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Vintage MT

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Eric Middleton sent this collection taken during his time out in Aden 1954/56.

3 more images added 07/12/11

vint399.jpg (76954 bytes)
One of the new R.L's coming
down the Dahlia Pass 1955
vint400.jpg (59073 bytes)
R.L Bedfords & Austin K9's
ready for Inspection.
vint401.jpg (86251 bytes)
Oops !!!


vint320.jpg (52598 bytes) vint319.jpg (55136 bytes) vint322.jpg (35070 bytes)
Unloading stores at
Lodar Airstrip 1955


The new RL, replacement
for the good old QL


The old + new, Q.L. alongside 2
of the new R.L's circa 1955


vint321.jpg (47765 bytes) vint325.jpg (57749 bytes) vint332.jpg (49149 bytes)
Myself standing alongside
one of the New R.L's circa 1955


Fordson 6 Wheeled
Ambulance circa 1955


Myself beside a Humber 15CWT,
the first vehicle I drove when I
arrived in Aden August 1954


vint323.jpg (56607 bytes) vint326.jpg (57859 bytes) vint327.jpg (62015 bytes)
Humber Armoured Car the fore
runner of the Ferret circa 1954


Replacing the cab on a
Bedford QL after
an engine change


Leyland 6 wheeled tanker used for
refuelling Aircraft circa 1955


vint328.jpg (56786 bytes) vint329.jpg (48526 bytes) vint330.jpg (65121 bytes)
The hard working
MK 1 Landrover circa 1954


Scammell Pioneer
Recovery Vehicle


Bedford Ambulance circa 1955


vint331.jpg (107399 bytes) vint335.jpg (71085 bytes) vint333.jpg (74905 bytes)
The all new R.L. Bedford
Replacement for the Q.L.
circa 1955


3517995 SAC Middleton
with his favorite vehicle


My mate Geoff Dolby sat on the
Bedford QL wrecker
outside billet 15


vint334.jpg (100861 bytes) vint324.jpg (52644 bytes)
A Bedford QL negotiating the
Dahlia Pass 1954


Bedford Coach Based on the
S Type chassis circa1955


Hi Ian,

After Looking at all the other photos I thought that I would send a few off my own from my time in Germany 1957-1960. I was stationed at R.A.F. Butzweilerhof most of this time at V.R.D. unit, either taking the old Leyland's & A.E.C's. down to Antwerp to be shipped back to Blighty, or returning recondition vehicles back to their units in Holland & Germany. After I came out of the R.A.F. in 1962 I carried on Lorry driving until I was 70, this year, during this time I was never out of work, so I had something to thank my Instructors at Weeton for.

Just a request for anyone who remembers the Magirus Duetz Uranus breakdown truck, I have met a chap who has got possibly the only one in this Country & is looking for any photos or stories about these vehicles from the 50s & 60s.

I think your site is fantastic it brings back so many memories.

All the best for now

4192038 S.A.C. George Osborne


vint316.jpg (70124 bytes)


vint308.jpg (39379 bytes)


vint306.jpg (105000 bytes)


vint314.jpg (46705 bytes)


vint318.jpg (46217 bytes)


vint317.jpg (108032 bytes)


vint304.jpg (51334 bytes)


vint305.jpg (66108 bytes)


vint312.jpg (55330 bytes)


vint310.jpg (64365 bytes)


vint307.jpg (54639 bytes)


vint315.jpg (73128 bytes)


vint313.jpg (36079 bytes) vint309.jpg (63539 bytes) vint311.jpg (43920 bytes)

The Yorkshire Air Museum have taken delivery of this fully restored Thompson Refueller, the vehicle has a 500 gallon main tank and a much smaller diesel tank.


vint303.jpg (44053 bytes) vint302.jpg (42961 bytes)

Hi Ian,

I've been sorting out at home found a couple of photos you might want to put on the site.

Allan Smith


The MT yard Korhmaksar when I was on Stand By Draft in 65/66.
ms260.jpg (46877 bytes)

ms261.jpg (37724 bytes)


A very young MTD at the time. St Athens during driver training with some of the lads from the same billet.

ms254.jpg (157102 bytes)


Picture of me getting a Safe Driving Gong
ms253.jpg (65123 bytes)

Richard Coussens sent these from his collection


vint289.jpg (54588 bytes) vint290.jpg (49199 bytes) vint291.jpg (59854 bytes) vint292.jpg (57593 bytes)
Only the best
accommodation for MT
Geordie & Me


AEC Mercury
refuelling a Javelin
Busy day on the Pan
vint293.jpg (68964 bytes) vint294.jpg (85103 bytes) vint295.jpg (69175 bytes) vint296.jpg (64002 bytes)
MT Section day out
I am 3rd from the left


1964 Labuan Borneo
Home for 12 Months
Inside the Hut
(This was tidy !!)
Wash & *hit house
vint297.jpg (70974 bytes) vint299.jpg (57633 bytes) vint298.jpg (53371 bytes) vint300.jpg (72489 bytes)
Tanker Pool
Note: The 3 Mercury Tankers


Tanker Pool Staff Evening Refuelling
a Shackleton
Transit Block
RAF Labuan 1964
vint301.jpg (40613 bytes)
Anyone remember this lot heading out of "Weeton" to hit the roads of Blackpool in 1957?


Pictures from the archives of Geoff Pallett

Please click on the picture to access his pictures

Whilst having a bit of a clear out I came across some old RAF souvenir books, the following extracts are taken from the 1966 edition.


Taskers_Advert.jpg (300108 bytes)

An original Tasker's advert


MT Flight1.jpg (325483 bytes)

MT Flight2.jpg (308718 bytes)

MT Flight3.jpg (313049 bytes)

MT Flight4.jpg (329083 bytes)

Full credit for the above article goes to Air Cdre G N Blake MBE B Sc (Econ)

Barrie Black sent in these from his days on 317 MT in Germany


vint278.jpg (313632 bytes) vint279.jpg (237813 bytes) vint282.jpg (193471 bytes)
Pass for East Germany


Me outside the MT Yard


vint280.jpg (144697 bytes) vint281.jpg (174132 bytes) vint284.jpg (165439 bytes) vint283.jpg (206532 bytes)
Having a drink with mates


317 MT Yard


Me on the left not sure
who the other guy is


vint287.jpg (170239 bytes) vint285.jpg (83485 bytes) vint286.jpg (85239 bytes) vint288.jpg (83894 bytes)
Faun En route ??


En route to Sylt via the causeway


These photos were sent in by Jack Smith, ex MTD, taken in 1957 in Cyprus


vint275.jpg (66196 bytes) vint276.jpg (102187 bytes) vint277.jpg (98056 bytes)

My time at Butzweilerhof - Colin Noad

Please click on the picture to access his story and pictures

Pictures from the archives of Frank Waller

Please click on the picture to access his pictures


Dear Sir,

I have found your web page dedicated to RAF MT Company. maybe you could help me with one question. I am a scale modeller and I am thinking about building a model of a Mack NR6 truck. I guess it would be nice in the colour scheme used by RAF in North Africa (see opposite). I suppose it was pained Desert Sand, RAF roundel was painted on the front mudguard and probably also on the cab top (or bonnet?). What I am not sure about is the triangular insignia painted on the cab door. I believe it is the insignia of a MT company (in particular No. 5 RAF MT Company). Can any of your members enlighten me or have a more detailed picture showing this insignia which would help me to make a decal in 1/35 scale? 

Any comments would be welcome.

Thanking you beforehand for your time,
Best Regards from Prague,

Jan Mostek
Antique military trucks enthusiast
Czech Rep.


vint269.jpg (32375 bytes) 

 vint270.jpg (38481 bytes)

Answered 09/11/09

Joe Snook says "The insignia is that of No 51 RAF MT Company, which is a red triangle with a blue centre and a thin white line in between and a black 51 in the middle"

Joe served on 51 MT from 1945 to 1947, it was formed in Egypt in 1942 and was disbanded in 1956.

vint336.jpg (42569 bytes)
A model of the truck I used to drive on 51 MT
It is a Studebaker 6x4 coupled to a Queen Mary trailer

Ian Brawn sent in this picture of 32 AC 82 taken at Seletar in 1959, although not an M.T. driver he has a particular interest in the Bedford SB Mulliner buses and would like to hear from anyone with any pictures or information they might have about them.

vint268.jpg (26292 bytes)

Pictures from the archives of Les Freathy

Please click on the picture to access his pictures

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