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Looking at some old photos and came across this photo from RAF Changi 1971. The photo was the last before the camp was handed over to the SAF. Some of the names that come to mind, Chalky White, Geoff Lancaster, Brian Pratt, Mitch Covey, Pete Kelly, Taff Hopkins (Me), Paul Kirby, Dave Sutton, Jock ?.

Graham Hopkins (Taff)

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Alan Boyd sent in this selection of his time in Changi

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VC10 Landing at Changi Sitting at the China Sea
Beach Club near Changi Village

Me, on the far right in
Bugis Street, Singapore
with fellow MTD's

Sat on my bed in the
MT block, Changi
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"They don't make them
like this anymore"
a Tugmaster in Changi MT

Me in a Hippo truck MT Section Changi 1971 MTD outing to a nearby island
with plenty of Tiger beer

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Me, about to go on shift

vint262.jpg (158410 bytes) vint263.jpg (188907 bytes) vint264.jpg (186367 bytes)
Local buses parked
in Changi Village

Favourite watering hole
in Changi Village
View of Changi Village 1971
vint265.jpg (192196 bytes) vint266.jpg (139297 bytes)
Another view of the Airfield Bar

The Roti man in Changi Village

Another large collection which has it's own section from the archives of
Alfred (Bill) Boyd (Deceased) sent in by his daughter Jamie Boyd

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Please click on the picture to access his pictures

Ken Critchley sent in a large collection which justifies it's own space

Please click on the picture to access his pictures

Terry Wedlake sent in this well worn picture of a Bedford 'S' type & Queen Mary trailer, also a copy of his 1629 from Bruggen.
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The first picture is a few of the Watton bods, on the left is Pat English, then Alex, behind him with the tash is Fred, I am the one holding the mug.

The second is somewhere near Dusseldorf on a rainy day, The guy by the passenger door is a storebasher called Gillchreest.

John Beavin

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George Parsons sent these pictures in from his album.

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Home sweet home Tea time MT block
Wunstorf 1956
My foot slipped off the brake,
Mark Hamm scrap yard
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Me at 17


Cardington 1955


Bridgnorth 1955


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Taking GCA equipment for servicing, met the Canadian Army guys at Antwerp docks 1956

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Wunstorf 1956 Wunstorf, West End bar The pulling power of the Best Blue
Caerphilly, first home leave
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MTR&I Chf/Tech Alburgo

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Just to come up to date, I am the one on the right, with the president of the Region outside the Sgts Mess after the Battle of Britain Parade. At that time I was Chairman of the Region. I am still involved with RAFA as Welfare Officer and Branch Delegate at National Conference. It is this coming W/End in Bournemouth.

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