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Vintage MT

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Don McCullum sent in these taken at RAF Gatow, Berlin in 1968.


BERLIN.jpg (150336 bytes)
Mercedes 0306 -37str Tour Coach used for sightseeing trips into
East Berlin in accordance with
the 4 power agreement


BERLIN32.jpg (108794 bytes)
Merc 300sel staff car
Cpl Ward, Opel Record staff car
SAC Hamilton and a
German Ford Coach


BERLIN5.jpg (153472 bytes)
In the MT yard, a Merc Fire
Tender used as a Water Bowser,
two Drivers in front of an
Opel Kapitan staff car


BERLIN3.jpg (117136 bytes)
Auto-union Mungo 4x4's
Ceremonial Standard Bearer


BERLIN1.jpg (16894 bytes)
The Noddy Train in service
at the Open Day


BERLIN29.jpg (125033 bytes)
The front door,
Drivers SAC Hamilton
and LAC Johnson
BERLIN2.jpg (123608 bytes)
The C in C's staff car
BERLIN14.jpg (149990 bytes)
The Control Desk,
Cpls Ward & Gott

Mike Short sent these pictures taken at RAF Waterbeach in 1952/53.


mikeshort02.jpg (81445 bytes)
M.T. Section 1952


mikeshort05.jpg (114055 bytes)
Loading Hastings during
the Norfolk floods
Feb 1952
mikeshort04.jpg (113318 bytes)
A.O.C's Parade 1953
mikeshort03.jpg (84892 bytes)
Mike in 1952


mikeshort01.jpg (185584 bytes)
M.T. Section 1952
by the cab are
Mike Short and
Andy Laidlaw
mikeshort06.jpg (167525 bytes)
W.O. Taylor, Wally
Patterson, Andy Laidlaw,
Mike Short ?, ?, ?, Doug
Worton, Ernie Parsons
mikeshort07.jpg (65594 bytes)
Sunday afternoon 1952
L to R Ernie Parsons,
lan Bowden, Mike Short,
Arthur Strettle,
Doug Worton
mikeshort08.jpg (73724 bytes)
L to R Ernie Parsons,
A Scott?, Doug Worton,
Alan Bowden

John Temple found some old photos of his Dad who was in 317 MT. He was very proud of his time in the RAF, Sadly he passed away in 2010.


vint390.jpg (64205 bytes)


vint391.jpg (63018 bytes)


vint393.jpg (62203 bytes)


vint395.jpg (153056 bytes) vint396.jpg (167040 bytes)

vint392.jpg (126528 bytes)


Jerry Temple added another picture of his Father.

vint390a.jpg (108643 bytes)

Joe Twycross sent these from his album.


vint380.jpg (80497 bytes) vint374.jpg (91410 bytes) vint375.jpg (80696 bytes)
Crashed Merc Fire Tender




Joe Twycross & Bill Maguckin
Holland 1954

vint373.jpg (41299 bytes) vint377.jpg (19270 bytes) vint378.jpg (40681 bytes)
Peter Roach, John Henderson
&  Joe Twycross Weeton 1952

J Whithead
RAF Weeton 1952


F Butcher
RAF Weeton 1952


vint379.jpg (85807 bytes) vint376.jpg (53450 bytes) vint381.jpg (69306 bytes)
Eindhoven Joe RAF Weeton 52

I snapped these exhibits during a recent visit to the National Cold War Museum at Cosford.



vint367.jpg (73859 bytes)


vint368.jpg (66340 bytes)


vint370.jpg (47718 bytes)


vint372.jpg (73616 bytes) vint369.jpg (96110 bytes) vint371.jpg (81635 bytes)


Although I'm not an ex RAF person, I'm currently spending many weekends looking after an old friend to many of your group. The Sentinel Aircraft Tug, in fact she is still pulling the plane she was built to :-)

If any members would like to visit her, we would be happy to organise a visit.



vint362.jpg (61473 bytes)

vint363.jpg (43267 bytes) vint364.jpg (60280 bytes) vint365.jpg (68340 bytes) vint366.jpg (41092 bytes)

Steve Jenkins sent a couple of scans from Mrs Sue Secker, whose father was a Driver in the RAF in the early 1950s. Mrs Secker contacted him regarding her father's service in Cornwall and in the course of the conversation explained that she had these items in her possession.

Steve mentioned the existence of the RAFMTD Website and  thought fellow members might be interested in his Diploma and a nice view of him and his Standard Vanguard Phase 1 utility.

vint361.jpg (242393 bytes) vint360.jpg (219234 bytes)

Ken Miller sent this picture which shows himself (On the left) and Johny Watson taken whilst attached to 8 Sqn Korhmaksar 1955/57.

vint359.jpg (110268 bytes)

Nigel Edwards sent these two taken in 1955.

vint358.jpg (41942 bytes)

vint357.jpg (63453 bytes)

Hello Ian, 

I couldn't find any pictures from Christmas Island, so attached are a few you may find useful. I was MTSS at the time, 1959/60, Remustered in 1961 at Watton.


Ken Elliott

vint354.jpg (31470 bytes) vint352.jpg (46599 bytes) vint353.jpg (41941 bytes)
Alec?? An MTD from my hut room L to R, native, MTSS Cpl.??
Harry "Pushrod" (Grindrod)
an MT Mech, another native
vint351.jpg (27409 bytes) vint355.jpg (39207 bytes) vint356.jpg (29185 bytes)
MTSS Site DC6?? Trooper Me working on the SWO's
Francis Barnet,
(several SNCO's had these little bikes)

Charlie Wingfield sent in this collection from Egypt, Aden, Weeton, Bicester and Bridgenorth


vint350.jpg (98978 bytes) vint338.jpg (63149 bytes) vint339.jpg (87822 bytes) vint343.jpg (106278 bytes)
71 MU Bicester, my loadfrom RAF Oakington to Catterick
Varsity fuselage Height 16' 9"  Length 90', one of many loads


A.P.L Singapore Lines


vint346.jpg (41360 bytes) vint342.jpg (113000 bytes) vint337.jpg (90778 bytes) vint344.jpg (47808 bytes)
Suez 1955


51 MT Sqn drivers moving
out of Egypt
The last to leave


Square bashing
Bridgenorth 1953


Driving Instructors
Weeton 1960


vint345.jpg (92273 bytes) vint349.jpg (134216 bytes) vint340.jpg (101962 bytes) vint348.jpg (79804 bytes)
51 MT Sqn drivers


51 MT Sqn
moving out of Egypt


All from


School bus
Singapore Lines
A.P.L Aden


vint341.jpg (108332 bytes) vint347.jpg (83232 bytes)
51 MT Sqn drivers



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