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Although Stan isn't an MT Driver we thought we'd 'post' a copy of an email we recently received.
(Note the site crest and his age).

Update 25.02.04:
Sadly, Stan Michael (PIP) Warren, Died 4.15 am, 3rd February 2004

Hello Guys,

Had to laugh out loud when I piped your logo Pist'n Broke!!!!, did me good having just recovered from a bout of the lurgi (or something) You have a great site there old lad, I had a good shufti, but must say that my old eyes find your small pics a bit of a handicap, but I am 91 years old, although folks don't believe it.
Although I wasn't MT, I took the course for drivers ready for the 2nd front at Pwhelli, cant spell that so lets say North Wales, then at Blackpool where we had the big stuff, scared the shavings out of me having to reverse a crane up a narrow ramp, but I made it. I volunteered for the course, although I already held a licence, so it was like a con course, as a result, I had a Thorney to take up through France, and was glad to be shut of it at Brussels!, now I would not drive a pedal car !! 

Stan Warren

Dear Both

Great site, some time ago I sent some stories to a RAF News advert for RAF tales, have heard nothing since so here they are,

In 1957 they decided to build a radar station on the top of Tai Mo Shan (19,000ft) in the new territories, Hong Kong. Most of the RAF Sek Kong drivers, now at Kai Tak, were involved.
vint006.jpeg (20311 bytes)
Paddy Ferelli took a 10 ton Coles up to the top, no mean feat, as the road was a jeep track, from the road (Twisk) it was five miles to the top, but as the crow flies it was only one mile.

I took several bits up on a Bedford RL tipper, past the front of the tipper you can see the runway of RAF Sek Kong, with China in the background.vint007.jpeg (17224 bytes)
Nine years later I was with 2 MT and a fellow driver showed me some photo's of what was left of the crane, It was up there some time then someone was bringing it down, missed a gear, lost control, and jumped out of the cab, and the crane found it's own way down.

Cliff Lowe

Added: 18/09/08

Hi Ian,

Came across your MT drivers website while trying to find information about 117 Signals Unit in Hong Kong.
The construction of the Tai Mo Shan radar site was mentioned in one of the e-mails on display. I was a Cpl Aerial Erector and helped to build the site. There were two Bedford tipper lorries which delivered all the steelwork etc to the site up a very narrow and hairy track, the two drivers were great, carefully dumping the loads of steel exactly where we asked thus saving us a lot of sweat and toil.

We, the construction guys, were taken up there every day from RAF Kai Tak in the Tai Mo Shan Express, a Bedford 3 tonner driven by our MT driver Cpl Jim Cook who also operated the crane. The journey up and down the mountain was very hair-raising with lots of shunting to get the 3 tonner around the hairpin corners, often with sheer-drops below. Jim was a brilliant driver and could work wonders with the crane to get the girders into place for us.

The crane often had to be moved from one tower to the other along a steep and winding rough track which had to be done with the crane reversing down very slowly. Towards the end of the job Jim took a few days leave to get married and a new driver was sent to operate the crane for us. He knew it all!!! No creeping down for him. Just shoved it into gear and set off next thing it started sliding and over the side it went. He was lucky not to be killed.

The crane was wrecked. Jim went ballistic when he heard about it, up there for Months and not so much as a scratch. Fortunately most of the heavy lifting was done by then.

Attached are a few photographs which may be of interest.

Happy days



vint271.jpg (38539 bytes) vint272.jpg (34569 bytes) vint274.jpg (46371 bytes) vint273.jpg (77975 bytes)


Added: 10/01/12

In relation to the above incident Terry Fowler sent in these extracts from his service history.

I was then posted to Hong Kong (1955-56?) where we built a radar set on Mt Davis from a kit of parts supplied by the Americans so that we could spy on Chinese planes and pass the information on to an analysis unit in Australia. The radar was built on an old gun emplacement that was accessed by two 45-degree ramps. The kit was dragged to the top of these ramps using a Scammell tank recovery vehicle to winch up three-ton lorries to the top.

One day a clever RAOC driver decided to drive down the ramp with an empty three tonner in front of the Scammell. This was fine until the Scammell dropped out of gear and they ended up going down relying on the Scammell's brakes. Fortunately the RAF driver in the three tonner did not touch his brakes otherwise it would have jack-knifed and they would have ended up at the bottom of a cliff.

A party of airmen went out on a liberty run in a three-ton lorry to go swimming. I was 'duty officer' and received a phone call to say that the vehicle had been in an accident. It turned out that the bed of the lorry had slammed against a cliff side and all the bolts securing the lorry bed were sheered off, depositing the lorry bed and the airmen on the road, no injuries thankfully.


Terry Fowler (ex SGT)

vint005.jpg (68101 bytes)

MT Section. Royal Air Force Stradishall 1954

We were the best at something ??
Reason for the inane grins, someone had just let rip a great loud one 
(or put another way had broken wind)

The first picture below is line up of some of the Bedford QL 950 gal refuellers on the new hard standing extension of the MT yard. The hard standing was the only thing left in 1989 of the MT section when I paid a visit to Stradishall, now called HMP Prison Highpoint, (in my other life as a prison officer)

vint004.jpg (19529 bytes)
vint003.jpg (23012 bytes)
vint001.jpg (20873 bytes)
vint002.jpg (18690 bytes)
Bedford QL 950 gal
AEC Mamoth Major
AEC Matador
Ford Phoenix 
(a cow to drive)
vint019.jpeg (31213 bytes)
vint017.jpeg (20330 bytes)
vint018.jpeg (16818 bytes)
vint020.jpeg (21597 bytes)
Hippo's RAF Quedgley 1967 all vehicles are 2 MT

Group photo is RAF Old Sarum 1964 [safe driving award] the last photo is of ' Blodwyn'  my crane, the last screw jib in the RAF, a Leyland Retriever went for sale and we had a modern AEC COLES That would not go round the tight 1912 little camp roads.

RAF Sek Kong lazy vehicles  1956 All horizontal instead of vertical.............       Still it is China  !

vint021.jpeg (31955 bytes)

vint023.jpeg (37240 bytes)

vint022.jpeg (28029 bytes)

Standard  Vanguard-
Taff Boyce in a borrowed overcoat.

Austin one tonner -Tai Po Road.

Bedford RL- Castle Peak Road

vint024.jpeg (21631 bytes)

B team, RAF Abingdon refuelling flight 1964ish


Cliff Lowe
Lots more from Cliff in MT Tales

This fine selection was sent in by Gerald Paul taken during his time as an MT Driver at RAF Ahlhorn in Germany from 1956 - 1958.  Most of his time at Ahlhorn was spent as Sick Quarters Driver.  When the camp was being handed over to the Germans he was posted to RAF Gutersloh to finish his service. 

mtv50.jpg (66440 bytes) mtv51.jpg (41952 bytes) mtv52.jpg (29893 bytes) mtv55.jpg (32322 bytes)
Bussing Crashed German F84 Thunderstreak Crashed Opel Kapitan driven by Taffy Challenger Refueller
mtv53.jpg (38763 bytes) mtv43.jpg (42668 bytes) mtv54.jpg (24333 bytes) mtv45.jpg (31861 bytes)
RAF Ahlhorn Demob Party RAF Ahlhorn Officers Mess RAF Ahlhorn 
Refuelling Flt
mtv46.jpg (29203 bytes) mtv47.jpg (28696 bytes) mtv48.jpg (82314 bytes) mtv49.jpg (37001 bytes)
RAF Ahlhorn Refuelling Vehicles RAF Ahlhorn Sick Quarters RAF Fassberg MT Drivers Sylt Sqn Refueller Drivers, Myself, Moby Whale and Granville Kershaw

Hi Guy's

Came across your page through reading the 'RAF NEWS' a great page.

Just thought that you may like to see a pic of me and my trusty 'Thorny' at RAF Locking in 1951, I used locking as a stop over when I was on a task running between Exeter and Lytham St Annes, a really long distance run in those days, I was on this task for about two months.

At No 2 Mt Company once we managed to get away from RAF Bicester which was 40 Group HQ's, and a real bull camp,( in fact our CO said if we came back to Bicester on a Monday, we were not fit to be in 2MT as he could not get us off kit inspection on a Tuesday morning) we did not know when we would return, as once a task was finished we would get another task from what ever movements control was nearest to us.
Anyway enough said.
Cheerio for now Ray Davies

mtv37.jpg (57446 bytes)

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