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Vintage MT

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Mavis sent in this picture taken at Driffield in 1956

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Gordon Leggett sent these taken at RAF Kuala Lumpur in 1958 and on Detachment in Penang 1959

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RAF Kuala Lumpur 1958

Standard Vanguard

The Crew Bus

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The MT Datachment
Penang 1959

The MT Yard

Anyone know these guys
Kuala Lumpur 1958

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I think his name
was Keith

Jock Jenkins
at Penang

Morris J2

Penang Airport 1959

Alan Whatman sent in these taken up Troodos 1961/62


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"Must have been a 'B' class driver !!"

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Les De La Mare sent in this collection, which needs space of it's own.
Click on the picture to view his album.

The following collection has been sent in by Don Clark who runs the 211 Squadron website.

Credit for the pictures must be given to his contributors who are:-

JE Fryatt - CFR Clark - M Sainsbury - EL Cooper
RJ "Mick" Dudman - RJ "Mick" Dudman - AB Wythe DFM



"A tented encampment not far from the sea...". El Daba main RAF camp sited alongside the railway station, probably some time between May and September 1940. Among the tents in the mid-foreground are two Photographic Section trucks and other MT.

vint008.jpg (24755 bytes)


The convoy climbs. Among the many hairpins  of the mountains, 211 Squadron MT en route from Menidi (Tatoi) outside Athens to Paramythia, NW Greece. February 1941

vint012.jpg (120621 bytes)


On the way to Ismailia in Egypt from Dabaa in the Western Desert. Halfway House, possibly. 211 Squadron MT convoy leaving the Desert for embarkation to Greece, early Nov 1940.

vint009.jpg (19527 bytes)


Sweeping the landing ground. Probably El Daba or Quotaifiya, Western Desert 1940. Early morning and the booby-trap party is out cleaning up thermos bombs dropped overnight by the Italians. From the EL Cooper collection

vint011.jpg (20565 bytes)

Overlooked by the snowy upper slopes of a valley in the Pindus Mountains, NW Greece, the boys "ease springs". 211 Squadron MT en route to Paramythia, February 1941.

vint013.jpg (20202 bytes)

Somewhere in Greece. The 211 Squadron MT convoy to Paramythia, Feb 1941, negotiates more hairpin bends. The figures beside the road are women working on the roadside drainage culverts.

vint014.jpg (38576 bytes)

211 Squadron MT (Motor Transport) Section Chiringa 1945 No personnel have been identified in this happy shot, so far. Any assistance welcome.

vint016.jpg (37633 bytes)

Transporting the sick. A Vickers Valentia and MT transport at work "somewhere in the Middle East". 70 Squadron and 216 Squadron operated these distant relatives of the WWI Vickers Vimy until late 1940 and late 1941 respectively. This aircraft has the open dorsal gunner's
position above the cabin. Six of 216's aircraft were so modified at the time of the Abyssinia crisis in 1935/36. Not all Valentias had this "luxury" but the photographic record shows that both Squadrons had aircraft so equipped. The aircraft is camouflaged, which suggests
a war-time date. The solemn presence of the personnel at attention along both sides of the covered MT hints at a grimmer purpose than the title suggests.

vint010.jpg (97877 bytes)

Probably Derha Dun May 1942. Having escaped by the skin of their teeth from Java in March 1942 through Australia or Ceylon to India, remaining groundcrew of 211 Squadron pose in front of a Bedford QL 3-ton GS truck in the Hill Country. At least 351 personnel of 211
Squadron fell captive in Java, 180 surviving. 64 aircrew and groundcrew of 211 Squadron were lucky to be among the last RAF personnel evacuated from Java to Australia on 2 March 1942, aboard 205 Squadron's tender for its Catalinas, RAFA "Tung Song". A cheerful
party from this group, identified after multiple contributions as follows:-

Back row, L to R: M. Charlton, Cpl. C. Brett, Tom Henderson (cap aloft), R.Stewart, Cpl K. Cook, N/K, C.Cooke, N/K, V.Kavanagh, F. Gibbs, N/K in solar topee, Cpl J. Fearon, J. Fryatt. Front row: R (Mick) Dudman, T. Quirke, A. Holden, N/K, N/K, Cpl A. Lewis. In the centre on his own is G. House.

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