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Tricia Greenwood sent in these pictures of her late Father Paddy Ryan (see RIP)

If anyone can identify the location in Germany Tricia would be grateful if you could drop here a line.

vint177.jpg (56327 bytes) vint182.jpg (43236 bytes) vint185.jpg (47336 bytes)
Smudge & Jock Malaya or Singapore,
early 1950's

Fred in Malaya 1950

Malaya early 1950's

vint189.jpg (32974 bytes) vint190.jpg (34141 bytes) vint179.jpg (35785 bytes)
1950's somewhere in Germany

1950's somewhere in Germany

1950's somewhere in Germany

vint187.jpg (26205 bytes) vint188.jpg (31070 bytes) vint191.jpg (34191 bytes)

1950's somewhere in Germany


1950's somewhere in Germany


1950's somewhere in Germany


vint184.jpg (44349 bytes) vint196.jpg (52602 bytes) vint198.jpg (37508 bytes)

Dad, Tiny Ervine and Eddie Edwards


Dad and Mick Leavey


 1964/5 at Khormaksar


vint180.jpg (27969 bytes) vint183.jpg (47604 bytes) vint176.jpg (48640 bytes)
MT Section Akrotiri 1969/70

1950's somewhere in Germany


vint178.jpg (47978 bytes) vint181.jpg (44467 bytes) vint175.jpg (43237 bytes)

Rudloe Manor

Possibly Germany

 Benson around mid 1970's

vint192.jpg (32787 bytes) vint193.jpg (47886 bytes) vint194.jpg (48546 bytes)
1950's somewhere in Germany

1950's somewhere in Germany

1950's somewhere in Germany

vint197.jpg (59947 bytes) vint200.jpg (43966 bytes) vint199.jpg (39693 bytes)
 1964/5 at Khormaksar

 1964/5 at Khormaksar

 1964/5 at Khormaksar

Len Slade sent these three to add to others earlier in the archives.

First, Drivers in Christmas Island 1958, second, Me at Cardington 1950s (In uniform) and finally, me today at 73. Miami. 

vint174.jpg (58415 bytes) vint173.jpg (119228 bytes) vint172.jpg (58161 bytes)

John Lawrence sent in this collection of snaps from his album taken when he was at Geilenkirchen Dec 59 to June 62. 
Plus one from his Balloon Course.

vint151.jpg (816839 bytes) vint152.jpg (364394 bytes) vint155.jpg (252490 bytes) vint154.jpg (295356 bytes)
Yours truly with 'Maggi'
at Dusseldorf Docks
circa 1960

'Snowdrop' Escort
through Hamburg - 1961

Anyone out there remember who?

vint162.jpg (320665 bytes) vint156.jpg (303306 bytes) vint157.jpg (304369 bytes) vint158.jpg (324567 bytes)
Ford Coach

'Maggi' & trailer on the
way to RAF Sylt

Main Guardroom
Geilenkirchen - 1961

Anyone remember my
personal transport?

vint159.jpg (192997 bytes) vint160.jpg (324868 bytes) vint161.jpg (340111 bytes) vint163.jpg (282710 bytes)
Matador - Geilenkirchen

Tanker Pool, Faun's

M.T. Control

O.K. Crane

vint164.jpg (319090 bytes) vint165.jpg (280374 bytes) vint166.jpg (358653 bytes) vint167.jpg (266206 bytes)
V.W. Runabout
paper/post run to
H.Q.'s Germany

Pumps at Geilenkirchen

View from M.T. Control
Geilenkirchen - circa 1961

Line up of Hippo's, 
Faun's & Maggi's

vint168.jpg (292651 bytes) vint169.jpg (269998 bytes) vint170.jpg (228537 bytes) vint171.jpg (257864 bytes) vint153.jpg (193149 bytes)
Magirus Deutz at rest

O.C.'s Opel Kapitan

Line of Maggi's

Who remembers the
Windmill Cafe on the
Hanover Autobahn?

Balloon Course
June 1962

Restored Queen Mary trailer snapped during a recent visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum

vint150.jpg (203037 bytes)

Pat Honey Sent in a couple of pictures taken from his website, Airfield Construction Units of the RAF (missing link - please update, Ian)

vint148.jpg (107679 bytes)

vint149.jpg (157271 bytes)

Geof Cope sent these from his archives.

This is a Fordson Utility I was tasked with delivering from the MU at Heywood to Istres South of France near Marseilles in 1952. The F/Sgt on the right was posted there and it was a convenient trip for him, the Sgt on the left was signals, going to check on the comms equipment for 38 Gp HQ which was then at Upavon.

vint143.jpg (28941 bytes)

This was a small group of the RAF personnel at RAF Kuching on expedition training in the jungle South of Kuching. I was driving one of the Land Rovers and there was a story attached to this that I may add at a later date.

vint144.jpg (27968 bytes)

This is a number of drivers that formed part of my MT. Section for the 1979 Paris Air Show. There were three coaches, a Bedford 3 ton truck, 2 1800 cars and we hired a fleet of Citroen CX saloons. Possibly the only ones ever to carry the Royal Air Force stickers on the sides and roundels front and rear!

vint145.jpg (29252 bytes)

A Fordson WOT 1 monitor fire tender of the type that I drove on crash stand-by when stationed at RAF Upavon 1948 to 1951.
vint146.jpg (23050 bytes)

The M.T. Section at RAF Kuching. My office in the lean-to and M.T.S.S. on the right.
vint147.jpg (24983 bytes)

My Scammel at El Firdan  (Canal Zone) 1954

vint139.jpg (15386 bytes)


Me on the left as C in C's driver MEAF outside staff billets Kyrenia Cyprus, 1956

vint140.jpg (13667 bytes)


Scammel from Chivenor, 1969, at Braunton Burrows, during cross country driving training

vint141.jpg (20669 bytes)


Liquid Oxygen tanker with Leyland donkey from RAF Hemswell Thor site, during breakfast break en-route to Brinsworth B.O.C. plant Rotherham for filling

vint142.jpg (11455 bytes)


Pete Wileen sent in this fine collection of relics from yesteryear.

vint120.jpg.JPG (63704 bytes)

vint121.jpg.JPG (89280 bytes)

vint122.jpg.JPG (109806 bytes)

vint123.jpg.JPG (109062 bytes)

vint124.jpg.JPG (88832 bytes)


vint125.jpg.JPG (74796 bytes)

vint126.jpg.JPG (101073 bytes)

vint127.jpg.JPG (123016 bytes)

vint128.jpg.JPG (125789 bytes)

vint129.jpg.JPG (104635 bytes)



vint130.jpg.JPG (114723 bytes)

vint131.jpg.JPG (102004 bytes)

vint132.jpg.JPG (94710 bytes)

vint133.jpg.JPG (105771 bytes)

vint134.jpg.JPG (47176 bytes)




vint135.jpg.JPG (118209 bytes)

vint136.jpg.JPG (115929 bytes)

vint137.jpg.JPG (125795 bytes)

vint138.jpg.JPG (129463 bytes)

Mickie Collins, Ex MT Control Clerk. at North Luffenham sent in these 5

vint115.jpg(61286 bytes)


vint116.jpg (128843 bytes)

vint117.jpg (15147 bytes)

vint119.jpg (58520 bytes)

vint118.jpg (5641 bytes)

Ron Mills
sent in this collection, which needs space of it's own.

ronmills16.jpg (27611 bytes)
Click on the picture to view his album.

The following photo's are mostly of a Studebaker Prime mover with a Queen Mary trailer, I used to drive one these on 51 MTC RAF 1945 - 1947. There were only five of them in the RAF and they were on 51 MTC RAF.

Joe Snook

vint105.jpg (52272 bytes)

vint106.jpg (17814 bytes)

vint107.jpg (18814 bytes)

vint110.jpg (17830 bytes)

vint114.jpg (21482 bytes)

vint108.jpg (28139 bytes)

vint111.jpg (18690 bytes) vint112.jpg (27583 bytes) vint113.jpg (17296 bytes) vint109.jpg (29195 bytes)

I wonder if anyone else has an un-official MT section badge ?
Maybe it was only in the far east where they were so cheap, this was our effort in RAF Sek Kong in 1957.I remember we talked about 'piston broke' but decided against it as it was seen at MTSS at RAF Seletar. I like the way they did MT in a kind of Chinese style.

Cliff  Lowe

vint104.jpg (55305 bytes)

John Walker dug up these two taken at Bridgenorth, Weeton & Hack Green

vint101.jpg (68259 bytes)

vint102.jpg (83622 bytes)

The picture depicts the crew of HUT 257 in the winter of 1956 whilst undergoing basic training at RAF BRIDGNORTH.  The airman at the bottom centre was a guy called DARCEY from Ireland.  The coloured lad from top right of the picture was my first close contact with lads from the West Indies.  His name was CAMPBELL and he kipped in the bed next to me.  Our flight commander was the well known cricketer Pilot Officer Raman Subba-Rowe.  Great times as I recall them but I have yet to get in touch with any one of those featured despite many hours of searching.

This picture shows the crew of lads, undertaking their basic driving course using Austin Lodestar lorries, during a moment of relaxation in the billet at RAF WEETON in early winter 1957.  Although it doesn't show it too well the chimney pipe of the stove was a bright cherry red as we had decided to blow our days allocation of coal to dispel the winter chills.  I regret that I do not recall the names of any of my colleagues other than a guy called Ted from Faversham in Kent who was posted with me to RAF West Raynham in Norfolk.  at the end of the course.

vint102a.jpg (25806 bytes)


vint102b.jpg (27053 bytes)


vint102c.jpg (23079 bytes)

Service and civilian members of the Hack Green M.T. Section when it was under care and maintenance in 1958. Shortly afterwards the station was reopened in order to monitor military air traffic across AMBER ONE the North/South air corridor whilst PRESTWICH control centre was built. The Corporal in the picture (Sykes I think his name was) was posted in to take over M.T. on my departure on demob. The other civilian members were responsible for supplying coal to the housing at Hack Green populated by personnel from RAF TERN HILL. They were, Ginger and Pop. The third and fourth members I cannot recall their names. Neither can I recall the young policeman who had only joined about 6 weeks earlier. We all lived in the Officers mess and our Cook Paddy Horgan made us magical meals from goods obtained from stores at Tern Hill. Wonderful times.

Cliff Lowe sent in this small photo album which belonged to a neighbour's Uncle, 1079016 Cpl Geoff Harrison Swainston was demobbed from 59 MT Coy in 1946, sadly Geoff passed away in 1993. His Niece, Lynn Williams, has kindly forwarded them for inclusion on the site.

vint090.jpg (54028 bytes)

vint091.jpg (45655 bytes)

vint092.jpg (44866 bytes)

vint093.jpg (54062 bytes)

vint100.jpg (40053 bytes)

vint099.jpg (37713 bytes)

vint096.jpg (43380 bytes)

vint097.jpg (44790 bytes)

vint098.jpg (64720 bytes)

vint095.jpg (67802 bytes)

vint094.jpg (64813 bytes)

Ian/Bill , Came across your site today which I think is excellent even though I'm only an ex aircraft "Techy".

This picture is from a Bomber Command Flight Safety Review of Summer 1967 and depicts one of your mates towing a Victor B(SR)2 of 543 Sqn at RAF Wyton. Can't remember the drivers name but he lived opposite me in Devon Road AMQ's.

Hope you can use it, good luck.


Michael Slorance

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