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Green Goddess's

With the battle weary Green Goddess making another appearance on the streets we thought it would be a good idea to start this page which can include any tales and pictures from the current situation (2002) or from 1977 or indeed any times that they have been deployed, for example pumping out floods

Bill Laidlaw sent in this "Gaggle" of Green Goddess's & crew from
RAF Honington, Op Fresco 2003.

Honington_GG.jpg (105558 bytes)

A Goddess for the 21st Century

In July 1991 TNT Truck Care Ltd won the contract for storage and maintenance of the Green Goddess fleet. In a bid to secure a long term contract with the Home Office TNT decided to create, (At their own expense), a vehicle for the 21st Century. In late 1996 the Home Office provided TNT with 'RXP 884' as a test bed vehicle. Over the coming 18 Months various engine and gearbox combinations were tested until they finally settled on a Cummins B Series 112bhp 4 cylinder engine and a ZF 5 speed manual gearbox.

Other modifications included..........

A complete rewiring
Heated cab and mirrors
New floodlights and beacons
Blue and red front, rear & side flashing lights
'White noise' siren
PA system
Alluminium roller shutter side locker doors
Day-glo flourescent lime green paint job with red and white stripes

The modifications produced a very acceptable vehicle but alas the cost (Research finds figures of 12,000 and 20,000 quoted) was considered too much for the Home Office to upgrade the whole fleet and to date RXP 884 is the only vehicle to have undergone this transformation.

I was already aware of TNT's work on RXP 884 but had never seen it 'in the flesh', despite it's appearance, on the 6th November 2000 in York when it was loaned (Amongst other vehicles) to North Yorkshire brigade to help deal with the flooding of the river Ouse.

The vehicle is now in the hands of the 'Museum of RAF Firefighting' at RAF Scampton, where I managed to catch up with her.


RXP884a.jpg (52393 bytes) RXP884b.jpg (44505 bytes) RXP884c.jpg (32910 bytes) RXP884d.jpg (57340 bytes)

Duncan Wright has just purchased PGW 326 and wondered if anyone knew any of her history.

The paperwork shows that she served during Op Fresco in 2003/2003 with the RAF based at RAF Innsworth.

Any information would be appreciated.

PGW326.jpg (189596 bytes)

Hi Ian.

Thought I would send this, it was at Redlands in Bristol, Fireman's strike 1977, God was it 32yrs ago?, that's me far left with the DMS boots on, we were stationed in a disused hospital, that building behind was a nurses home (still in use!!!) over the road from us was Tiffany's Night Club which we got into for free, in fact we got into all the Night Clubs in Bristol for free, God it was a hard life!!.

That Goddess we are with blew up at a fire and we had to be towed away, laugh or what?? great times.

Many Regards

Trevor Backhouse

gg39.jpg (103682 bytes)

I am sending you these pictures of the Green Goddess, I am not in the pics as I took them. They were all taken around Christmas time on duty in Blackpool, I was part of a relief crew going from place to place mainly Chorley, Burscough, Blackburn, Preston, Lancaster and Blackpool, if my memory serves me well we did approx. 4 days in each place 24hrs on 24hrs off.

David Kilvington


gg35.jpg (603379 bytes) gg36.jpg (702742 bytes) gg37.jpg (664287 bytes) gg38.jpg (643506 bytes)

During a recent visit to the Linton on Ouse museum I found this picture (as well as mine at the foot of this page) in an archive album from '77'. The driver on the left hand GG is Graham Joyce (top left)


gg34a.jpg (80273 bytes)

Steve Colhoun sent this picture of PGW 447 based at Llanelli in Wales!

She is seen in a housing estate checking out hydrants prior to the strike on 13th of November 2002.

Steve Colhoun

gg10.jpg (22359 bytes)

From TSFS Port Talbot

I would like to congratulate Cpl Mick Kent for his appearance on HTV Wales news program Dated 23rd November 2002, where his impressive rear was spotted climbing in and out a Green Goddess.

Now that Rick Waller has been kicked off celebrity fat club I feel it is only time before he gets the call... once again well done Mick, keep up the good work!!!!

Love from Port Talbot 
B shift

gg11.jpg (18253 bytes)

gg12a.jpg (16555 bytes)

Green Goddesses at Cottesmore prior to 
deployment in 2002.

North Luffenham detatchment 2002
 My Goddess is "Danii" SYH121
Ian Boldy (MTD) drives "Kylie" NYV811

Pictures from Mark Burrell

Hello Bill and Ian, I have a tale to tell about a laugh we had recently involving our GG and a police escort car. 

This tale involves a Green Goddess and the police car which escorts it to incidents. It is currently operating from an anonymous MOD base and both vehicles are stored in a shed when not in use. Myself and the other driver had just returned from a few days stand down and went to give the Green Goddess a good check over. We were handed an envelope containing both the keys for the GG and the police car. Naturally our human curiosity took over and we decided to have a practice doing some response driving with the Green Goddess and police car around the base. Of course we had to have the works switched on, blues and twos, flashing headlights etc!! All was going fine until we returned to the storage shed to discover a Volvo T5 traffic car with two real policemen waiting for us, clipboard in hand, to take particulars of the theft and misuse of the said police vehicle!! I can tell you we saw our careers flash before us! Fortunately we persuaded the two coppers that they would have done the same had they been in our position. Funny enough we had one of them as our escort driver for real to a fire the next day! We even let him have a go at driving our Green Goddess on base to return the favour!

Hello guys, I will try and send some photo's again. I am back on 2MT and this is a picture of all the 2MT drivers covering the strike in North Wales. Based at Sealand I have had a boring time of it but elsewhere the lads have been busy and I'm sure there will be tales to come.

Seb Milne

gg13.jpg (20858 bytes)

gg14.jpg (15583 bytes)

gg15.jpg (26994 bytes)

gg16.jpg (24417 bytes)


Although Richard Thompson isn't an MT driver he has given permission to use these pictures from his website which covers emergency vehicles in the UK.

This engine is on standby a few hours before the start of the strike in Chester-le-Street, County Durham. It was built on the Bedford S chassis between 1953-6 and can attain 50 mph with its four-wheel drive system.

gg17.jpg (53141 bytes)

SYH 135, on standby during the strikes. The two small circles above the windscreen  were used to show amber lights when responding to emergencies, a forerunner of the modern blue lights.

gg18.jpg (47287 bytes)

The rear view showing inlet and outlet controls.
gg19.jpg (40697 bytes)

A Green Goddess responding to a call...................

..................... followed by a BART.

Two further pumps attend to the front of the store.
gg23.jpg (73232 bytes)

The next two photographs were taken at the scene of a major shop fire in Lewisham, South London. This first photo shows a Green Goddess parked up next to the rear of the property. A soldier is cooling the door near the seat of the fire.

Thankyou Richard - Ian

gg23a.jpg (666708 bytes)

Hi Bill and Ian,

Another picture for the Green Goddess section of the website! Featuring the GG and slightly more modern Scania, along with the Police escort car attached to Llanelli and Llangennech in Mid-West Wales.

Cheers for now,
Steve Colhoun

Another nice contribution, this time from John who runs a site covering UK Police Cars


gg24.jpg (23242 bytes)


gg25.jpg (16361 bytes)


gg26.jpg (24181 bytes)


gg27.jpg (24728 bytes)


gg28.jpg (10110 bytes)


gg29.jpg (23989 bytes)


gg30.jpg (25027 bytes)


gg31.jpg (23410 bytes)


gg32.jpg (23718 bytes)


gg33.jpg (24390 bytes)


Thankyou John - Ian

Good site,

Here's one of 'GINA' from North Yorks, named after Gina in Heartbeat and filmed in Goathland Nr Whitby where we were stationed.

gg34.jpg (52820 bytes)

O.K. I'll start the ball rolling with my clips from 1977, you'll have to excuse the quality of them they were taken from slides...................................


I did my nine week stint in Kendal and the first picture shows SYH 292, It would be nice to hear from anyone who knows where it is now.

Update 07.05.06 After a bizarre twist of fate I have now bought SYH 292 - Full details here

gg2.jpg (23083 bytes)

Next up is a shot of the 'entire' team, a Police escort to the front and a Landrover 101 carrying some first aid appliance equipment to the rear.

gg1.jpg (19454 bytes)

Practicing usually took the form of putting out the local river, or even more daring, chasing up into the hills to attack a road sign.

gg3.jpg (25519 bytes)


gg4.jpg (24067 bytes)



gg5.jpg (21185 bytes)

gg6.jpg (20809 bytes)

gg7.jpg (26611 bytes)



The boys needed no excuse to play with their hoses.


gg9.jpg (61712 bytes)

gg8.jpg (51786 bytes)

And finally the mugshots, do you recognise anyone?

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