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A tribute page to my late Father
Donald Walter Scales
10th February 1929 - 13th February 2010

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Dad was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire on 10th February 1929, large families were common place in those days and he was the oldest of the 3 boys and 4 girls. When he reached 10 years old war broke out in Europe and by 1943 he was working down the mines, he maintained this until 1948 when he changed jobs to Foundry Labourer, than after a further 2 years he was conscripted to do his National Service in the RAF.

He joined the RAF Regiment as a Driver/Gunner and went to West Kirby to undergo basic training, after that he went to Catterick for his trade training. His first posting was to Waddington (Where he met my Mother) and then Upavon before being posted to West Germany where he served at Fassberg, Berlin and Celle. Returning to the U.K. he was first posted to Ouston then on to Felixstowe where he completed his first RAF career and was demobbed in 1955.

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Civvy street saw him taking on a position as a Hospital Porter at the Herman De Stern Hospital in Felixstowe. The coming years saw the arrival of Barrie (1956) and Lynne (1957) but after 3 years at the Hospital Dad was yearning to re-enter the RAF and joined up once again, this time as an MTD.

His first posting was to Weeton for retraining and then on to Manby in Lincolnshire, followed in 1959 by the arrival of yours truly. After a further 2 years he was posted just up the road to Kirton in Lindsey.
After a very brief tour he was posted overseas to Changi in Singapore. The Borneo Crisis kicked off whilst he was in Singapore and he was detached to Kuching.

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His return to the U.K. saw a posting to the M.U. at Carlisle and then to Topcliffe in North Yorkshire, where he spent a lot of his spare time gliding. After the arrival of a younger brother Mark (1965) it was time for another posting, this time it was off to Cyprus for a 3 year tour.


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On arrival back in the U.K. in 1969 he was posted to 2MT at Stafford, the family settled in Pontefract and he'd commute whenever possible, the train passed within a short distance of our house and we used to go to the trackside and wave him off as he made the return journey back to camp. Living close to the A1 Dad would 'pop in' with a Queen Mary whenever the opportunity arose. After 2 years on 2MT Dad finally decided that all the commuting was starting to take it's toll and decided to retire from the RAF for the second time, which he did in 1971.

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Dad went to Whitwood Polytechnic College to train as a fitter, doing part time postal work to make ends meet. After he qualified he went to work at Hickson and Welch, Castleford but the work was a demanding 7 days a week and he later moved to Wilkinson's Liquorice Works (Famous for the Pontefract Cakes), towards the end of his working life he took on the role of caretaker at a private housing complex, before finally retiring in 1992.

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In 1996 Dad's health started to deteriorate and with all the family starting lives of their own, Dad and Mum decided to move down to Newquay and as typical forces families wouldn't settle and moved on to St Austell, Bodmin and back to St Austell again. A kidney problem meant that he spent the last 14 years undergoing Dialysis 3  times a week, if that wasn't enough he also contracted Skin Cancer, he never complained and fought on till he drifted off to sleep for the last time on 13th February 2010.

Dad had grown a fondness of steam locomotives and after his cremation at Bodmin Crematorium his ashes were scattered beside the railway line at Boscarne Junction.

R.I.P Dad