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Hi Ian,

I am hoping you may be able to help me. I am ex RAF myself and my hobby is building 1.24 scale model trucks. For my next project I am going to have a go at building a Volvo FH12 6x2 tractor / low loader trailer which I am led to believe is or was operated by 2MT squadron based at RAF Wittering.

Now my dilemma, to make it as authentic as I can I am trying to find out if the rear suspension is on leaf springs or air suspension. I have phoned RAF Wittering and the young clerk on the phone was unable to give me the information I required. The vehicle I am hoping to build is registration number VW 32 AA.

I would be grateful if any member of the site was able to enlighten me.

Many thanks.

Tim Nevill

re22.jpg (45651 bytes)

Hello Ian,

I came across your website while searching for images of the old Ford Koln buses that were used by the British Army and RAF in Germany during the 1950s and early 1960s.

I was at school in JHQ Rheindahlem 1961-64 and now, as an avid enthusiast of old vehicles, I have been searching for pictures of the vehicles that have featured in my life. 

I have looked everywhere, but on today's search there is one shot of some guys in front of a Ford Koln bus which I think is the same type.

Ford Koln coach en route Ingolstadt Gordon 02.jpg (79929 bytes)

I was wondering if you, or any members of your web forum, have any pictures of military buses and staff cars in Germany around that time. I recall 3 different types of German Ford Koln buses, used mainly by the Army by that time as the RAF were replacing them with Bedfords, as did the Army from about 1963 or 64. I also remember being taken to hospital one day in an army Volkswagen Beetle which must have been about 8 - 10 years old by that time. I'm not sure if the RAF also used VWs? (I have a particular interest in old VWs).

If you or your contacts know of any pictures that could be scanned / loaned / copied / or good old fashioned prints that I may have, please contact me.

Robin Allen
51 Elson Road
PO12 4BN

Prior to my posting to RAF Bruggen I recall seeing a 'training' video entitled 'Drinking Sensibly - Last Orders', filmed during November/December 1981, it was based on an MT Driver from Bruggen.

The lead role was played by actor Danny Webb supported by actor Chris Fairbank, many of the other roles were played by serving MT Drivers.

I'm sure many drivers will have seen the video so I decided to try and track it down.

Ron Bretherton dug out a copy of the 'Bruggen Circuit' which ran an article shortly after filming.

dslo20.jpg (63230 bytes)

Cameras Roll at Bruggen

There can be few at RAF Bruggen who did not see the invasion by the British Films Ltd crew during November and December.

They were here under Director Clive Mitchell to make one of a series of films dealing with alcohol abuse for the MOD. This particular film entitled, 'Last Orders' follows the career of an MTD whose serious drink problem eventually leads to a Court Martial and dishcharge from the Service.

The photograph was taken during 'shooting' at the MTF Amenities Room, RAF Bruggen and shows from left to right: SAC Thomas MTD, Chris Fairbank actor , SAC Allen MTD, Flt Lt Joosse OC MTF, Danny Webb actor and star of the film, Clive Mitchell Director and Nobby Smith Cameraman.

'Bruggen Circuit' magazine

I managed to find a contact at the SSVC who identified the film and generously sent me a time stamped copy to enable me to tag some 'stills' which he grabbed from the film and sent for inclusion on the site.

dslo01.jpg (43842 bytes)


dslo02.jpg (26848 bytes)


dslo03.jpg (31859 bytes)


dslo04.jpg (25186 bytes)


dslo05.jpg (33515 bytes)


dslo06.jpg (29460 bytes)


dslo16.jpg (45116 bytes)


dslo07.jpg (49061 bytes)


dslo08.jpg (46414 bytes)


dslo10.jpg (58072 bytes)


dslo09.jpg (38946 bytes)


dslo12.jpg (53132 bytes)


dslo13.jpg (57650 bytes) dslo14.jpg (40461 bytes) dslo15.jpg (35578 bytes) dslo17.jpg (49159 bytes)

My thanks to Robert Dungate & Ben Holden from SSVC for the stills and to Ron Bretheron for the Bruggen Circuit article.

Did you know Cpl Peter Murphy?

My name is Leny (Pronounced as Lainie in English) my Father was an MT Driver, sadly he passed away 20 years ago and I often wondered about his military life in the RAF he so much loved.

My Father met my Mother (Who was Dutch) when he was posted to Eindoven in 1960, when he retired he settled down in the Netherlands where I have now lived for the last 25 years. I am curious to know if anyone knew my Father, he was Cpl Peter Murphy also known as either Pete or Spud.

He was then posted back to the UK in 1961 where I was born in Wroughton. A few years after that he was posted to Bruggen then 3 years later to Nocton Hall (Lincoln) ..later posted to Chippenham and then back to Germany. He served 37 years in the RAF and retired in 1976 at the age of 55, he then worked Rheindahlen M.T for another 11 years before retiring altogether.

His life was the military and found it difficult when he had to retire. I grew up as a child with military life up until I was 15 and now I look back and remember my Father in his uniform, being devoted to his career and how difficult he had it when he came out of the RAF and had to adapt to civilian life. He was very much known and loved in MT and wherever he went he was greatly missed when he left. I also went to his farewell leaving do and many people came to say their goodbye's it was very emotional when I saw him with a tear in his eye knowing he had to leave that life behind. He later got very depressed and sadly, eventually passed away 4 years later.

I still to this day miss this wonderful man who was my Father and often think about him.

Kind regards

Leny Kilburn - Murphy


Cpl Peter Murphy1.jpg (53895 bytes)


Cpl Pete Murphy.jpg (43354 bytes)


Cpl Pete Murphy2.jpg (38744 bytes)


Cpl Pete Murphy3.jpg (58416 bytes) Peter Murphy4.jpg (41446 bytes) Cpl Pete Murphy5.jpg (58062 bytes)

Ian Aitkenhead sent these pictures of RAF Bruggen (Now Javelin Barracks) during a visit in 2012.

bruggen6.jpg (107857 bytes)


bruggen8.jpg (91772 bytes)


bruggen3.jpg (100014 bytes)


bruggen4.jpg (93771 bytes)


bruggen2.jpg (101742 bytes)


bruggen7.jpg (69628 bytes) bruggen5.jpg (95814 bytes) bruggen1.jpg (82726 bytes) bruggen9.jpg (97785 bytes)