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This page contains pictures from the archives of Geoff Pallett taken at Goldsborough and Fylingdales 5131 Bomb Disposal Sqn and Holbeach Lincs.

1960_hut206_18flt_pic.jpg (74185 bytes)
My square bashing photo
Hut 206, 18 Flt
Bridgenorth Oct 1960
I am extreme left sitting down.


5131sqn-600.jpg (99044 bytes) Fylingdales202.jpg (51289 bytes)
This badge was carried on all BD
Vehicles at Goldsborough.
We cleared all the moorland before this first
edition of Fylingdales was built, 
88370915.jpg (32404 bytes)
We had 2 Bren Gun Carriers (Library picture).
88094937.jpg (154138 bytes) 88107912.jpg (48066 bytes) Antenna parts convoy Saltersgate 22 May 62.jpg (31581 bytes)
Radar installation coming down Saltersgate hill
88094188.jpg (42045 bytes) 88140831.jpg (45459 bytes) 88140751.jpg (21535 bytes)
gp39.jpg (85462 bytes) gp40.jpg (78539 bytes) gp11.jpg (132289 bytes) gp01.jpg (210269 bytes)
Tracked Landrovers driven by him at Holbeach 1962/3, they had two of them, before that they had Bren Gun Carriers.


gp03.jpg (58843 bytes) gp07.jpg (58392 bytes) gp05.jpg (55931 bytes)

gp42.jpg (58774 bytes)

Ron Carr, lives in
Whitby, Ray Pierce, lives Shrewsbury,
Cpl Orchard deceased


gp15.jpg (44838 bytes)

gp38.jpg (43324 bytes)

gp16.jpg (30727 bytes)

gp25.jpg (47592 bytes)

Me, Pete Hindmarsh,
Fred Else at
Goldsborough 1962





gp14.jpg (45535 bytes) gp04.jpg (58370 bytes) gp13.jpg (48650 bytes) gp43.jpg (59026 bytes)
Fred Else, also lives in  Whitby
gp33.jpg (32248 bytes) gp23.jpg (50889 bytes) gp22.jpg (48914 bytes) gp06.jpg (59276 bytes)
On Moors with Morris Commercial Ambulance 13AA13


gp45.jpg (79874 bytes)
This was the second Ambulance at Goldsborough and also on SSQ at RAF Lyneham.
This is not the actual one but a copy of one on another station but is exact.
Our BD Vehicles all had red mud guards to denote Bomb Disposal but the Ambulances did not.
This is a vehicle of another allocation and is not of BD Sqn.
Picture courtesy of Les Freathy


Scanned pages from Geoff's story for the 'RAF Bomb Disposal Association' magazine..........


bds1.gif (568301 bytes) bds2.gif (292895 bytes)


bds3.gif (644595 bytes)


bds4.gif (502052 bytes) bds5.gif (478632 bytes) bds6.gif (640700 bytes)


gp20.jpg (42229 bytes) gp31.jpg (65681 bytes) gp32.jpg (54538 bytes) gp09.jpg (58847 bytes)
Me going somewhere
in a RL


Me looking at Prang Goldsborough.
gp34.jpg (57476 bytes) gp02.jpg (61255 bytes) gp35.jpg (38009 bytes) gp12.jpg (36585 bytes)
Pranged RL overturned on Moors swerving for a sheep 1962


gp19.jpg (44483 bytes) gp27.jpg (40465 bytes) gp08.jpg (65131 bytes) gp30.jpg (217375 bytes)
The group are Ron Carr, Errol Atherton. Bill Hall Tony Nurse, and Fred Else Goldsborough


Faithful Landrover
gp21.jpg (210517 bytes) gp10.jpg (80537 bytes) gp18.jpg (77467 bytes) gp17.jpg (96165 bytes)
RAF Bridgnorth 1960 extreme left sitting middle row


On the Moors accommodation for Shelter From the Elements
gp36.jpg (62195 bytes) gp28.jpg (65245 bytes) gp37.jpg (44891 bytes) gp29.jpg (120691 bytes)
Winter 1962/3
We were frozen
As it was when our chaps left and they built the place. Now all gone and updated Myself after leaving Bridgnorth with my pal Tom Curtis taking photo, going on leave before going to Weeton


gp44.jpg (46438 bytes) gp24.jpg (67365 bytes) gp41.jpg (90803 bytes)
Chief Bomb Disposal Officer 
F/Lt Tony Tottey MBE
10 Ton Hippo and trailer
at 16 MU Stafford

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