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Although this isn't a complete Queen Mary trailer it would be a real shame to see it cut up for scrap......

"Queen Mary Trailer for sale, rear 24 feet with all its Ramp. 1 new spare wheel, make good display, take 2 Jeeps in the back. Last chance offer before the scrap man cuts it up, 350."

Steven Carter
01353 776197

img_10158.jpg (101496 bytes)

The things you find when you are having a clear out?

This is a badge which was created by Derek Haynes.

John Muir

misc31a.jpg (147196 bytes)

I'm trying to trace a recruitment photo used by the R.A.F of my Father, he is pictured in a tug towing an RAF Phantom? Circa 1970/80's, Probably at Coningsby.

It was a photo that was displayed in a diamond shape at recruitment offices. He was in the M.T section. Gerald Hodgson. No. B5068854. 22 years service.

He is at the end of his days now and it would be a thrill for us to present him again with this image. He talks so fondly of his time in the RAF. Hope u can help. I've tried everything!

Thanks again.

Paul Hodgson.

Did you deliver a Spitfire to Cardiff in 1952?

Hi Ian,

I have an ex R.A.F friend who is trying to I.D a particular Spitfire that was positioned in a cinema in Cardiff. It was put in the foyer of the then 'CAPITOL THEATER' for the premier of the film 'ANGELS 15' back in 1952.

We think the Spitfire may have come from St Athan but not 100% sure. I was wondering that maybe one of our older M.T.D's may have transported it there, along with maybe a mobile crane. I know it is a bit of a long shot but who knows there might be a driver who knows something about it.

If anyone is out there that can help or has any info, photo's or aircraft I.D number, please contact me via my EMail.

An unusual request Ian, but hope you can help.

With Best Wishes


Can you help?

My name is Dave Stapleton and I'm researching the history and use of BSA WD B40 350cc motorcycles as issued to the RAF during the 1960s and 1970s and I came across your website whilst searching for information on these motorcycles.

Although I rode a BSA WD B40 'on patrol' when I was serving with the RAF Police at RAF Laarbruch in the mid 1970s I know very little about their wider use within the RAF but I understand they were use by other squadron, units and sections, other than the RAF Police.

I am trying to find out as much information as I can about these motorcycles, the people who rode them and the tasks they carried out, I am also looking for photographs of RAF BSA WD B40s in use by the RAF in the UK, Germany and elsewhere in the world.

Dave Stapleton

Phil Beddard sent in these two whilst clearing out his loft.


pb3.jpg (106694 bytes) pb2.jpg (69164 bytes)
My papers to enter East Berlin Benson patch
designed by Glen Young

Wartime airfield cartoon.

cartoon.gif (119029 bytes)

Sean Pollock (Paddy) sent this photo of the RAF Stafford Band taken in 1960, some drivers from 2MT are in the band.

band.jpg (83910 bytes)

Andy Thompson sent these in from his time at Abingdon in the early eighties.


Barrack Block 5 at Abingdon - Winter of 81-82 was a cold one. I'd just got my HGV3 a month before and remember going off the edge of the runway in snow with an MK pulling a Sicard, taking out a couple of runway lights - The SATCO loved me.

misc124.jpg.jpg (144612 bytes)


Battle of Britain Day 1983 - Me stood under the BBMF Lancaster parked out the back of MT hangar.

misc125.jpg.jpg (50403 bytes)


Who is this man?? Serious cyclist in my day - out on a local ride near Sutton Courtney with Iain Gardner - Brian Barrow was other side of camera if I recall.

misc126.jpg.jpg (50786 bytes)


Remember my motor? The real Yellow Peril - complete with genuine 1982 CB aerial. 10-4 good buddy!

misc127.jpg.jpg (178728 bytes)


This is me in 2011 - Doing a job for an art gallery - strategically placed bollard there ;-)

misc128.jpg.JPG (59780 bytes)

Did you serve at RAF Laarbruch?

As many of you will know RAF Laarbruch closed in November 1999, after remaining derelict for about two years, work began to reform the former base into a civilian airport. This was opened on May 1st 2003, then being named "Airport Niederrhein". It has since been renamed "Airport Weeze" and is a home base for Ryan Air.

"Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum Laarbruch - Weeze e.V." was founded on the 30th of January 2006 in Weeze. It is a non-profit making organisation, and is registered as such in the Register of Associations in Geldern.

Heinz Willi Knechten is a researcher at the museum and is interested in any pictures/stories from the base's history, in particular he is interested in M.T. related material as the museum is sadly lacking in that department.

The museum have 2 websites and contact can be made either directly to Heinz or through either website. &

Hi Ian,

I've just come across your site whilst I've been doing some voluntary research on nuclear convoys associated with RAF Barnham back in the late 50's and early 60's and I was wondering if you and your members might be able to help?

I know a little bit about the convoys, but the only MT driver I've been in contact with (Roger Hebb) was at Barnham towards the end of its operational period and I'm looking for people or pictures that might allude to an earlier part of the site's history.

misc123.jpg (117252 bytes)
In particular, I'm interested
in this blue trailer.

There's seems to be differing reports as to which vehicle towed the trailer, some say it was a Leyland Hippo 6x4 10 Ton others suggest it might be Scammell Pioneers or Explorers, it would be good to hear from anyone who was actually at Barnham in the late 50's early 60's to clarify.

The convoy was also escorted by a converted fire engine, any clarification of the donor vehicle details  would also be appreciated.

Kind Regards


Reply: 19/09/13

The trailer was designed to be matched to the Hippo. The first fire tender was a Morris LD van which drew it's water from tanks on the specially adapted Hippos.

Ted Angus

During a recent (June 2013) trip to Germany I managed to take some pictures of Bruggen in it's run down state courtesy of Ian Aitkenhead - Thanks Ian


bruggen5a.jpg (63984 bytes)


bruggen6a.jpg (66819 bytes)


bruggen3a.jpg (73173 bytes)


bruggen2a.jpg (75638 bytes) bruggen4a.jpg (76807 bytes) bruggen1a.jpg (65575 bytes)
Station MT


bruggen8a.jpg (57695 bytes) bruggen9a.jpg (59055 bytes) bruggen.jpg (66001 bytes)

Two and a half hanger (Tanker Pool)


bruggen7a.jpg (71876 bytes)
Wash area


bruggen10.jpg (48425 bytes)


bruggen11.jpg (44808 bytes)
9 Sqn HAS with Bowser shed
bruggen12.jpg (44261 bytes)
You'd have to have good brakes to land there now

Triantafyllos Metsovitis is a scale modeller with an active interest in RAF vehicles, anyone interested in alternative, additional or better markings for vehicles in popular kits such as the "RAF Refuelling Set", the "RAF Recovery Set" and the Bedford QL should take a look at his website.

Terence Fineran sent the following from Belize 1980.


MT Control, anyone who served in Belize would know what the 'Yellow Brick Road' was, it was a short cut between the airport camp and the 2 aircraft hides of Foxy Golf, Charlie Delta and the Butcher radar however when it rained it turned into a quagmire.

terence_fineran_11.jpg (49389 bytes)


MT Accommodation.

terence_fineran_5.jpg (68474 bytes)


This was Christmas dinner 1980, we knew a Cpl Steward from the Officers Mess who somehow got all the food cooked, he provided all the plates, glasses cutlery etc. No glass or plate was broken but the two pineapples that were meant for decoration were eaten by the 1st Royal Irish.

terence_fineran_3.jpg (94598 bytes)


The 2 civilians at each end of the table were a couple who were backpacking through Central America, we met them just before Christmas in downtown Belize and invited them for Christmas dinner and they turned up!

Looking at the photo I wonder where they are now. Also at dinner we had 1 Armourer, RCT Maritime, some REME, some Regiment and five 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rangers, it was a really good day.


terence_fineran_2.jpg (51185 bytes)

Watching the weekly VC10 take off.

terence_fineran_10.jpg (42573 bytes)


The Regiment compound next to the REME (Real engineering made easy) compound. terence_fineran_4.jpg (62702 bytes)

Hello Ian,

I wonder if any MTD's can shed any light on this vehicle?

The picture is of a RAFP Mobile Command Post vehicle built on an 8x4 Volvo FL7 chassis, I know it was built on a chassis from a failed tanker project, so wondering if anyone remembers this vehicle. It would be great to get its RAF VRN.

I've had some feedback from the RAFPA site, a retired RAFP WO from the TPSS (Tactical Police & Security Squadron) has said that he was involved when the failed tanker project chassis was sent to a coachbuilder in Stonehaven (Aberdeen?) for conversion. He said it was 1999.

Apparently it was a pig to drive being loaded with ballast.

Brian Burgess

RAFP Command Vehicle.JPG (72894 bytes)

Update: 04/01/13

Since I was sent a photo of this vehicle which was being disposed at Witham's Specialist Vehicles at RAF North Witham near Grantham, I was intrigued as to what this vehicle was used for. My service from 1967-1979 entailed driving/riding some vehicles other than land rovers but this vehicle was different. I therefore decided to try to find out more about this vehicle, which I would guess was possibly the largest/heaviest vehicle used by the RAF Police. I'm not counting the AEC Mammoths used to convey 'instant sunshine' around the UK, they were operated and driven by RAF MT.

The vehicle which provided the chassis for this vehicle was a bulk tanker, 80 KJ 01 a Volvo F7 on a 8x4 chassis. I have no information as to which service used this vehicle. This vehicle was converted by Stonehaven Engineering based in Stonehaven, Scotland in 1989. It retained its original VRN as in 1982 the 3 services had adopted a generic registration system, gone were the familiar AA and AC reg's us old 'uns remember.

It was delivered to RAF Henlow where it was photographed alongside the rather puny existing fleet!

I have no idea how this vehicle was used (If ever?) as it made its debut 10 years after my demob.

I would like to thank Andy Beveridge of Stonehouse Engineering, WO Ted Angus RAF MT (Rtd) and the RAF MTD site for their interest and help, also the many members who chipped in with info.

Brian Burgess

RAFP Tac Command donor vehicle 80 KJ 01.jpg (74277 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command group.jpg (82386 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command Vehicle 80 KJ 01.jpg (77452 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command Volvo 80 KJ 01.jpg (50569 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command group5.jpg (125564 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command group6.jpg (102279 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command group10.jpg (120009 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command group9.jpg (79858 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command group8.jpg (90871 bytes)


RAFP Tac Command group7.jpg (94685 bytes)


Hi Ian,

I was a dog handler many years ago and found this photograph on the internet some time ago. I cannot find the original source of the photograph but I wondered if any of the MT drivers knew anything about it.

There is a listing in the RAF VRNs - 37KC57 Leyland Tiger RAF Dog Display Team but I do not know if this is the same coach.

I would be interested in any information that any of your members may be able to help with.

Thank you

Harry Munro

DogDemoTeam.jpg (77834 bytes)


I came across your site whilst searching the internet for 1960's "in service" photographs of an Ex-RAF Series 2 Land Rover, which I purchased recently.

I am a member of the Series2Club, and intend to fully rebuild / restore the vehicle to RAF condition.

The vehicle is almost original. Most of the RAF fitments for the Military GS spec Mk6 Land Rover are still present.

When I purchased the vehicle, it had remained in the possession of one owner, since being "struck off charge" on 26.04.1968, from Air Support Command. I have traced the chassis number, through the British Heritage Museum, Rover Motor Co. records, as being supplied to RAF Cosford (Staff Vehicle) on 21.12.1959.

I have managed to obtain the RAF plate from the "AA" ledgers, as 69AA05, though as with so many "B vehicles", the RAF 524 form (Vehicle Record) is missing / mislaid at the RAF Museum. Therefore, I am unable to trace the vehicle to a particular unit through the RAF records.

Of those 524 forms remaining at the Museum, it appears that it may have being receipted as being received on 21.01.1960, at 236 M.U. (Cosford). I have attached a copy of the Vehicle record of the RAF plate 69AA04, prior to mine (69AA05). It appears that vehicles were "accepted" in blocks, rather than individually.

I am aware that a retired MT Driver will not remember driving a particular Land Rover, as they were purchased by the RAF in their hundreds in the early 1960's.

Can anyone assist?

Chris Gregson

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