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This page contains pictures from the archives of Nigel Edwards


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Pre Test, with Examiner Test Passed, RAF Weeton 1953

At Weeton (circa 1955) on Queen Mary course having previously passed the MTD (H). I failed the first test - on the very last island just 300 yards from the finish of the test! rear wheel just clipped the kerb.

Having gained the qualification on the second attempt I never had cause to go near a Queen Mary again.

I remember the Crossley "Donkeys" being very uncomfortable and very old.


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Queen Mary course-RAF Weeton-1955.png (326255 bytes) Queen Mary Weeton 54.jpg (76100 bytes) Refuelling-Poss 14MU Carlisle.jpg (167395 bytes)


These 'civvy' photos relate to a heavy haulage 'life', after the RAF, this after trying my hand at bus driving (passed PSV in very short course) with Midland Red, then Driving Instructor with BSM.

Interesting to note is the conversion of the Mat (MOG 104) for civvy use. This was done with a couple of 'Mats' by a very skilled engineer, partner in the business, who fitted smaller wheels and tyres, altered the gear ratios and attached a very efficient crane on the rear which folded neatly away, driven by the original on-board winch. The older hands at first 'pulled rank' and tried to belittle my experience until the Boss recognised my 'noseing' skill and being able to maneuver trailers into the most difficult tight spaces, from then on the old hands shut up- thanks RAF!


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These were taken from my time with 5003 (AC) Squadron.

Looking at these some 60 years later Nigel finds it hard to grasp that this young (barely 20) and handsome ??? (Syd's words) was entrusted with all this heavy stuff carting it hither and thither at 20 mph with none of the aids trucks have today, power steering being the most obvious, and not always with a 'second-man' !!


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Claverdon 1955 Claverdon 1955 Mat & Trailer
Scotland 1956

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Mat & Trailer
Scotland 1956
Mat with Smith's Loading, RAF Lichfield

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Nr Leicester
Return to Lichfield

SMT 2 Trailer with D8 Me & Mat - SHAP

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