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Vintage MT

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Nice Site, I served in the RAF from 1961 - 1984 although I was not an MT driver by trade I did my fair share of driving an assortment of vehicles. Attached are a couple of photo's you may be able to use.

Regards Steve Lister
Ex 40th Boy Entrants
Air Wireless

mtv1.jpg (27165 bytes)

mtv2.jpg (35064 bytes)

fordcoach.jpg (21035 bytes)

mtrs.jpg (36594 bytes)

borgwardrvt.jpg (24890 bytes)

maggies.jpg (24420 bytes)
Tom Padgett sent in these happy snaps taken at Eindhoven in the mid 50s.

Hi Bill & Ian

Well done on a great needed site.
I was at Cardington on The Balloon Unit from 1952 -1960. Then to the driving school at Weeton. 1960-1964 I taught mostly fire trucks. Fontainebleau next, Medmenham, Marham, St Athan, Gan, back to St. Athan and came out of the RAF in 1974. I now live in Florida. Great life.

Len Slade

mt22.jpg (28245 bytes)
The photo on the left,
top row is Bill Easton
and me, at RAF Weeton
The Balloon Unit soccer team, 
I am second from the left
in the front row.
I am second from the left and to the right is Dave Bloomfield. Centre

kuching66.jpg (71730 bytes)

WDS.jpg (38065 bytes)

Hi Bill & Ian, 

Just a small token of Photos that I have started to extract from the attic.

Kind regards, 
Mick Mantripp

P.s. The Bods in the top left are from L-R Sgt. Bill Patterson, Cpl.Nick Smart, Cpl. Pat Murphy, Cpl. Chris Fletcher, and Group Captain Sykes, the C.o. of Weeton (B.Class Driver). This was taken just before we moved the lot to St Athan.

RAF Eindhoven 1953
These photos were taken at RAF Eindhoven, the one to the right is of the Station Wrecker and a few MT Fitters and the three below are of vehicles I drove during the time I was there.

Les Nash

crane001.gif (56335 bytes)

crane002.gif (53972 bytes)

crane003.gif (44175 bytes)

RAF Eindhoven 1953 MT Section with Scammel.JPG (28651 bytes)

Hi Bill & Ian, 

My name is Jack Morris and I was an M.T. driver from 1956 till 1959 stationed for 2 and 1/2 years at R.A.F. Ahlhorn which is near Oldenberg in West Germany. Many great times were had there but all good things come to an end when the camp was handed back to the Germans in 1959, I was one of 18 people who closed the camp down. This web site is brilliant, my son who is also a corporal in M.T. at R.A.F. Kinloss told me about you, keep up the good work and I'll speak to you soon. A few pics are attached, myself with the Merc. I was attached to 213 Canberra Squadron as a refueller driver for some time, hence the German Bussing Refueller, which was a dream to drive.

Take care of yourselves.


Ahlhorn.jpg (34258 bytes)

Bussing.jpg (40828 bytes)

M.T. Section.jpg (25075 bytes)

Merc.jpg (19322 bytes)

Peter Wilkie sent these two.


Coles Crane Fayid 1947.jpg (79140 bytes)
A Coles crane, Fayid 1947

Vanguard Changi village.jpg (18477 bytes)
Vanguard, Changi Village

Queen Mary and Hut.jpg (72478 bytes)

Left is a newspaper cutting from the East African Standard sometime in 1960. " Look Derek, no dollies!!"  Right is a Sentinel Tug at Eastleigh 1961

Regards Mick Mantripp

Sentinel Tug Eastleigh.jpg (45829 bytes)

AH...... the old Queen Mary, so was that your back load? couldn't you get some sheep like every one else????LOL 
The Sentinel with its RR engine, pre-select G/box, it would make the front go light if you wellied it, I never towed A/C with one..... just got drunk on them........we used to use one to de-ice the runway with IPA meg (in a tlr with foldout booms), ok down one side of the r/way but when you turned back to do the other side you'd get the wind behind you, the fumes would engulf the driver in that air conditioned
cab......didn't need much..........


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