 1958, RAF Weeton became the parent Station to RAF Warton, taking over the responsibility for No. 29 Recruit Centre at Preston and the Air Traffic Control Unit, Preston .

In July, 1959, No. 2 Police District H.Q. left RAF Weeton and in November the Station Entertainment Centre was opened. On 31st December, 1959 the Hospital was closed.

Royal Air Force Weeton ceased as an RAF unit some time after 1970. The first photograph is taken at the Main Gate in June, 2005, with just the main tarmac road still showing. At the far end can be seen two of the original hangars but all other buildings have gone.  About half a mile past the old Main Gate, towards Singleton, there is now a modern Army encampment, possibly sited on part of the old football fields

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NOTE   Technical Training Command was amalgamated with Flying Training Command on 1st June, 1968 to form a revived Training Command. This Command in turn was disbanded in 1977 and its functions absorbed by RAF Support Command.

In the ever changing times of the Royal Air Force, there are now (2005) only two Commands in the Royal Air Force; Strike Command, and Personnel and Training Command. It has been announced that P. & T. Command is being absorbed by Strike Command in the near future, so that the Command structure, that the RAF has known for eighty eight years, will be no more.

Stationed in Palestine and Egypt 1946-48. Mancunian, now well retired in the lovely Ceiriog valley. Not MT I am afraid. MPO. staff. Our squadron was taken to and from work on a 'Queen Mary'. Have been trying for ages to get a 'photo of one. Could any of you MT types let me know where one can be obtained. Best wishes to you all. Bill Foster.

Bill Foster from Glyn Ceiriog Llangollen N. Wales

Dear Ian,

Many thanks for photograph. I have sent a copy to a friend in Israel who is creating an archive for the town of Rash H'ayin which sprang up from 120 MU Ras el Ain when the camp was evacuated in 1948. Many of the buildings are still standing and are in use by the local community. The old NAAFI canteen, with minor alterations, is now a cinema. Must have been well built.

Thanks again, Regards Bill. 

Hi Ian

Thought you might be interested in this. It is the only bit left of the pullover I purchased while a civilian driver at Abingdon (79 to 83). The picture depicts a Jaguar plane and a Queen Mary with red arrows pointing to all points of UK. The jumper has long since gone, this is all that's left.

Brilliant site, keep up the good work.

Ian Pavely

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Hi Ian,

Just been looking through your website, which gave me great pleasure, having spent 2 years (86 -88) training firemen on the driving school at St Athan.

In your miscellaneous section I noticed someone looking for the green paint used on the vehicles, from the deep recesses of the memory bank I seem to remember we used a colour called "Deep Brunswick Green" I hope this may well help with that particular enquiry

Again well done on the web site, one or two faces and names bring back good memories, do any of your members remember the AOC's parade at St Athan when one flight was made up from the instructors on the driving school under Flt Lt Graham Pattenden (Admin type) who during one rehearsal marched past doing the John Cleese silly walk?

Dave Jones (Ex RAF Fire Service 71 -93)

Hi there
A couple of us oldens meet in the local pub each weekend, he was at Kasfareet and I spent some time at El Hamra in the early 50's.
We both recall Lady Lampsons Club on El Hamra, it was like a private house in the middle of a military camp and if I remember was run by two old ladies. You could sit in an armchair, have a coffee and read a magazine in peace. It was the only civilised place on camp. I've done an internet search and can only find info on Lady Lampson who was the wife of the Brit Ambassador in Egypt but no mention of the club. I contacted the Suez Vet Assoc and just 2 blokes came up with memories one of them being a 51MT bod.
Any of your members have any memories?.
John Holloway

Sean Pollock sent in this amusing picture, now residing in Toronto, he was i/c 2MT Sqn. Orderly Room, the C.O. was Sqn. Ldr. Fitzpatrick and the Adj. F/L Smith at RAF Stafford around and W.O Hatch i/c Admin. Sgt Hannah was i/c M.T. Section around 1959/1960/61. I also played in the Station Band and I know some of the 2MT guys also played in the band.
Updated 30/10/11
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John Coles sent these pics of the old MT SQN at RAF Changi taken feb 2002 some of the area has since been demolished. (Remember you on air movs John, Bill C)

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