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This page contains pictures from the archives of
Ken Critchley


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A couple of '1629's

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A signed Kingdom of Libya 5 Piastres note

Social evening invite

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DRLS (Daily Routine Letter Service) RAF Newton to Bottesford and South Withham daily Bedford Unit Desert Rescue
'Great Fun'
Bedford Queen Mary
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Before it was wrecked !!


At Tripoli docks


On the docks at Tripoli
Wagon & Pup waiting to load


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Waiting to load The 'Graveyard' I drove the coach on the
married quarters trip to


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Tripoli docks Loading oil at
Tripoli docks
Bedford Queen Mary trailer


The QL's On the way back from Tripoli docks with oil
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Nearly back to camp He came from Sth Shields I
think his name was Cook

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RAF Castle Benito
M.T. Section
From the roof of the billet

Swimming at Marzhalock, Malta M.T. Section RAF Idris
F/Sgt Scamp, Sgt Young
and me in the middle


King Idris Palace
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'The only rise I ever got'
Drivers, Ramage, Maddison
& myself

Fred Parkes (Chorley)
We were both called up together
Christmas Day RAF Idris
Tiny Tompkins sat on the piano
Christmas Day in the billet
RAF Idris
'I think I was P*****'

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Weeton Driving School
(I can't remember his name)

Weeton Driving School
Reg Blakely

Cook F/Sgt Scamp, Geordy Maddison,
Achmed & myself

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Padre Mantle
I was his driver in Malta
Great man, now passed on

RAF Weeton Driving School
Paddy Ryan
RAF Idris, Tripoli
Dispatch rider
RAF Wickenby
around 1950 - 51

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Me, due for demob
doing a coach
driving job

'Please God make us brown'
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Crossley Queen Mary 'By did it get hot inside 200 degrees) I flaked out
when I got out'
Reg Blakely from Spilsby

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