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Reunion 2004 Pictures

Send us a couple of your reunion snaps and we will include them on this page.


They came from far and wide, Keith Moore (from wide near Glasgow) wore his Clan MacScouse Tartan. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Billy Goodwin came especially all the way from Thailand wearing no Tie.

Thanks to all of you who travelled to Elvington. Is there any limit to how far a Cabbie will go for a P*** *p.


The lads from 2MT put on their Fantastic Road-show Display and brought loads of vehicles for all to see. One of their lads had a "whopper" and the girls where dying for a go on it (so was Billy Goodwin).  Not to be outdone Erroll Flynn turned up with his Chopper.


Erroll's Chopper

Fame at last! Ian and Bill being interviewed by Dougie Weeks of  BBC Radio York







Needless to say the two bars were packed from the word go then the banter got underway. Loads of Cabbies doing what they do better than any other trade in the RAF.