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Sadly, Syd is no longer with us, Please click here for RIP Section

This page contains pictures from the archives of Syd Fox taken around 60 years ago on his Brownie Box Camera with a cheap film in it by a lousy photographer (His words not mine - Ian).


Some 317 Eindhoven lads, about 1954

Cpl George Wooton, Cpl Dick Lillico, 'Dinty' Moore, Geordie Hall, 'Gil' Harding, 'Taf' Williams, Jack Rippon and Frank Whittle.

sydfox2.jpg (117007 bytes)


317 Eindhoven 1954

Tony Allen with his 16/67 at Antwerp docks yakking to Brian Whitcomb whilst waiting for the tractor to bring his loaded trailer over from the quayside.

Didn't you have a tarp Tony?

Hard to pick your nose with those 'pansy' gloves on?


sydfox1.jpg (85728 bytes)


317 Eindhoven 1954

Frank Whittle with his Hippo 15/57, at 5' 7" Frank used to stand under the steering wheel and stretch his hands up to grip the spokes of the wheel and then walk around the steering column to steer the front wheels when backing his trailer, no power steering on those 14.00 x 20 front wheels!

Oh yeah, well just look at the size of the trailer tarp and tell me how he got that huge mass of filthy oily weight up there ? spread evenly you might notice, and roped it all down so neatly....... all by himself, alone as we always were, probably on a windy, blustery day, no umbrella nor raincoat.

So who took the photo then, Frank?


sydfox3.jpg (96434 bytes)


Antwerp quayside, about 1954

Ho! look at the young Fox leaping along his trailer shouting and yelling at the docker no doubt. Note the red headlamp as a tail light.

The Hippo would be further along behind and having boxes dumped onto it at the same time, too bad if I hadn't put the tarp on the cab roof beforehand.


sydfox6.jpg (133908 bytes)


317 Eindhoven 1953/55

Frank Whittle's 15AE57 at Eindhoven, loaded, not yet roped, for Hamburg docks.

sydfox7.jpg (136906 bytes)


2MT Lichfield, about 1957

A heavy load of caustic soda taken slowly from Caernarfon to Carlisle. Just by Snowdon as a snow storm cam along. I found it quite difficult to paint the figure 2 upside down !!

sydfox8.jpg (126522 bytes)


317 Eindhoven 1953/55

At Eindhoven with a snow plough and a load of ground equipment going to Hamburg docks.

sydfox9.jpg (116612 bytes)


2MT Lichfield, September 1956 - July 1957

A load of propellers taken from Carlisle to Rolls propeller factory at Beeston, Notts.

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sydfox4.jpg (92511 bytes)


Fox's Hippo & trailer at Antwerp docks

Just come off quayside and backed up to the trailer, tilt up, tailboard down, ready to hook up. Then tarp and rope down in the rain.


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