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This page contains pictures from the archives of Les Freathy, although not an ex MTD he is a military transport historian.

Please contact him if you can add any information to the following.


faun1.jpg (102339 bytes) faun 2.jpg (90968 bytes)
A couple of photos of those ugly but powerful Fauns issued to the RAF in Germany


fordson sussex ballon.jpg (85183 bytes) fordson sussx ballon 2.jpg (72013 bytes)

Ford Sussex Balloon Winch


Austin K6 crew bus.jpg (143742 bytes) ta1.jpg (37265 bytes) tacr2.jpg (74314 bytes) tacr1.jpg (78446 bytes)
Line drawing of the
Austin K6 crew bus


Dodge VK62 crew bus


TACR2 at Manston about 1999


ted1.jpg (45326 bytes) ted2.jpg (52619 bytes) ted3.jpg (53099 bytes) mmi10.jpg (226749 bytes)
German buses in RAF Service in Germany

Humber staff car and
Thornycroft Nubian
lorries in Germany


Ford WOT6 3 Ton
RAF workshop

ta3.jpg (32511 bytes)
AEC Mercury low profile refueller


austin30cwt.jpg (69782 bytes) austin30cwt2.jpg (93943 bytes) aec6x6.jpg (63430 bytes) aec6x62.jpg (69807 bytes)
Austin 30cwt electrical repair trucks AEC 6x6 fuel tankers


rafmt1.jpg (61809 bytes) mh1.jpg (40661 bytes) mh2.jpg (49618 bytes)
A restored Standard Vanguard pickup at the war and peace
show in 2007


M type 30 cwt Bedford truck,
first entered service with the
RAF in 1939


The tipper version just over 100 purchased by the Air Ministry in 1939


freathy36.jpg (75802 bytes) freathy37.jpg (73761 bytes) freathy38.jpg (54521 bytes)
David Brown towing tractor Multi Jaw on the tractor at Lydd airport in 1970, can anyone tell me were these jaws fitted whilst in RAF service? One from the R.F.C a Ford model T ambulance with a huge oversize body fitted and one of those lovely old Crossley tenders, I remember back in the 1970s one of these shown at a military vehicle rally in superb order is it still around?

freathy34.jpg (50047 bytes) freathy35.jpg (50115 bytes)
900 Gallon Bowser built by Butterfields for the RAF


don2.jpg (32429 bytes) mil mac 1.jpg (70044 bytes) mlu2.jpg (104868 bytes) mlu16.jpg (49131 bytes)

Standard Flying 12 Tilly early civilian type radiator


Dodge Commando domestic tender trialled at Manston


Phase 1 Standard Vanguard pickup


Pre war Crossley ILG balloon winch at Cardington


 freathy32.jpg (88460 bytes) freathy33.jpg (94234 bytes) freathy31.jpg (69323 bytes)
Ford WOT 1 3 ton 6x4 mobile dental truck from WW2

Bedford SB3 coach, 31 seater also adaptable to a 16 stretcher ambulance

Pre War Albion Ambulance
freathy30.jpg (30160 bytes) freathy29.jpg (28950 bytes) freathy28.jpg (40180 bytes)

2 AEC 0854s and a Karrier Bantam, something to do with 51 MT I am told

2 ex RAF vehicles, the Thornycroft / Coles crane and behind the Standard Vanguard pick up

A Taskers demo Queen Mary attached to an Austin Loadstar

freathy25.jpg (167354 bytes) freathy26.jpg (96322 bytes) freathy27.jpg (57920 bytes)

Late type Crossley Q tractor with Taskers Queen Mary note the extending frames are raised in this photo

Line of early Crossley Q's the end one is a photo reproduction unit, various other R.A.F vehicles in the background including Bedford MW 15cwt and Commer Q2 15cwt

The Taskers Queen Mary coupled to the early model Crossley

freathy21.jpg (48024 bytes) freathy22.jpg (76508 bytes) freathy23.jpg (31703 bytes)

A pre/early wartime Hillman HAWK, yes Hillman not Humber Tender. That cab must have been designed for tall drivers.

Chassis and scuttle of the later model 3 ton Crossley Q tractor.

I need some I.D here on this Bedford 15cwt, its the only photo I have seen with this extra large box body is it signals or maintenance any serving guys ever seen one during your time?

freathy24.jpg (52499 bytes) freathy19.jpg (35893 bytes) freathy20.jpg (49123 bytes)

Post war Bedford RL 3 ton mountain rescue truck has typical R.A.F style rear tilt

Ford WOT1 signals, WW2 truck that carried on in service until the late 1950s

PW Fordson Thames ET6 balloon winch

freathy16.jpg (118229 bytes) freathy17.jpg (68605 bytes) freathy18.jpg (145590 bytes)

Austin K9 1 ton Ambulance in preservation. Not many of these have survived and I took this photo over 20 years ago so I do hope it's still around, it was immaculate.

David Brown tow tractor at Lydd airport in the 1950s.

This one is from my neighbour Docker Williams and on the back it gives the unit details. He is sitting in the front centre on the right, the unit is M.T section 5.cmu SEAAF, I presume this to mean South East Asia Air Force or have I missed something in there.

freathy10.jpg (82022 bytes) freathy11.jpg (36130 bytes) freathy12.jpg (63934 bytes)

The light fire and crash tender based on the 2 ton Karrier Bantam, as can be seen it is basically a flatbed adapted for the role.

Interesting conversion by RAF workshops of a German SDkfz7 8 ton semitrack to a fire crash foam tender, whilst the cross country performance would have been suitable its turn of speed would not.

A E C 0854 6x6 refueller at a military sale in the early 1960s, note the power generating truck on the right probably a Ford ET6 6x4.

freathy13.jpg (69504 bytes) freathy14.jpg (52398 bytes) freathy15.jpg (63526 bytes)

Wartime shot of an early cabbed 0854 refueller, the cab roof on these was flatter as opposed to the later deep curve.

Nice restored early tanker, not sure if this ever had the booms fitted.

Rear view of another restored example this time the late model complete with booms.

freathy07.jpg (84938 bytes) freathy08.jpg (45196 bytes) freathy09.jpg (97133 bytes)

Two Bedford S type aircraft servicing hoists seen here at a military surplus sale in the late 1960s.

Brand new Bedford S type tender with typical R.A.F steel body.

Crew with one of the Crossley Q types. It would be nice if one of the older members could pick out someone they knew.

freathy04.jpg (97430 bytes)

freathy05.jpg (53019 bytes)

freathy06.jpg (94119 bytes)

CMP from the transport pool, I am not sure what the frame is in the back.

Bedford-Lacre runway sweeper from the 1960s.

Wartime Crossley Q 4x4 workshop.

freathy01.jpg (134550 bytes)

freathy02.jpg (98061 bytes)

freathy03.jpg (105236 bytes)

Karrier Bantam flat, this photo is late 1940s and the Bantam was also issued as a light crash and fire tender and a box van. These MK1 were superseded by the later MK2 featuring a adapted Commer cab.

Ford WOA2 heavy utility looks to be desert Air Force and looking at the terrain in Tunisia, hopefully some further details will emerge on the unit.

15cwt utility in Burma, body was built over there and it was used as the runabout.

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