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Mike Tilyard sent these in from his two and a half years at RAF Idris in the mid 50's, "Wonderful days,  never forgotten"


MickTilyard2.jpg (45822 bytes) MickTilyard3.jpg (81774 bytes) MickTilyard.jpg (52547 bytes)

I was associated with MT vehicles as a Radar Fitter in 1950-54, these are from 1950 in NE England as part of a mobile C & M servicing group.

Also the events on a Convoy to replace u/s radar equipment at the end of a pier in Cuxhaven Harbour, and 'no' it was not salt proof. Billeted for a couple of nights with the RN and that is quite another story - the RAF had no conception of navy rounds by the OOD at 20:00hrs!!! Shambles we caused.

Michael Ward


C & M [NE] 1950-53


C&M2.jpg (201341 bytes) Cliff Singleton at Dirleton 1951  10.jpg (171308 bytes) MGW Offduty RAF Dirleton 1950.jpg (106435 bytes)
C & M Party transport outside
Waverly Hotel. Seaton Carew,
West Hartlpool:
for RAF Seaton Snook
MT Driver Cliff Singleton,
Londoner. Regular.
Note the Tyres! 15cwt Fordson
RAF 128677 with 'S' (Signals)
mark at RAF Dirleton nr Edinburgh


Myself! Ground Radar Fitter
MGW RAF Dirleton 1950.jpg (197240 bytes) RAF  1951 sm 15.jpg (327090 bytes) RAF C & M 1952 -6.jpg (210696 bytes)
Myself, in front of RAF128677 Four of the C & M Party, Left to
right; AC1, Cliff Singleton; AC1,
'Chalky' White, Electrician;
Glaswegian; LAC, n/k; AC1, n/k
Relaxing on the Hay, RAF
Northstead(?), Acklington,
Right hand Airman is Chalky White


RAF Grangemouth 1953  1.jpg (190561 bytes)

RAF Ron&Cliff.jpg (124675 bytes)
C & M Party replacement transport, note change to
registration number from the wartime ones. At RAF
Grangemouth, nr Edinburgh, (pre WW2 Edinburgh
Airport and later Fighter Station)


AC1 Ron surname n/k, Ground Radar mechanic;
Cliff Singleton
Germany 1953 2nd TAF BAOR


Breakdown on Autobahn 1953 13.jpg (144281 bytes) Conv203.jpg (201311 bytes) Bremen that way 1953 27.jpg (190750 bytes)
Just your normal breakdown,
well being the 20KVA Lister
Diesel it was not used to being
driven much! 45AV07


A thirsty Army Despatch rider
gets a tankful from the Matador,
always some needing
a helping hand
"Lost again" apparently maps were
not issued to the Drivers!!
Conv213.jpg (175703 bytes) Conv216 bwn.jpg (191079 bytes) Conv208.jpg (183752 bytes)
Good solid towbar "Another wrong way!" 34AV27 "Oops!" This was the radar
receiver/ops vehicle. 10AC93


Conv 20kva Lister 209.jpg (155683 bytes) Bremerhaven tram 1953  5.jpg (127558 bytes) Conv206.jpg (168913 bytes)
"Oops Again" Reversing was OK -
pity about the lamp post. 45AV07


"The Tram that got in the way!" Where it all went wrong!
Bent Cuxhaven 1953 29.jpg (201840 bytes) Conv210.jpg (169444 bytes) Conv202.jpg (201499 bytes)
The Matador showing it's
encounter with the Tram.
The result - don't take on an
old german tram!
The W/O ic Transport arrives from
RAF Sundern to see what all the
fuss is about! Decided we were fit
to press on!
Standard Vanguard 51AR44


Camp Grohn 1953  gs7.jpg (136164 bytes) RAF Celle ex Luftwaffe 1953 -2.jpg (191022 bytes) Radar Vehicle 1953  22.jpg (128073 bytes)
Home to the 307th Replacement
Group" Where the Convoy took
refuge and enjoyed the sumptuous
food the G.I's enjoyed as normal!!!
Pity an RAF Catering Officer was
not with us! Before we made it to
RAF Celle - had to ask the way
from the Sheriff, complete with
badge and revolver at the waist!


Nice places the Luftwaffe had
but now taken over by the RAF
The sad line up at RAF Celle, long
wait whilst decisions were made
elsewhere as to what was to be
done! Three days it took if my
memory is to be believed
Ex german barracks 1953 23.jpg (199775 bytes) Radar Vehicle 1953  22 1.jpg (343471 bytes) RAF Sundern.jpg (185825 bytes)
It's RAF Celle, around the back Unharmed, this was the radar
transmitter/receiver vehicle.


"Home again" Ex German
Luftwaffe barracks - real luxury!
Conv214.jpg (188294 bytes) Cuxhaven crew 1953 4.jpg (193024 bytes)
All I can remember is that airman on the left of the first picture was a Driver as were the
Corporal and the one flanking him.  I was just the Corporal Radar Fitter responsible only for
the three radar mechanics and the Radar Set - thank Heavens!

Having nothing better to do whilst having my tea I found your Drivers site.

I was a FMT on 51 MT Coy in Egypt and Canal Zone between August 1946 and July 1948.

Perhaps these photos have some interest for you site.


974  Cann John (87)

PS The small photos were taken with a Kodak127 that went to India in 1914!!


john_cann2.jpg (9193 bytes) john_cann3.jpg (13437 bytes) john_cann.jpg (59704 bytes)
Myself with a Mack Wrecker (converted tank towing truck) somewhere between the Palestine Frontier and Kilo 108.
Feb/Mar 1948
Workshops 51Mt at RAF Elhamra August 1947

Dick budgen sent some of his Father's pictures from his time on No 1 MT, Darlington, possibly 1943.

The chap on the bike is my Father, Fred Budgen, who served with MT No1 from 1941 until it was disbanded in September 1943 . I'd really love to hear from anyone who was serving there at the same time, although I suspect they are few and far between now.


MT No1 FPB On Motorcycle.jpg (65100 bytes) MT No1 Motorcycle.jpg (59016 bytes)
Fred Budgen


No1 MT Motorcycle


MT No1 Personnel.jpg (110381 bytes) MT No1 Officers and NCOs.jpg (154781 bytes) MT No1 Mowden Hall.jpg (102614 bytes)
No1 MT Personnel Officers & NCO's No1 MT HQ Mowden Hall

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